Last Chance to Support Tibet in the EU and Other Actions

“In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else will solve their problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.” The Dali Lama


Please become actively engaged and take the following actions to support freedom for the Tibetan people oppressed by China,  subjected to the most shocking human rights abuses.

The first action is limited to EU members. Links to more actions on other issues for everyone further down.

Please help with the following campaign from Free Tibet, Dead line 26th November – (other actions further down). You can read more about this campaign and the Tibet Intergroup in my previous blog entry:  – the deadline for the action in the link above has closed but there is further action you can take to support the Tibet Intergroup.

The Tibet Intergroup is where Members of the European Parliament back the Tibetan cause and apply pressure to the European Commission to take action. Your MEPs can still support Tibet in the EU –

If you’re an EU citizen, please ask your MEPs to support the Tibet Intergroup to ensure Tibet has a voice in the European Parliament.

Please contact your EMPs in your region to urge them to support the establishment of the new Tibet Intergroup in the European Parliament by lobbying their Political Group to vote for it on 26 November.  There is a template letter and contact details further down. Please read the following message which I received this morning from Free Tibet concerning Tibet and the EU Intergroup.

Last chance to support Tibet in the EU Thanks for your fantastic response to our email earlier this month, urging your MEPs to sign up to the European Parliament’s Tibet Intergroup. 45 MEPs have now signed up to the group but there’s still one more hurdle. The Intergroup must be endorsed by at least three Political Groups (the equivalent to political parties in national parliaments) to be established. Please ask your MEPs to lobby their Political Group to vote for Tibet. Political Groups will vote for their priority list of Intergroups on 26 November. Even if your MEPs have not signed up to the Intergroup, they can prove their support for Tibet by ensuring a vote for it. Contact your MEPs

I wrote a letter to my region’s EMPs for the previous campaign and got a reply, so your mail does get read. Contact details include both the postal and e-mail address. As it says above please write to your EMPs  even if they did not join the Tibet Intergroup they may be willing to support it by lobbying their political group to vote for it. The deadline is November 26th

Please edit and personalise the temple/ sample letter/e-mail but post anyway if this is not possible. It might be an idea to at least alter a few of the words to avoid possible deletion by spam filters which may happen when identical e-mails are sent. Just do your best send whatever message you can edited or unedited.

If you are not sure what this is all about, please refer to previous blog entry:

The people of Tibet need our help, please take time to take the above action. The Tibet Intergroup is a vital lifeline to support from the  EU.

Other actions from Free Tibet and the Tibetan Soceity you can take to help Tibet’s struggle for freedom and justice – please take as many of these actions as you can

Free Tibet Get Involved:

Tibet Society Keep Tibet alive Campaigns:

Torture is Widespread In Tibet – please share the following videos and take suggested actions included in the links.

Please click the following link to watch the Video. Apologies for not embedding it to watch here as I usually do, but for some reason the embed code brings up the wrong video.

Free Tibet – Torture in Tibet:Alan Rickman reads Phuntsog’s testimony

“To shine a spotlight on the widespread use of torture in Tibet British actors lent their voices to Tibetan torture survivors who can not speak out for themselves. In this video Alan Rickman reads the testimony of Tibetan torture survivor, Phuntsog.” To read more about torture in Tibet and our campaign visit:


In the comments section someone asks: “Why is the Tibet situation so readily ignored by western governments? Is it because we’re making money from doing business with our Chinese ‘friends’?”

And that is the truth is it not. The west ignores the plight of the Tibetan people because of offending the Chinese from whom much money is to be made by greedy exploitative corporations who care nothing for the freedom of Tibet or the human rights violations such as that discussed in the above video.

We need to keep the Tibet struggle alive . Any action however small helps in the fight against oppression.

Video Stop Torture in Tibet: Juliet Stevenson reads Tsering’s testimony (with Chinese subtitles)

Why China fears the Tibetan Flag:
More than six million people face brutal imprisonment for owning, waving or flying their national flag.

Please share the videos.

More Tibet Groups : Credit: Free Tibet Photo Wikmedia commons Students for a Free Tibet Protesters Marched to Lafayette Park from Chinese Embassy DC.


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