Gadhimai Tweetstorm Update: Join TWEETSTORM Mon 24th – Sun 30th Nov to STOP #Gadhimai

“Ahimsa is not causing pain to any living being at any time through the actions of one’s mind, speech or body”.
Sandilya Upanishad

Please help stop the cruel slaughter of thousands of helpless animals at the Gadhimai festival with a week long Tweetstorm



“500,000 animals will be barbarically slaughtered in a Ritual Sacrifice in Nepal over 2 days 28th and 29th Nov. We are here to try and Stop it . Stop #Gadhimai”
* TWEETSTORM * Mon 24th – Sun 30th Nov to STOP #Gadhimai

Hello friends , Next TWEETSTORM (Mon 24th – Sun 30th Nov) this one an extended storm (one week of tweeting) is a little different than the previous ones because there is little time left to stop it in , details as follows and Tweet Sheets futher down post. Please do as many tweets as you can thoughout the week , general guide is 100 a day if you can do more even better, if you cant manage a lot then please do what you can. This I think is now our 5th storm and will be our last before Gadhimai 2014. So lets give it all we got for the animals.

MON 24th and TUE 25th = General tweeting
WED 26th and THURS 27th = Storming attempt to trend.
FRI 28th SAT 29th SUN 30th Report to the world this atrocity if it takes place.

For full information Please Read More:

The Link above includes instructions on how to make the Tweetstorm effective, ideas, tweet sheets – lots of twitter addresses to send Tweets. Please help by tweeting as often as possible.

Did You know that 5 million people will attend this festival.

I am shocked that there are so many people willing to watch and participate in such brutality.

This festival is not only a hideous form of extreme animal abuse it also involves child abuse as children attend and watch the cruel slaughter by beheading of helpless creatures:

Children watching (1)

We have only until November 28th when the massacre of thousands of helpless animals will begin.

I may update this blog entry which was written rather quickly as I was not aware of the new Tweetstorm until today. Please take as much action as you can to stop this festival which has no place in a modern society and has nothing to do with mainstream modern Hinduism.

More information on this blog:
Click links for more suggested action, includes petitions, on-line messages and addresses to e-mail

And my Website:


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