Tory Mindset: More reasons not to vote conservative in the next election.

“The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . the children; those who are in the twilight of life . . . the elderly; and those who are in the shadow of life . . . the sick . . . the needy . . . and the disabled.”
Hubert H. Humphrey

In just eight months time here in the UK we have an important choice to make at the next general election. Don’t be led astray by Tory lies as many people where last time, such as promises not to privatise the NHS.

The reality is, The Tory party are the party of the rich for the rich, it has always been so and continues to be so. There is a certain Tory mindset which belongs to a time of great social injustice and unfairness that we had thought was consigned to history.

Here is a recent example of this mindset concerning the disabled.


 A Freudian Slip?

That this man continues to have such an influence over the lives of the sick and disabled – and for that matter the unemployed plus the many underpaid workers on benefits – is an outrage. Some have tried to defend him but his alleged intentions don’t compensate for the rampant bigotry, the second-class citizen perception of the disabled which he perpetuates.

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Fickr User Byzantine_K :

Lord David Freud Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform doesn’t think disabled people are worth the minimum wage:

The above poster refers to a recording, made during a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference where Freud said that some disabled people could be paid just £2 an hour if they wanted to work.

 “Now, there is a small … there is a group, and I know exactly who you mean, where actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage and actually I’m going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it’s working can we actually …”

These comments are discriminatory and offensive yet Freud has gotten away with a weak apology and gets to keep his job.

Please sign the following petition

According to the Centre for Welfare Reform, recent Government cuts absolutely hit the disabled hardest, with the burden of cuts on the disable 9x as painful as those affecting the general public, and the cuts on those with the most severe disabilities 19x worse than those on the rest of the population.

Lord Freud, the Minister for Welfare Reform has suggested that disabled people in the UK could be paid £2.00 per hour!  The Current minimum wage is £6.50 (£8.80 in London).

These comments are offensive and demeaning to all disabled people and he should be sacked immediately.

This Government seems keen to abolish slave labour in the UK, but £2.00 per hour is just that – Slave Labour!

Why not write a e-mail or letter to tell him what you think. Please be polite you can express yourself in the strongest terms without being abusive. Abusive correspondence doesn’t get read and is unlikely to receive a response.

This kind of mentality is yet another reason we need to get rid of the Tories in the next election

It is more than likely that Freud is voicing the Tory party’s opinions but has made the mistake of  voicing them in public. Freud has made previous unacceptable comments including saying that families affected by the”bedroom tax” can “go out to work” or use a sofa bed when the children come to stay.

What right has this millionaire with his eight bedroom house to say that disabled people are not worth the minimum wage, which in any case is grossly inadequate. Lets see him live for a year on a £2 per hour wage – no not in his mansion but in the real world were most of us live from day to day struggling to make ends meet with extortionate rent or mortgages, rising prices, low wages, unemployment and increasing poverty.

Who can live on £2 per week, it’s simply not possible. It appears that the Tories are determined to make wages as low as possible and are desperately looking for places where this may be implemented. Right now so called apprentices get only £2.95 ! I used the term apprentice lightly as do the Tories who consider such jobs as retail placements in shops such as Shoe Zone as an apprenticeship rather than the more usual trade apprenticeships such as a mechanic, a plumber or a hairdresser. Even if this applied to genuine apprenticeships this wage is inadequate and is nothing other than exploitation, but to use the excuse of apprenticeships to make paying people a low wage for learning a trade is unacceptable.  This low wage is applied to anyone between 16 and 18 and anyone over that age for one year. Cameron intends to reduce the benefit cap further in order to finance these sham apprenticeships.

Here are more comments by Freud

November 2012: Appeared to compare welfare claimants to corpses.

Asked whether he could not understand the reality of life on benefits because of his wealth, he replied: “You don’t have to be the corpse to go to the funeral, which is the implied criticism there.”

Argued that the benefits system allowed claimants to “have a lifestyle” on the state.

In the same month, he told a magazine reporter that the welfare system discouraged people from “taking risks” to make money.

“People who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks; they’ve got least to lose,” he said.

July 2013: Insisted the increase in numbers of families using food banks was not necessarily linked to benefits sanctions or delays.

Suggested more people were going to food banks because more of them existed – and even denied they were even part of the welfare system.

May 2013: Said children of families affected by the so-called “bedroom tax” could use a sofa bed when visiting a separated parent.

Added that families with young children in social housing who have more than their allocated number of bedrooms could “earn more money”.

March 2014: Claimed it was “hard to know” why people turned to food banks.

“Clearly nobody goes to a food bank willingly. However, it is very hard to know why people go to them,” he said in response to a question on welfare cuts “driving families” to the facilities.

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Freud’s remarks, particularly his latest, are not really much of a surprise are they considering the Tory party’s discriminate attitude to sick and disabled people with their unfair welfare reforms. This government’s assault on the most the vulnerable and poor in our society is just so typical of the Tory right wing mindset.

Freud’s comments well demonstrate the mindset of the Tory government concerning people with disabilities. Never forget the many deaths that have resulted from unfair benefit assessments by ATOS as instructed by the DWP which have found seriously ill people fit for work. Also benefit sanctions that have seen claimant’s benefits cut or stopped altogether. Welfare reforms are not an issue of incompetence but a deliberate attempt to leave sick and disabled people and the unemployed without an adequate income or in many cases no income at all. It is an attempt to slowly whittle away at our welfare system to eventually eradicate it altogether.  The government deny any culperbility in the deaths by suicide and even starvation of benefit claimants, yet there is no doubt that in one way or another welfare reforms have been responsible for the deaths of many vulnerable people along with the suffering and misery of insecurity, poverty and in some cases homelessness and destitution with charity from a local food banks as the only means for people to feed themselves and their children.

Freud played a leading role in the vicious welfare reforms that have destroyed lives and continue to destroy the lives of society’s most vulnerable.  The government’s reforms, which have come to the attention of the UN, have no place in any progressive society.

Here is comprehensive information concerning the affects of benefit reforms now and in the future. 

Welfare Reform Changes Affecting Disabled People

How are welfare benefits changing for disabled people?
No group will be more affected than disabled people under welfare reform changes. This is due to the culmination of multiple cuts to disability and carer’s benefits, the abolition of entitlement to some benefits and tax credits under universal credit (2013-2017) and increased restrictions to benefits linked to wider welfare reform changes.

By 2017/18 these include key changes such as:
– the 1% capping of rises to benefits and tax credits
for three years
– the abolition of the disabled element of Child Tax
Credit, Working Tax Credit and Severe Disability
Premium (SDP) under Universal Credit (UC)
– Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and
Workplace Capability Assessment (WCA) changes
under Universal Credit (UC)
– the abolition of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and
introduction of Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
– housing benefit restrictions due to the Benefits Cap
and ‘Bedroom Tax’
– the abolition of council tax benefit
– the abolition of the Social Fund including
Community Care grants.

Research by Demos/Scope show that by 2017-18 around 3.7 million disabled people will collectively lose £28 bn in benefits.

The table below shows how many disabled people will be affected by each benefit change.

benefit change chart 2

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Comments from else where on the net:

The Tory message to disabled people: you’re just not worth it

Lord Freud’s comments on the minimum wage articulates what we already know – that this government sees disabled people as less than human
This news does not come in isolation. We are in the climate of the Work Programme and employment and support allowance travesties, in jobseeker’s allowance sanctions and personal independent payment delays. Coerced, free labour and a shrinking, ever conditional benefit system. Freud has not spoken out of turn, but encapsulated Conservative attitudes to both disabled people and workers: pay them as little as possible and they will be grateful for it.

The Tories are not content with forcing disabled people into work. They want to pay them a pittance when they get there…

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Anyone who thinks Lord Fraud ‘mispoke’ or was just ‘thinking outside the box’ when he made the shameful comment that some disabled people are not worth the minimum wage has really not been paying attention.

This is the man that helped devise the despised Atos benefit assessments that have driven disabled people to suicide and ill health in the name of strippping their benefits or forcing them into endless ‘work related activity’.  The same Minister whose department introduced the Work Programme, on which sick and disabled people can be sent on workfare, potentially for months on end.

Read More:– I love this blog, Johnny Void speaks with unreserved passion against this government and speaks out for people who are vulnerable in society.

David Cameron vows to create 3m apprenticeships

Cut to welfare cap and removal of housing benefit from 18- to 21-year-olds on jobseeker’s allowance will pay for new scheme

The reduction in the welfare cap will have an impact on an estimated 70,000 households, with 40,000 hit for the first time according to figures released by the Conservative party to the Press Association.

Up to 30,000 young people will be hit by the removal of housing benefit from those aged from 18 to 21 who will see their jobseeker’s allowance replaced by an allowance limited to six months. Claimants who fail to find a job or an apprenticeship after six months will be forced to perform community work.

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