Back The Bill to Save Our NHS

What should be the glory of the profession is that a doctor should be able to meet his patients with no financial anxiety.
Aneurin Bevan



The NHS – Now You See it – Soon You Won’t

“Despite Promising no cuts to the NHS before 2010 – a promise which Cameron and the Conservative Party had no intention whatsoever of keeping to; the service is being both heavily cut and privatised by stealth.”

Source of graphic and to read more:

The National health Service here in the UK is the envy of the world, it provides treatment for all regardless of ability to pay. Our health and well being depend on the NHS continuing as a universally free health care system where the best treatment is available regardless of your financial status and where people come before profit.

Please Take the Following Actions


Please help a campaign on behalf of the TUC to save our NHS which is facing threats more serious than at any time in its history.

There is a deadline of November 21st so please do not delay

“Please email your MP, asking them to show their support for a free, universal and accountable NHS run for people not profit. Ask them to turn up and vote FOR the Bill at its reading on Friday 21 November, 2014.

The NHS market free-for-all is beginning to take off, as a result of the Government’s Health and Social Care Act.

Since April 2013 over £7bn worth of NHS contracts have been advertised by Clinical Commissioning Groups. Of those awarded to date, 56% have gone to non-NHS providers. Outsourcing and privatisation is becoming deeply embedded in the NHS.

The National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill is a Private Members Bill promoted by Clive Efford MP. Its Second Reading in the House of Commons is on 21 November.

Clive’s Bill seeks to change the most harmful aspects of the Health and Social Care Act, putting patient care before private profit once again, and re-establishing the guarantee of comprehensive healthcare, free at the point of need. It could put the brakes on the market takeover of our NHS.

We need as many MPs as possible to turn out and back the Bill at its next reading if it is to stand a chance of moving on to the next Parliamentary stages.”

Take action now: Ask your own MP to Back The Bill   – After adding your post code and clicking participate you will be taken to a form and a sample letter. You are advised to use your own words: “We’ve provided a sample letter, but please delete it and write in your own words if you can – even if it’s short – It will have far more impact that way”.

If you cannot do this for some reason please send as it is but try to at least rearrange or change a few of the words to avoid possible deletion from spam filters.

You may wish to write to your MP using your own e-mail or write a postal letter, you can use the sample letter as a template. Letters are more likely to receive a response but do what is best for you, but please take action:

MPs contact details

Please post to arrive before 21st November

If you’d like to read more about Clive’s Bill and what it is attempting to do, you can find a briefing and more campaign suggestions at the TUC’s All Together For The NHS campaign pages – here you will find more information and other actions you can take such as sign the following petition:

Back the Bill petition – This is a simple petition and requires only a few details, you do not have to have a Twitter account or a mobile phone number though there is a space on the petition sign in for both.

Related Links and other actions

Please sign the following petition from 38 degrees:

“The government has pushed through changes to our health service which could mean big changes to the NHS as we know it. But 38 Degrees members aren’t giving up! Read the latest news here”

Read More and sign the petition you do not have to be a 38 degrees member:

Keep Our NHS Public:

Unite the Union Save Our NHS




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