Help Stop Cruel Pig Wrestling

Below is a guest blog by Luis Leonel an animal rights activist.

“The mission of St. Patrick Parish is to be one with Christ in making the reign of God a reality,” claims the American Catholic church St. Patrick Parish. Seemingly, in this reign of God they’re allowed to torture pigs for fund-raising, because, according to PETA, the pigs participating in the pig wrestling –  also known as Pig Rassle, which is held every year in these churches – “screamed in terror as they were clamped into headlocks, tackled, and dragged at the St. Patrick Parish‘s fundraiser near Stephensville, Wisconsin, last weekend. Finally, they were so exhausted and stressed that they gasped for breath, and they struggled to make it back to the holding pens (where an eyewitness reported that the pigs had little or no potable water, food, or access to shelter from the scorching sun all day).



Look at the Photo published on the Facebook StPatrickparish Round Up page by a mom who is happy and proud because the children had a lot of fun with the pigs:
Ken Bilgrien, a deacon at St. Patrick, has disputed the claims against the long-standing event and has insisted it is not an animal fight and the parish doesn’t support cruelty to animals.”In 44 years, we’ve never injured a pig,” Bilgrien said and added: “It’s strictly fun.” Since his statements weren’t as convincing as they hoped, St. Patrick Parish wrote in its mission statement: “The Roundup Days have taken place for more than 40 years, and the Pig Rassle has been part of this event for several of those years. Consideration is taken to ensure that the pigs are safe and free from any abuse. After consultation with local authorities, it has been determined that there is no illegality associated with this event. St. Patrick Parish does not condone animal abuse.”

The pigs participating in this “Christian” pig wrestling were slaughtered the next day.

Events where animals are mortified and killed are still common in some countries and, even, are legal and popular. For example, bullfighting in Spain, Portugal, southern France and some Hispanic American countries, and fox hunting in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, the United States, and certain modified forms of hunting foxes with hounds in Great Britain. On the other hand, such events are banned in other countries, as Uruguay, where as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, bullfighting, pigeon shooting, cockfighting, and any other game or entertainment that may be a cause of mortification to animals, was prohibited by law.

Please sign and share the petition to ask St. Patrick Parish-Stephensville to cancel the Pig Rassle definitely:

Official St. Patrick Parish-Stephensville website:

Facebook page supporting and promoting pig wrestling in St. Patrick Parish:




One thought on “Help Stop Cruel Pig Wrestling

  1. “Thank you Luis for sharing this example of animal cruelty.
    How can people was so insensitive to the suffering of animals? This is cruelty and abuse, nothing less, there can be no justification. It is barbaric: it is inhumane to torment any animal. As Christians these people need to respect animals as the beings with whom we share this world not as objects for torment. Animals need to be treated with compassion. After tormenting them to then slaughter them is just so cruel, callous and indifferent for the rights of these animals to live their lives. Animals value their lives as much as we do, survival is a basic instinct. The shocking treatment of these pigs for entertainment is shameful.”

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