Urgent Action to Save Baby Elephants, Lions and Antelopes From Illegal Export and Sale

Please help by signing petitions, writing email , sending tweets and sharing a video

Please watch the video. This is an outrageous crime against animals taken from their mothers to eventually live miserable lives in China,  exploited as entertainment in a country known for its animal abuse – scroll down to watch a video which shows you the life that an elephant is likely to live in a Chinese zoo.


Published on Dec 7, 2014

Multiple reports say at least 34 baby elephants have been forcibly torn from their mothers in Zimbabwe and are about to be sent out of the troubled country. One report says they are headed to China. Another report says they are headed to the United Arab Emirates. Outrage is growing. But, it’s not enough. You help is desperately needed. After being tipped off by the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival JaneUnChained teamed up with Peace4Animals and Social Compassion in Legislation. Activists from TheirTurn.net and Friends of Animals also joined us as we sought answers from all 3 governments mentioned as part of this controversy. Watch the video and then tweet up a storm. #ZimbabweElephants

Now please sign the following petitions

Urgent: Stop the Illegal Export and Sale of Wild Baby Elephants, Lion Cubs and Sable Antelope

Please read the following and sign the petition to tell the US consulates for Zimbabwe, China and UAE that you want this deal stopped and the animals rehabilitated and released.

Just days ago, Zimbabwe’s government admitted to capturing about 36 baby elephants from the wild in order to sell them and ship them overseas. Reports now say there could also be seven lion cubs and ten sable antelopes in that group. The young animals –between 2.5 and 5 years old — are being held in wooden pens in Hwange National Park, after being separated from their families and captured.

Elephants are heavily reliant on their mothers until they are about 5 years of age. They live in very social societies and disruptions of this kind can lead to early death for these young animals. One of the elephants has already died.

Reports say the animals will be shipped to the UAE with the final destination of China.

Please read more and sign the petition:

No more baby elephants captured for Chinese zoos!

In November, four elephant calves were caught from the wild, removed from their mothers and family group and exported from Zimbabwe to China. These elephant babies were sent to two zoos in China, Taiyuan Zoo in northern China and Xinjiang Safari Park in north-west China.

Sadly one baby has already died at Taiyuan Zoo, and the surviving male calf is very sick. The photos and video footage we have seen are very distressing; this baby is physically sick and given his condition and environment, suffering psychological distress

Please continue reading and sign the petition:

Here is the video mentioned in the above petition:

RSPCA Video – End exports of wild baby elephants to zoos

Warning sensitive caring people will find this video upsetting

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Concerns are growing for baby elephants snatched from the wild in Africa then flown to Chinese zoos after one died and footage seen by the RSPCA shows another very sick.

While the export of elephants from Zimbabwe is not illegal under international trade laws, experts believe these animals are suffering greatly from the conditions in the zoos, the stress of such long transportation and the fact they have been torn away from their mothers and social groups at such a young age.

It is believed that Zimbabwe is planning to send more young elephants to China in the coming months, and even more thought to be ‘on order’ from zoos around the world.

We’ve launched a petition calling on the Zimbabwe authorities to terminate any plans to export more wild baby elephants. Take action now:

Want to do more?
Please contact the Zimbabwe Minister of the Environment –
please read the following from Peace 4 Animals facebook page and take the suggested actions

“I am deeply saddened to learn that 36 baby elephants have been brutally taken from their mothers and are currently awaiting shipment to the UAE and possibly China. We need your help and voices to protect these babies and to stop this shipment of wildlife cargo.

Please contact the Zimbabwe Minister of the Environment, Saviour Kasukuwere and ask that he release these majestic endangered animals at once. You can tweet him at @Hon_Kasukuwere or contact him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kasukuwere and #ZimbabweElephants

To stay updated, please visit www.socialcompassion.org

to get the latest information on this gruesome situation and to stay abreast of how you can help.



the above is from Peace 4 animals facebook page

Visit Peace 4 Animals website:


Spread the word

Tweet about this issue hastag  #ZimbabweElephants

Just when you think that you have heard it all concerning human greed and the resulting exploitation that impacts on animals you learn of yet another example of people who will do just about anything for money. And when it comes to governments who not only condone such activities but actually participate in them you have to wonder where or if ever it will all end …  Most likely with the extinction of elephants and other wild animals. Such is the case of the government of Zimbabwe which has taken baby elephants, lion cubs and antelopes from their mothers to sell to the highest bidder.  Not only is this a crime that threatens wild animals with extinction but it is also about the wretched and miserable lives these poor creatures will lead. China as we know has an appalling record of animal abuse. These poor babies were torn from their mothers to live lives of suffering for the sake of greed and entertainment and it has to stop.

Please take as much action as you can.



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