After Gadhimai: It Must Never Happen Again

What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying life, For killing leads to every other sin.
The Tirukural Verse 321 : An ancient Hindu text, written about 2100 years ago.

A few days after the largest animal sacrifice in the world shocking pictures of cruelty emerge that testify to the unbridled brutality and display of inhumanity. I have included some of these further down.
Please be warned these graphics are shocking.

We must not allow this horror to fall into oblivion, we need to keep up the momentum. I am never keen on sharing horrifying imagery but in this case it is essential to get the message across as without seeing what takes place people don’t really appreciate the horror and cruelty involved.

The gadhimai festival must never happen again

Read the disturbing report by Compassion in World Farming


Please note that this picture story contains graphic images of animal slaughter that may cause distress.

A young buffalo collapses on the way to the Gadhimai festival.

Slaughtering began on the morning of 28th November.

The slaughterers walked inside from the far gate, and the killing began. The crowds pressed towards the walls, people were shouting and blowing horns, bells were ringing, drums beating in the background.

Beheaded Buffalo Censored

It was clear that some men were more skilled at the job than others – it seemed like the objective was to remove the head in one cut, but we saw men taking several blows to finish the job, I can’t imagine the pain these animals must have suffered.

Read More and Take Action:

Please Take Action by signing a petition:

Stop the Gadhimai Festival


Carry on Tweeting:

Send a message to the Nepalese Government and demand that the terrible Gadhimai slaughter festival must never happen again.

And don’t forget you can still write letters and e-mail to the Nepalese government and others expressing your outrage asking them to ban animal sacrifice in Nepal and to commit to never sacrificing animals at the Gadhimai festival. Express your outrage in the strongest terms but please be polite, abusive correspondence is unlikely to be read.

Addresses can be found here:

Just now there are few petitions on-line concerning the Gadhimai festival or animal sacrifice in Nepal.

Here’s an idea: Create your own petition:

Please share the following videos and photos.

Warning Shocking images of animal cruelty

Gadhimai Gopro Walk

The Gadhimai Festival takes place every 5 years in the country of Nepal. Millions attend and is the largest animal sacrifice for religious purposes in the world. Over 400,000 animals are killed to bring people luck. This is a walk through of the main kill paddock moments after the killing of over 5,000 water buffalo was over. Support

Video From Animal Recovery Mission

ARM investigators returned home this morning from Nepal, with breaking news footage from the World’s largest animal sacrifice festival, known as the Gadhimai Festival. Full report and footage coming soon!

Might be a good idea to sign up for their news letter or check their website from time to time for ARMs report.

The Road to Gadhimai 2014

This was the evening before the slaughter, we left the hotel at around 17:00 and got to the festival at around 19:45. This is a short video of that trip, Look at the goats, horses pulling carts, dogs passing and laying down at the side of the road. This ends with a short walk in the killing fields….
Filmed on GOPRO

Animal Equality reveals unique footage of the Gadhimai festival

Published on Dec 1, 2014

Animal Equality reveals images of shocking cruelty at the Gadhimai festival. During the festival several hundreds of thousands of animals were killed to honor the goddess Gadhimai.

For more information visit:
http : //


Why Gadhimai animal sacrifice must stop

Published on Oct 24, 2014

Learn about our work on #‎EndTheSacrifice at #‎Gadhimai festival.

The interview with the Gadhimai temple priests and villagers prove that animal sacrifice is less about the deity and more about money making and having a merry time where people like to gather, party, drink and eat meat.

Come join us in our fight to end the sacrifice at Gadhimai festival. Write to

Like our page:

Gadhimai 2014

Published on Dec 3, 2014

One of the cruelest festivals on the planet, The Gadhimai sacrifice.
3256 buffalo were hacked to death in the name of God!
Not all animals have their heads chopped off. Some take up to 40 minutes to die. The numbers were considerably down on the 2009 festival but non the less, any God that demands blood is no god worthy of my time….

An exceptionally brave Nepalese animal activist facing a crowd of millions of blood thirsty devotees


Animal Sacrifice in Nepal

Animal sacrifice takes place in Nepal other than during the Gadhimai Festival

Dasain Festival in NepalDasain Festival in Nepal

Dasain – Dasain festivals is Nepal’s largest festival which is celebrated during the month of Kartik (late September and early October). During the Dashain festivals (Dasain and Chaite Dasain – see March), priests perform various Tantric rituals to Goddess Durga Bhawani, and the Living Goddess Kumari. Dasain sees the greatest numbers of animals sacrificed. During Kalrati, in Taleju Temple, the government publicly beheads 54 buffaloes and 54 he-goats, followed by the killing of 108 buffaloes by the Nepal Army. The event draws many devotees and is screened on national Television. At the same time in the palace in Gurkha 108 buffaloes are being beheaded. This marks the start of mass sacrifice by the people across the country; it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of goats are being sacrificed during Dasain as well as an unknown number of buffaloes, ducks, chicken, birds, et cetera.Dasain Bhaktapur – At Taleju temple in Bhaktapur 25 buffaloes and some 20 goats are killed by cutting their throats and spilling blood over all the images. Only then they are beheaded. The temple area is soaked with blood.

Read More:

Many people in Nepal oppose this bloody festival along with the day-to-day sacrifice of animals in Nepal

Read about Animal Welfare Network Nepal’s efforts to stop the Gadhimai festival and other animal sacrifice and abuse

Tears of Fear

Swami Agnivesh Press Release

Animal Sacrifice is a diabolical sin in Vaidik Sanatan Dharma.
Swami Agnivesh      (Vaidik SanatanDharma.)

Read More:

Photos of the 2014 festival. It must never happen again.






More Information

During the slaughter the nearby lake is so filled with the blood of the animals that absolutely nothing can live in the water for years, it takes almost five years for the lake to regenerate; by then it is bloodbath time again.

Prior to the “Festival” The animals are made to walk up to 500 miles from India to Nepal; most are starved and deprived of water the entire trip, they are beaten and tortured to keep moving and many animals die along the way.  Once at the site the massacre takes place in an open field with spectators, including women and children, watching and cheering on mother buffaloes are killed in front of their young.  Animals sit in a pool of blood waiting for their own brutal end. Many animals try to escape but are hunted down.

Read more:

The diary of two animal welfare campaigners at the world’s biggest ritual slaughter

Driving towards the temple we saw a couple of men walking two buffalo calves with red cloth around their necks. We stopped and Manoj Gautam, president of AWNN, asked them what they were doing. One of them said they were there on their wives’ insistence, that they felt bad and wouldn’t do it again. As if on cue, the buffalo calf with him, not more than six-months-old, came over and started chewing on the tassels of my shawl. He was just a baby and wanted some affection! I could not bear to think what his fate would be in two days. I stroked his head for a while before his so-called owner directed him forward. The other buffalo calf with him had started to graze. His owner called out to him and in an act of complete trust, the calf ran to him not knowing he was being led to his death.


8 thoughts on “After Gadhimai: It Must Never Happen Again

  1. Reblogged this on My Omer of Manna and commented:
    Thank you for reminding us again… Religions have Consequences to Other Beings. I wish this would be able to break thru and be passed around and forwarded.

    • Thank you for reblogging and for your comment. Indeed religions have consequences, the Gadhimai festival is particularly horrendous. Progress was made this time that may hopefully rid the world of this cruelty, a cruelty that has no place in a modern society. Lets hope this festival is banned next time along with all the other animal sacrifices that take place in Nepal and elsewhere.

    • Thank you for your comment, yes it is good to know that many people are appalled by this shocking cruelty to helpless animals. I hope that we can bring an end to animal sacrifice in Nepal and indeed elsewhere.

    • I am pleased you have been moved by this and want to help, the more people who do so the greater the chance this will come to an end.

      The petitions towards the beginning of the blog entry are the only ones I can find at the present time. I include them again here for you to make it easier to find and sign. Many of the other on-line petitions are now closed.

      These petitions are still active

      Stop the Gadhimai festival you can sign by entering your e-mail on the right of the page and clicking the bright pink button.

      This is a form to send a message rather than a petition.

      Again you add your details after the message in the green box on the right of your screen and click send. You can edit and add your own message.

      You may not want to send the message for a while as I rather think that not a lot of notice may be taken of it because of the devastating earthquake which has sadly taken so many lives and brought the country to a standstill, with yet another tragic earthquake again yesterday it is a difficult time for the people of Nepal. It is nearly five more years before the next festival, although other animal sacrifice takes place at other times and occasions in Nepal, and there will be more petitions. I will be adding more petitions as they become available.

      In the meantime there are organisations helping animals who like people are suffering the after effects of the earthquake. Here is a list of animal organisations helping animals in Nepal:

      Concerning Gadhimai, Animal Nepal have campaigns to bring an end to the festival and other animal sacrifice in nepal:

      I hope this was of some help. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. If the people in Nepal think that gandhimai will be happy after sacrificing animal then why they don’t sacrifice themselves or their children. They can’t. Because those people are even worse than animal. So they don’t have mind.

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