Urgent Action Deadline 22nd October : Please Help Save Exotic Animals From Being Euthanized!

Please help with the following petition and take action today to help save the lives of animals at a sanctuary in Ohio.


This week, the Tiger Ridge Exotics animal sanctuary in Ohio wants to needlessly euthanize its animals, which includes endangered tigers, black leopards, lions and bears.

Once an exotic animal breeding facility, the sanctuary failed to update its facility to ensure a safe environment for the animals. Now, the state is giving the owner until October 22 to turn over his animals to a safer sanctuary. However, he is threatening to euthanize the animals instead!

Please sign a petition to urge Ohio’s state officials to stop the owner from senselessly euthanizing the sanctuary’s animals!

Please click the following link for more information and to sign the petition by October 22nd, so please do not delay. This is a simple petition which requires only a signature and an optional comment.


Now Please Share

There is not much time, but still time to share, so please share widely on facebook Twitter and other social media.

This is just so appalling, these animals are literally at the mercy of this person, all the animals are healthy and have been offered places at more suitable sanctuaries where they will have a better life. It is sickening that people such as Hetrick have the power over other living beings and are able to decide that they should die as though their lives are worthless. Animals have a right to their lives as do we, animals value their lives as much as we do and wish to live. Survival is a basic instinct common to all creatures.

Please take action to save these animals and sign the above petition. Anyone from anywhere in the world may sign.


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