Confirmed – The FULL Impact of Cuts Disabled People Face

Please read about the effect of welfare reforms on sick and disabled people since the coalition government introduced their vicious benefit cuts.

Below is a cross post from Sue Marsh originally posted on Dairy of a Benefit Scrounger.

(Comments and other information follow).

Confirmed – The FULL Impact of Cuts Disabled People Face

Since the coalition came to power, sick and disabled people have claimed we are being fundamentally harmed by the coalition welfare reforms. Not scroungers or skivers, but  people living with long term serious illnesses like me, or who live with physical disabilities. Adults AND children. Young and old. People with terminal conditions, people with kidney or heart failure, people waiting for transplants and even people in comas. None have been spared. The government repeatedly assure you they have.

The government have of course denied that they are putting an unreasonable share of austerity cuts on us. Repeatedly and often aggressively. This is how they respond to the UN of all people :

Since 2011, almost every main voice involved in the services and systems that support sick and disabled people have argued that we must know how all of the changes TOGETHER have affected us so particularly.

Everything we rely on has been cut severely – in some cases by up to 40%. Disability benefits, sickness benefits, social care services, housing support, legal aid for tribunals, respite care, the independent living fund, council tax relief, higher education funding, everything.

It is very possible that if you were affected by one of the changes, you were affected by several or even all of them. 
Whilst the government paid lip service to assessing what impact their reforms would have on sick and disabled people, they only did so one by one…


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Please click the link above and read the entire article particularly if you are sick or disabled and claiming benefits. It has some important information for you.

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My comments and other information

Prior to the election Cameron Said:

“A country is judged upon how it cares for its most vulnerable in society in bad times as well as in good times”.

He also promised that the sick, disabled, the elderly or the poorest in society had nothing to fear if he became prime-minister because he would protect the vulnerable people of Britain.

“I help care for a severely disabled child – my son. It’s what I do at the start of each day. It’s sharpened my focus on the world of care assessments, eligibility criteria, disability living allowance, respite breaks,”

He further explains how his own personal experiences had shaped his views:

“The very painful thing about disability – whether your own or your loved one’s – is the feeling that the situation is out of your control. When the system that surrounds you is very top-down, bureaucratic, inhuman, that can only increase your feelings of helplessness … but I do believe there are moments of despair, helplessness and frustration that could be directly alleviated by the work of government.”

And on yet another occasion he said:

“In the past we used to think of poverty in absolute terms – meaning straightforward material deprivation… We need to think of poverty in relative terms – the fact that some people lack those things which others in society take for granted.”

Finally the UN has judged Cameron and his government as being in violation of the UK’s international treaty obligations to the poor.

In a twenty-two page letter a group of United Nations poverty experts have criticised the coalitions’ welfare reforms. They say that the cuts in benefits break Britain’s international treaty obligations to the poor. The report will be discussed at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in New York, in September.

Who would have thought that our welfare system would come under criticism by the UN. How times have changed in the UK and even more so since the coalition came into power. And to make matters worse there are more cuts to come, more austerity measures aimed at the sick disabled and the poor.

Though these violations of human rights have come to the attention of the UN I rather doubt that anything much will change as a result as yet again Duncan Smith reacts with his usual angry rebuke and denial.

UK ‘sleepwalking into violating disabled people’s human rights’:

Welfare reforms break UN convention and will leave many without crucial help for daily living, say campaigners:

Jane Campbell, a cross-bench peer who is disabled said: “It is both extremely worrying and deeply sad that the UK – for so long regarded as an international leader in protecting and promoting disabled people’s rights – now risks sleepwalking towards the status of a systematic violator of these same rights.”

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Read the latest finding that show how hard families have been hit as a result of benefit changes

“Research for the Real Life Reform report was carried out between April and early May and shows that people are dealing with mounting debt, borrowing from loan sharks and turning to food banks.”

The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . the children; those who are in the twilight of life . . . the elderly; and those who are in the shadow of life . . . the sick . . . the needy . . . and the disabled.”
Hubert Humphrey 38th US Vice-President


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