Say No To Fracking Under Our Homes.

Help protect your home, your health and our countryside, say NO to fracking.

The government are engaged in more covert underhanded schemes, this time they intend to change the law with regard to fracking under our homes without our permission despite the fact that the majority of us would not want this to happen and, given the choice, would deny permission. Again out of the window goes democracy. The government have ignored over 40,000 formal objections.  Never mind what you or I want the government intend to do just as they please and frack under your property.


It gets worse: As part of the Infrastructure Bill the UK government intend to allow fracking companies to put “any substance” under our homes and property and leave it there.

UK to allow fracking companies to use ‘any substance’ under homes

Proposed amendment in infrastructure bill would make mockery of world class shale gas regulation claims,

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The government propose to do exactly as the please and despite 99% of responses to a public consultation saying no, the government intend to frack under our homes.

Fracking trespass law changes move forward despite huge public opposition

Ministers reject 40,000 objections to allow fracking below homes without owners’ permission

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said:“This sham consultation exposes the government’s disregard for the growing public concern about the major environmental and health risks of fracking. The decision to deny people the right to say no to fracking under their own homes is outrageous. It shows that ministers are putting the greed of oil and gas companies above the public interest in tackling climate change.”

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Fracking threatens our air and water, our health, our countryside and towns. Fracking will industrialise the UK, including our national parks, such as the Yorkshire Dales , the North York Moors and the South Downs.

Fracking is a serious environmental and health hazard that cannot be over stated. In the USA fracking has resulted in the contamination of drinking water as is the case right now during one of the most serious drought in California:

Fracking has also led to, air pollution, health problems from headaches to cancer, multiple earthquakes, water shortages and rocketing greenhouse gas emissions. Needless to say we don’t want it here, the only people to benefit are company’s such as Cuadrilla.

Here is what is happening in the USA

All across the USA people are rising up against fracking. They don’t believe the process is safe and think it causes wide-scale land contamination. Ever more extraction sites are being approved and developed with new plant being built in once idyllic landscapes.


Take Action

If we don’t act this could happen here. Already licences have been issued to frack on 60% of land here in the UK!  As more and more action camps spring up everywhere the government is getting worried and this is the reason they want to change the trespass law so they can frack under your land without permission.

Please read the following and sign the petition from Green Peace

We already knew that fracking was a bad idea, but this is astonishing.

Last night, David Cameron’s plan to allow fracking firms to drill under our homes was rubber-stamped by the House of Lords.

But here’s where it gets even worse: At the very last moment, the draft of the law was updated to allow fracking firms to pump “any substance” under people’s homes and property — and leave it there!

This makes a mockery of the prime minister’s claim that UK fracking regulations are some of the most stringent in the world. And it absolves fracking firms of any responsibility for clearing up the mess they create.

Our MPs are now the last defence before the laws are approved by Parliament.

Please sign the following petition:

Petition from the Sum Of Us 

Sign the petition to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The government just declared war on the British people over fracking. It’s going to allow companies to frack under our homes without our permission — despite 99% of responses to a public consultation saying an emphatic NO.

A massive 40,000 people formally objected to proposals to change trespass laws so that fracking companies can extract oil and gas from under people’s land without permission.Showing utter disdain for democracy, the government has decided to ignore this outpouring of public opposition, and go ahead with changing the law in favour of the frack-happy 1%.

It’s clear that this government is far more interested in helping fossil fuel companies than it is in building a green economy or being democratically accountable. But we can still stop this.

Read More and Sign the Petition:
Tell the government to ditch plans to frack under our homes without our permission.

Please share both petitions with your friends and family, on facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media.

Write to your MP

Letters and e-mail from constituents are often very effective, particularly letters, though my MP responds to both.

Contact your MP:

And while we are about it we must stop fracking in the National Parks and other rural areas.

“Unconventional gas exploration poses a significant threat to Britain and Ireland. Licenses and planning applications have already been granted by the Government with little or no community consultation. The scale of the industrialisation and impacts is never discussed.”

If you don’t want the UK industrialised take action such as join a local group

If you want to do more than sign petitions or write letters click this link for the latest news and actions:

For example.

You can join a local group:

Want to know more about Fracking and the threat it poses to your community, the UK and the planet? Want to get organised? Want to take action? You’ve come to the right place…


More Information

More information From Green Peace

The fracking industry has already been mired in accidents and mistakes. In April 2009, cattle were discovered dead near a drill site in Louisiana. An investigation later found fracking fluid had leaked from the well pad and run into an adjacent pasture. And in July 2013, US fracking firm XTO Energy was forced to shell out $100,000 in compensation after a spill of contaminated wastewater in Pennsylvania.

Despite claiming that the UK has tough regulations to prevent disasters like this, the government is now rushing to remove obstacles, muddling through laws that will put the interests of shale drillers before the safety of our environment and our climate.

We don’t have long before MPs will get their final say on Cameron’s plan to allow drilling under our homes. If we can show them how unpopular his idea is, they’ll think twice before voting it through.


2 thoughts on “Say No To Fracking Under Our Homes.

  1. One of the more potent aspects to the www (world wide web or internet) is the relative ease of finding information about what is happening in other areas of mother Earth. Fracking for instance. It seems fairly clear that the corporate powers (the “free market” folks or “neoliberalism” as it is sometimes called) has gained enormous power in terms of dictating to governments everywhere. And…it’s always the same results…environmental destruction and absolute indifference to the effects on living beings as long as the activity seems to further the “free market”. Way too many of us have been standing around with our thumbs up our bottom holes while the sociopaths have taken power. This is seriously ominous stuff. Jeez. There are going to have to be some big big changes.

  2. Thank you for an interesting comment. You are so right, corporations indeed dictate to governments and sadly too many members of the government have interests in many of these corporations and create policies to their advantage. Again you ‘re right too many of us have allowed this to happen and continue to allow it to happen with increasing frequency. Time for people to get off their backsides and take some serious action before it is too late for the environment and for the creatures who inhibit our world including future generations. As you say the Internet has the information that otherwise would go unnoticed until it is too late. it also lets you know the extent of exploitation in the world to both humans and non humans, which is devastatingly shocking and overwhelming. Even with the internet some of these plans get past with few people noticing or understanding the implications such as the Infrastructure Bill which allows the government here and big business to do whatsoever they like with regards to fracking. Indeed a very serious and worrying situation world wide.

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