This Winter a Pensioner Will Die From Cold Every SEVEN Minutes a New Report Reveals


Do you dread winter in a cold inadequately or entirely unheated home? Do you think it is wrong that in the sixth richest country in the world 10,000 people should die of the cold because they cannot afford to heat their homes?  If the answer is yes than please take the following action.

Join a Day of Action Against Winter Deaths on November 28th

We’ll be meeting outside the Institute of Directors, on Pall Mall before marching to Energy UK – the body who represent and defend the Big Six profiteers, for an inclusive and creative action.

In 2012/2013 10,000 people died from fuel poverty, including thousands of people in London, and we are likely to learn that thousands more died last winter. At the same time the Big Six energy companies made £3.7bn in profit – this is equal to £370,000 profit for every person who died.

Join and share our facebook event here. There will also be a Pensioner Block meeting at 11am at the main entrance of Charring Cross station, join the facebook event here. Young and old welcome!

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If you are not able to attend there are other ways to get involved:

Contact your MP and demand action

Watch the video see what life is like for millions of people in Tory UK, the sixth richest country in the world

Fuel Poverty – The Impact of Cold Homes on Children

Check out the link included in the video and take action:

End Fuel Poverty present similar solutions and call upon the Government and the political parties to commit to the following pledges.

We believe everybody in this country has the right to a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power. Action to end fuel poverty will not only improve people’s lives but also help tackle climate change. We call upon the Government and the political parties to commit to the following pledges to meet this goal:

1. Carry out a national programme to improve the heating and insulation standards of the homes of low income households such that by 2030 they are at least the same standard as homes built today

2. Commit to improve the homes of all low income households so that nobody has to live in a dangerously cold and unhealthy home by 2020.

3. Require fuel companies to provide the Warm Home Discount to all low income consumers and vary the rate to reflect the difficulty of heating homes.

4. Make sure all eligible households receive the benefits and tax credits to which they are entitled as part of a wider strategy to tackle poverty.

5. Produce a multi term Fuel Poverty Strategy that sets targets for all relevant (and future) Government departments. The Strategy should also describe how tackling fuel poverty positively affects policies to improve social wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, improve housing affordability, tackle climate change and eliminate child poverty.

Though the above would improve the situation, I think more decisive action is required including the re- nationalisation of gas and electricity.

While such improvisations as insulation helps if you can afford to turn on your heating, it is absolutely useless if you cannot.

Return the distribution of vital fuel to the state. The right to warmth, shelter and food are basic human rights, it is immoral, in fact criminal to profit from vital resources that people need for basic survival.

More Information

Soaring fuel bills will kill a pensioner every SEVEN minutes this winter, a new report reveals

Damning: The report says five milion pensioners say the cost of fuel is one of their biggest winter worries

A pensioner will die from cold every seven minutes in Britain this winter, a damning report warns today.

Soaring fuel bills and poorly insulated homes are blamed by Age UK for the tens of thousands of older people who die due to cold weather each winter.

A new survey for the charity published on Tuesday reveals one in three pensioners now fear they cannot afford to heat their homes.

In total more than five million people aged over 65 say the soaring cost of fuel is one of their biggest worries over the winter months.

The Government claim that it is already doing enough to protect older people struggling to heat their homes is simply not true, the first thing they did when they came into power was to reduce the winter Fuel Payment by £50 .

If what the government say is true why is one older person dying of cold every seven minutes?

Pensioners are not the only ones to suffer of course, most of us here in the UK are struggling to pay energy bills some a lot more than others such as the case below.

Please read the following extracts from an account of a woman who couldn’t afford to turn on her fridge, warm her home or even have a warm shower – please click the link further down to read the full story

Some British people can’t afford to heat their food. Aren’t we ashamed?

I don’t suppose any of the big six energy bosses has wrapped a toddler in a fleece, dressing gown and jumper of an evening

I don’t imagine the chief executives of any of the big six called before MPs on Tuesday has ever had to unplug their fridge because they simply can’t afford to run it, or wrap their toddler in a fleece all-in-one and a jumper and a dressing gown of an evening.

It wasn’t too long ago myself that I was sitting with my back to my front door, hissing at my toddler to be quiet because there was a man on the other side of it hammering with his fist. I owed Eon £390 in unpaid electricity bills, and they were shouting that they knew I was in there. Every new morning brought red-topped letters, final demands and pairs of men peering through the windows – but as I told them time and again, I couldn’t give them what I didn’t have.

I was unemployed, applying for every job that I came across, and mistake after mistake with housing benefit payments meant that I was struggling to get by. The £10 a week food shop has been well documented by now, but I don’t really talk about the Christmas day that I sent my son to his father’s house to spare him the misery of yet another day in a freezing cold flat, with no television to entertain us, no tree, no presents and nothing that even slightly resembled a Christmas dinner.

I spent 18 months with the furniture parked in front of the radiators, cooking as quickly as I possibly could to use the least amount of gas and electricity. I unscrewed the lightbulbs in the hallway, unplugged everything at the wall so not even the LCD display was blinking away on the oven. I eventually turned the fridge and freezer off – they were empty anyway – and the boiler, desperate to save money, shocking myself awake in the morning with the shortest, coldest showers, and boiling a kettle of water twice a week to bath my young son.

But still, there are some corners that can’t be cut. The clothes still need washing, especially when potty training a toddler. You debate every cup of tea, wonder how much it will really cost, and put another jumper on to try to keep warm. You go to bed when it gets dark in the evenings, because it’s warm in bed and you can’t see anything anyway.

Please read the full story:

No one anywhere in any country in any situation should live like that and there is no reason why they should. It’s all about the greed of the few at the expense of the many and it has to stop.

Thousands die of cold each year. In the sixth richest country in the world this is a disgrace.

Though my situation maybe not as dire as in the story above and the many similar stories throughout the UK, nonetheless water runs down the wall of the room I am sitting in right now. Black mold makes it’s way up my sitting room wall each winter as a result of inadequate heating.

I am tired of struggling to heat my home, paying ever increasingly high prices for an inadequately heated home. Struggling to make cuts , turn the heating on later, have it set increasingly lower, dreading the resulting bill . Basically we get colder each year while our bills get higher. It is impossible to cut back as even if your consumption goes down your bill goes up. Last year it was a mild winter and we did not turn on the heating during much of October yet we were told we need to increase our monthly payments. This year it has been even milder throughout both November and October yet for sure our bill will rise and we will be told we have to pay more. As time goes on we simply will not be able to pay more or reduce our consumption enough to counteract the increase in price. Eventually the only option will be to turn it off!

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