Palm Oil Companies Poisoning Pigmy Elephants

Please sign petitions and take other actions to help stop the poisoning of Pygmy elephants by palm oil companies


Is no animal save from the cruelty of human beings hell bent on putting their own needs first or rather their own greed. After all said and done for the most part animal exploitation, cruelty and abuse is all in the name of profit for the few at the expense of the many including our own species.

Here is a shocking example, one of just so many –  it is impossible to keep pace with the atrocities throughout the word perpetrated towards defenceless creatures with whom we share this world, beings  who have as much right to their lives as we do, the right to share the resources of food for themselves and their off spring, the right to roam freely, the right not to be harmed and so on. Yet humans with their capacity for astounding selfishness in the pursuit of wealth deny animals even the food that they need to survive.

Here is a shocking case of palm oil companies doling out an horrific death to pygmy elephants in order to protect their palm oil plantations from grazing elephants who have no choice other than to eat  palm fruit: because of the expansion of deforestation, the elephants have lost much of their habitat and their supply of food,  forcing them to turn to palm plantations for nourishment.

To stop this Palm oil companies are poisoning endangered pygmy elephants with rat poison. There are only 1500 pygmy elephants in existence in the wild. Elephants should not be killed regardless of method claimed humane or otherwise, besides there can never he a humane method of death, death itself is inhumane. We have no right to take the lives of any creature. Rat poisoning is a particularly horrific way to die for rats, elephants or any living being.

Rat poison is an anticoagulant, these poisons are extremely inhumane. These poisons give the animals that eat them an agonising death. For rats and mice it can take an average of around 7 days to die after poisoning, and they spend much of this time in severe pain. Anticoagulant poisons work by causing internal bleeding. The unfortunate animal dies paralysed and in pain, from blood loss and internal organ damage. I should imagine that elephants suffer a similar painful death

Such treatment of any sentient creature is unforgivable and can never be justified.

Take Action

Please help to stop this by signing the following petitions

Save Borneo’s Pygmy Elephants From Palm Oil Companies!

Please sign and share this petition in an effort to save the endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephant from becoming victims of the palm oil companies. These companies are poisoning these crucial animals that are strongly becoming extinct (only about 1,500 of the animals left.) What they are doing is killing the Borneo Pygmy Elephant by feeding them rat poison so that they will not eat the palm fruits.

Read More and sign the petition:

Malaysia: pygmy elephants poisoned for palm oil

14 Borneo pygmy elephants have been poisoned in the Malaysian state of Sabah. The rare animals are considered pests on the oil palm plantations that are rapidly eating into the rainforests. Please call for an immediate end to the destruction of rainforests and for the protection of the elephants.

Protect Malaysian Elephants from Poisoned Palm Oil Fruit

Want to do more

Links to more information and other actions you can take

WTH? Borneo’s Endangered Pygmy Elephants are Being Poisoned by Palm Oil Producers:

You can also make a difference by stopping your personal consumption of palm oil. The palm oil produced in Sabah and other nations in Malaysia and Indonesia is exported to the U.S. Around 50 percent of all consumer goods in the U.S. contain palm oil, meaning when you purchase them you are indirectly supporting deforestation and the death of countless animal species in the areas where palm oil was produced.

More information

In the section What You Can Do you will find  information and ideas about how you can stop your consumption of palm oil included in the link below: –

Palm Oil, TPP,
and the Fate of Malaysia’s Rainforests and Wildlife -including a What Can You Do Section

Borneo pygmy elephants are being killed with rat poison to prevent them from eating palm fruit on plantation lands that were once their rainforest homes. Like tigers, they are also being killed in conflicts with humans as they are displaced from their habitat.

Currently, Malaysia and the United States are two of 12 nations participating in negotiations to create a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) massive 12-nation free trade agreement. Malaysia is pushing for the elimination of import tariffs on palm oil by TPP member nations, which would have the effect of reducing the cost of palm oil in TPP nations, giving businesses an increased incentive to use palm oil in foods and biodiesel gasoline.

Read More and take action such as , for USA citizens,  write to your US Representative and Senators , disseminate information and other actions

Information and photographs of pygmy elephants:


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