Help Elephants Bamboo and Chai to relocate to a Sanctuary


Please help Bamboo and Chai –  two elephants who are presently confined in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle   –  by writing to Mayor Ed Murray urging him to retire them to a sanctuary.

Watoto, the sole African elephant at Woodland Zoo Park in Seattle, was sadly euthanized on August 22nd. She collapsed sometime during the night and just lay there unattended and unaided without medical attention because the zoo doesn’t have staff overnight to monitor their animals. When the zoo keepers arrived in the morning they were unable to lift Watoto with straps and heavy equipment so they euthanized her at just 45 years of age. The poor creature who knows how long she had lain on the floor, shocking, just shocking. there is no excuse. No animal belongs in a zoo. An elephant in the wild may expect to live for sixty to seventy years, Watoto as a result of her confinement died a premature death in middle age. Similar early deaths are all to common place for elephants living in captivity in zoos.

There remain two other elephants at the zoo, Bamboo and Chai. We must not let the same thing happen to them.

Here is Chai pacing and swaying. This is how elephants behave when they are bored or stressed.

“Chai’s pacing is the mind’s way of coping with stress, trauma and boredom. Science and compassion obligate us to release the elephants to a sanctuary.”

Help Bamboo and Chai to a better life, a more natural and enriched life that a sanctuary would provide. Please contact Mayor Ed Murray and the members of Seattle’s city council and urge them to retire Bamboo and Chai to a sanctuary now.

There are a number of actions you can take, please take as many as possible before 15th September

From In Defence Of Animals Action Center

Help Elephants Bamboo and Chai at the Woodland Park Zoo

You can use an online form from In Defence of Animals to contact Mayor Murray and take the other actions listed below by clicking the link which follows:

  1. Take action below using our online form to email the Seattle’s mayor and councilmembers to tell them that Bamboo and Chai deserve to be transferred to a sanctuary.
  2. Call Mayor Ed Murray and ask him to “Please Retire Bamboo and Chai to a Sanctuary” at 206-684-4000
    (When IDA called, the receptionist was very nice. She just asked what your message was and then said she would pass it on. Please call the Mayor’s Office and leave your message.)
  3. Post a polite message to Mayor Ed Murray’s Facebook page urging him to retire Bamboo and Chai to a sanctuary.
  4. If you live in the Seattle area, please attend the City Council Budget Meeting. We’re asking that the Woodland Park Zoo’s budget be cut by $1 million dollars annually, which is the approximate current amount for housing elephants at the zoo:What: Seattle City Council Budget Meeting
    When: September 15, 2014 at 10:30 am.
    Where: Seattle City Hall, Council Chambers. Floor 2, 600 4th Ave., Seattle, WA.Please RSVP ( for updates. Council meetings have been postponed or cancelled in the past.

Personalize and submit the form below to email your comments to:

  • Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle
  • Seattle City Council

Read more and sign the form, please personalise if you can but send as it is if for some reason this is not possible:

You could write and mail a letter to Mayor Ed Murry using the above form letter as a template or write your own – remember there is a deadline of September 15th so those not living in the USA might be better to e-mail, fax or telephone or leave a message on the mayors Facebook page.

Office of the Mayor Edward B  Murray:
600 Fourth Avenue PO Box 94749 Seattle, Washington 98124-4749
Tel (206) 684-4000
Fax: (206) 684-5360
Hearing Impaired use the Washington Relay Service (7-1-1)


You could also use this form to contact the mayor

Official Seattle’s Mayor website:

Official Mayor Ed Murray’s Facebook page:

Send Mayor Murray a Tweet:

More information and other actions you can take from PETA:

PETA is joining forces with other organizations to urge Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and other city officials to make the compassionate decision to send the remaining two elephants at Woodland Park Zoo to a sanctuary. We need our voices to be heard to ensure that the zoo cannot sentence more elephants to a lifetime of cruelty and captivity. Please write to the mayor and the members of the Seattle City Council and urge them to send the two remaining elephants at Woodland Park Zoo to a sanctuary.

Read more and take action:

Please take action before 15th September – please do the best you can even if it is only filling in your details and sending one or both of the form letters.

Why not write to the zoo.  Their contact page is difficult to find but I managed to track it down:

These tortuous conditions inflict serious physical and psychological damage on such smart and sensitive animals. Zoo elephants die young, often after becoming obese and infertile. They frequently develop psychological tics such as swaying and head bobbing. Citing ethical reasons, several large zoos in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and India have closed their elephant exhibits.

Scientific American

Read More About Bamboo and Chai at Woodland Park Zoo

WILL Seattle Mayor Ed Murray go down in history with a legacy of progressive change and lead the elephants of Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo to a vastly improved quality of life in a sanctuary?

After the tragic, sudden death of the elephant Watoto, Murray called the death “very sad news” and stated “I do believe that today’s news should reopen a dialogue in this city about the proper habitat for elephants.”

Read More:

Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants


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