Help Stop the Killing of Zoo Animals For Meat

“Zoos are becoming facsimiles — or perhaps caricatures — of how animals once were in their natural habitat. If the right policies toward nature were pursued, we would need no zoos at all. ”
Michael Fox, Sierra, November-December 1990


Can you imagine taking the kids for a trip to the zoo or wildlife park and afterwards eating some of the animals in the restaurant?

Just when you think you have heard it all concerning the appallingly shocking and callous treatment of the other animals with whom we share this world  you hear of yet more sickening and outrageous atrocities, which in this case are bizarre to the point of being unbelievable.

As incredible as this may seem if  you visit the Langenberg Wildlife Park zoo in Switzerland you are likely to find their “surplus animals” on the Menu! You can find boar sausages, venison in cognac and wild deer carpaccio listed on the menu in their restaurant. Since 2012, 49 deer and 10 wild boar have been shot, killed and served in the restaurant.

That’s right you read it correctly: To deal with its “surplus” of animals, the Langenberg Wildlife Park zoo in Switzerland has been killing their animals and serving the meat in it’s own restaurant.

Langenberg Wildlife Park, a zoo in Langnau am Albis in Switzerland, has been selling meat from its own animals — from deer and boar — in its restaurant.

Every year, about 100 animals are born at the zoo. Due to what are said to be “space restrictions,” the zoo says it cannot keep all of them. If the zoo is unable to place the animals elsewhere, they are killed and served to diners in the zoo’s own restaurant.

Tell Langenberg Wildlife Park, stop serving “surplus” animals in its restaurant. The zoo must stop killing healthy animals and, if it has no use for them, find other places (a wildlife refuge, for instance) for them to live.

Please read more and sign the Petition:

Bizarre in the extreme, indifferent, callous, insensitive…

Here are some of their even more bizarre justifications.

Zoo spokesperson Martin Kilchenmann says that
“recycling” zoo animals for human consumption is “very ecological” and shows visitors the “natural cycle.” 

Wow how cold-blooded can you get. This is just so disturbing, so inhumane, so callous. Doesn’t this person consider just how shocking that statement is! To use the word recycling when referring to a living being is as callous as it gets, it shows no respect for the lives of the animals or the fact that they are sentient creatures.

For a wildlife park that is dedicated to the preservation of animals to kill the animals in its care is shocking.

Here is what  Zoo spokesman Martin Kilchenmann said in the Daily mail  “It’s hard to sterilize deer and boars and the animals’ welfare is our most important goal. We don’t want to harm them.”

So shooting healthy animals is not harming them!  Surely he cannot imply that killing healthy animals comes under the category of animal welfare. Again yet another instance of helpless animals at the mercy of soulless individuals who have no respect for the right of these animals to live out their lives.

Here is a more rational perspective that most of us share:
It’s bizarre, the whole purpose of a wildlife park is to protect animals, not make them a food item.
Martyn Griffiths from European animal welfare group Eurogroup for Animals

We need to demand a better more ethical solution such as relocation to other wildlife parks or sanctuaries. Langenberg and similar places should consider the lifelong care of its animals and their off spring.

Please sign the petition, maybe if enough people do so we can convince these thoughtless people to have respect for their animals and to value their lives.

Want to do more

Please write a letter or e-mail


Stiftung Wildnispark Zürich
Alte Sihltalstrasse 38
8135 Sihlwald
+41 44 722 55 22
+41 44 722 55 23 (Fax)

Time to leave animals in their natural habitat where they belong. Conservation has only been necessary as a result of the activities of man who have endangered animals and until we do something to curb such activities no animal is safe from extinction. Zoos, wildlife parks, safari parks and other pretences at conservation give little consideration to the individual lives of animals. Recall the killing of Marius the baby giraffe at a zoo in Copenhagen yet another “surplus” animal killed despite numerous offers world-wide to rehome him. Also lions at Longleat Saffari park again killed because they were surplus or did fit in with the scheme of things at the park. And only recently the animals at Ohio zoo who were about to be euthanized again there were may offers to relocate. It sickens me that humans have the power over the life and death of over beings, sentient creatures who wish to live, who have the right to their lives as much as we do.What right have we to interfere, to use  and exploit animals.We like all of natures creations are just one species among many, we have no special remit or stewardship, no rights, no domain.
 “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
Thomas Edison




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