Please Sign a Petition to Help UK Pensioners Who are Going Hungry

UK pensioners are going hungry – please help!
Below is from an e-mail sent to care 2 members concerning the above petition
Please read and sign the petition

“My name is Pete Perry and I am 77 years old. I have had two heart attacks and a stroke. My wife Nikki is my full-time carer.

Our only income is the basic state pension, pension credit and carer’s benefit. It is not enough to live on – a 54% increase would be needed for it to meet the Minimum Income Standard – or Living Wage – the amount people in the UK agree is required to live on. I wanted to share with you what this means for us personally.

We are constantly worried about paying the fuel bills, the rent and buying food. We very often put only one small gas fire on, rather than the central heating, and wrap ourselves up in a blanket to keep warm. To save money, we cook from scratch rather than buy ‘ready meals’ (we don’t even have a microwave!) – and we freeze leftovers for another day. We NEVER have a takeaway, cannot afford to go to the cinema, and do not own a TV or stereo. We ‘make do’ as my mother did during the war and rationing years.

Christmas is a particularly stressful time for us, as we like to buy presents for the grandchildren, which means we have to go without our basic necessities.

I have worked hard throughout my life and paid taxes, and I believe the government should support its elderly citizens with enough income to live on – that’s why I started this petition. We need to show the government that we won’t stand for elderly people being left in poverty.Please sign my petition asking the Minister of State for Pensions, Steve Webb, to increase the state pension to match the Living Wage.” 

Thank you,

Pete Perry
Pensioner, United Kingdom”

“The Living Wage is currently £9.15 an hour in London and £7.85 an hour in the rest of the UK. This equates to £343 a week in London (£294 elsewhere in the UK) for a 37.5 hour working week for an individual. Similarly, the Minimum Income Standard for a pensioner couple is £347.93 per week.

The basic state pension however, is only £113.10 per week for those born before 1951, and although total household income can be topped up with pension credit to £148.35 (for single people) or £226.50 (for couples), a 54% increase (98% for individuals) in this level of income is required to bring this up to an amount people can live on.”

Read more and please sign the petition

The fact that elderly people, the chronically sick and disabled live in poverty is an absolute disgrace in the sixth richest country in the world. At the end of your working life you want to live in some comfort, have the means to enjoy your self not struggle to make ends meet, which frankly is impossible. You should not have to live an unheated house unable to go out and about, go to the cinema, enjoy a meal out, live the life you deserve to live after working day after day your entire life. And even if you have not worked through no fault of your own such as disability, illness or unemployment or simply to bring up your children, you should nonetheless be entitled to a livable pension –  at least in any decent ethical society.

The fact that his unfortunate couple who struggle with long term serious illness cannot afford a TV or a stereo, basic for most people here in the UK , and are confined to one heated room and struggle to buy enough food is an outrage and should be strongly condemned.

The answer is not to deprive other people such as overseas aid as so many demand, a demand born of a tiresome rhetoric of misguided people along with the well worn immigration red herring meant to distract from the real problems, namely the grossly unfair distribution of wealth .

Please do sign the petition, it is vital to let this government of millionaires know that we the people are sick of this gross unfairness in our society where people die of cold and hunger in unheated homes while the rich get richer and richer.

The answer ultimately is a more fair distribution of the country’s wealth and indeed the world’s wealth and resources, for this and more severe problems exist worldwide including other rich countries such as the USA and Australia as well as obvious so called developing countries which it seems never develop, locked in poverty and deprivation.

Time to bring an end to allowing the minority to live in decadent greed accruing money that they can never spend in a lifetime while others suffer poverty and deprivation, many after working away their entire lives to make another person rich. Why should Pete Perry and his wife and millions like them young and old live like this while the likes of Duncan Smith, Cameron and the other multimillionaire MPs continue to accrue obscene wealth for themselves and the privileged super rich.

This year the wealth of Britain’s richest rose by 15.4%:

Wealth of Britain’s richest 1,000 people hits new high of £519bn

‘Astonishing’ year for richest Britons sees fortunes rise 15.4%, according to Sunday Times Rich List:

The combined fortune of Britain’s richest 1,000 people has hit a new high of £519bn – equivalent to a third of the nation’s economic output, and double the figure of five years ago.

The worth of Britain’s rich elite is up 15.4% from last year’s total of £450bn, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Philip Beresford, who compiled the rankings, said: “I’ve never seen such a phenomenal rise in personal wealth as the growth in the fortunes of Britain’s 1,000 richest people over the past year. The richest people in Britain have had an astonishing year.

The wealth of the top 1,000 has doubled since the financial crisis, rising from £258bn in 2009.

Austerity for the poor it seems while the rich get richer.

Note in the above article that the Queen, who already has more money than she knows what to do with, saw her wealth rise by 10 million. One elderly person who most certainly will not freeze or starve to death. While people freeze in unheated homes and can’t afford a TV or even put food on the table this parasite along with her family and other hangers-on live in a decadent style unimaginable to the overwhelming majority of the world’s population. What exactly has this women done to earn an additional 10 million I have to ask.

In the same article Chris Leslie, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said: “No wonder the super-rich have got much richer over the last year when David Cameron has given millionaires a huge tax cut. Yet at the same time working people have continued to face a cost-of-living crisis and are £1,600 a year worse off since 2010.

Think what  £519bn could do to improve the lives of suffering people both here and abroad. And not just here in the UK, take into account the huge wealth owned by the one percent:“The richest one percent of the world’s population now controls 48.2 percent of global wealth, up from 46 percent last year, according to the most recent global wealth report issued by Credit Suisse, the Swiss-based financial services company.”

Here an alarming possiblity:
Hypothetically, if the growth of inequality were to proceed at last year’s rate, the richest one percent for all intents and purposes would control all the wealth on the planet within 23 years.
Think of all the lives that could have been saved by sharing this vast wealth which continues to increase at an alarming rate while most of us continue to descend into poverty. How many children in developing countries could be alive today, how many people could be properly fed and sheltered, provided with clean water. How many more people could live full and meaningful lives in warm homes?  How many new and more efficient hospitals could be built for everyone worldwide and how many more opportunities for education for all… well the list is endless.

The government should be reminded that pensions aren’t a hand out, they were earned and paid for during the person’s lifetime often at the cost of a decent standard of living, particularly in recent years when tax and national insurance, not to mention VAT and council tax, take more than half your income.

Time to demand better. Time to recognise the real problem and not be distracted by thinking that has no basis in reality or morality. Here is one suggestion some misguided person came out with, it is a well aired and misguided  notion born often of racism but mostly ignorance:
“Why not stop overseas aid and stop funding children to fund this.” I assume this person is referring to children in developing countries. It is typical of the way a lot of people in our society think.


Really would you want to deny a starving child the miniscule amount of aid the UK sends abroad? This is not the problem, rather  it is the decadent wealth accumulated and controlled by the super rich who have not in any real sense earned or deserve the vast amount of wealth they continue to amass at the expense of the minority included elderly, sick and disabled people here in the UK and starving people including children, one of whom dies every three seconds in the developing world. No one deserves such obscence amounts of money, until people realise this and stop blaming immigration and poor people over seas we will never improve the situation here in the UK or elsewhere. Time for a fair world for everyone.

Look at a few of the comments included in the petition. Such hardship in a country like the UK is an outrage and it has to stop.

“I have worked all my life, I paid into a private pension that turned out to be almost worthless. At present I am still working and will not reach retirement age for quite a while but I could easily be in this position in the future – so could a lot of other people who have spent a lifetime working.”

“I am 67 years old and I too am trying to survive on the state pension. I am registered disabled with heart problems, am diabetic and I am calcium deficient resulting in crumbling bones mostly due possibly to diet. help us to provide a staple diet . My wife is unable to draw her pension untill next year due to government rules she is 62 and hopefully, if things are not changed again will get her pension in April”


“I have paid all my taxes and so called insurance all my working like, I am still working two years passed my pension age still paying my taxs and yet I do not look forward to retirement how can anybody hope to Iive on the benefits that are paid at the moment it’s a dam disgrace. It’s time to put things right.”

Time to demand change


4 thoughts on “Please Sign a Petition to Help UK Pensioners Who are Going Hungry

  1. Well I don’t know how you manage. Maybe it is possible to scrape by but frankly life on a basic state pension for most is a struggle and for many a life of deprivation. What happens when something needs replacing such as a TV or refrigerator, a repair to your home – you have to factor in these possibilities. Do you have an annual holiday? Do you run a car? Is your home adequately heated? Can you honestly say that £226.50 covers all such expenditures? If you rely on savings for example, you are not living on this amount alone. In retirement you should be able to live with the same expectations has everyone else, to go out and about; have a meal out, a night at the cinema, a concert, a football match for example, have a holiday, if you attend football matches regularly the cheapest seat is around £26, frankly I would think this would be a bit of a struggle on £226.60. Do you have a hobby or pastime? Such can be expensive. It’s not just about getting by and that is hard enough for many, it‘s about having a full life. Even the day to day expenditures of food and clothing are rising rapidly. The weekly payout for energy, council tax, rent if you don’t own your own property, house insurance and repairs – are getting evermore expensive. Water charges, insurance on your car, road tax, telephone bills, there is little left surely. Also take into account that chronically sick or disabled people may need more to live on. Is every room in your home adequately heated, a necessity I think for everyone but more particularly so as we get older.

    Also take into account rapidly rising prices which as you must know outstrip the measly annual increase in pensions which means as time goes on your pension becomes increasingly inadequate.

    Don’t forget there are many pensioners living on far less; only £113 for a single person. Many expenses such as heating your home are the same for a single person. Surely you want a fair society and at least the right to the equivalent of a living wage, though even this in my opinion is not adequate. A better standard of living for everyone not just the elite few which is now the case in the UK. Why should you struggle to make ends meet and honestly it must surely be a struggle on £226.60. We need to demand a better standard of living not scraps handed down by a millionaire government in the sixth richest country in the world. In a just and fair society no one should struggle on an inadequate pension or benefits, no one should have to resort to food banks, become homeless even starve to death as has happened in recent years. Time to demand better for us and for our children and future generations.

    • ” In retirement you should be able to live with the same expectations has everyone else, to go out and about; have a meal out, a night at the cinema, a concert, a football match for example, have a holiday, if you attend football matches regularly the cheapest seat is around £26″
      These are examples of luxuries that the state should not be financing.The idea that the state should be paying £26 or more so that pensioners can go to a football match is ridiculous.Why does someone that does’t work need a holiday?
      In case you think that I do not know what I am talking about I am sixty six,retired twenty two years ago and have learnt how to live well on little money preprepared food,bulk buy specials and never set foot in a Starbucks or their ilk.No need for a gym membership I have thirty tons of wood in the garden that needs cutting and splitting which will provide my heat for the next two years.

      • I don’t know why but I knew I would get this kind of response. These are not luxuries these are everyday activities that many people engage in. As a pensioner surely it is your right to be able to participate in life fully just like everyone else. What nonsense to think that because you do not work that you don’t deserve to be able to into Stackbucks have a coffee, a cup of tea, a meal or go to the gym or anywhere else that other people go. Football matches, trips to the cinema to the pub and so on are part of many peoples lives though of course it has to be said that people on very low wages are not able to afford them, but that is another social injustice, one of many here in the UK.

        As a pensioner who has worked and paid into the system you deserve to live with a decent income during your retirement! Not just to pay for the essentials. You should not have to scrape by or learn how to live well on little. You may not work now but from what you say you worked before retirement, having paid your social security you should receive at least the equivalent of a living wage. You ‘re lucky to have your own wood heating most of us don’t and this must make a difference to your income. I am sorry to say it but with that kind of attitude no wonder the country is returning to times past as this government dismantles our welfare system virtually unchallenged. We need to stand in solidarity for a fair income, not just for the bare necessities but to live a full and meaningful life, for everyone not just pensioners but also the sick and disabled and the unemployed.

        No matter what your job or its duration or your income you gave your most valuable asset, your time! And a good portion of your Life. You deserve better, we all do. In my opinion even those who through no fault of their own who have never worked as a result of illness or disability should receive a decent income to allow them to live full lives in accordance with most people’s expectations.

        The UK has one of the lowest pensions in Europe, compare with Sweden £25,000 a year, Spain £26,630

        Even Brazil does better than the UK with £14,969

        Time to demand better in the sixth richest country in the world.

        Surely you must question the right for a tiny minority to accrue vast amounts of wealth while others struggle to get by, die of cold in unheated homes even die of starvation, as has been the case recently.

        As for needing a holiday, its not always about need its about living life and enjoying your retirement seeing places you always wanted to see. I am not talking about painting the town red every night or going on a luxury cruise or shopping at Waitrose the most expensive supermarket but having the means to simply live the same life as others and not to have to suffer with a drastic drop in income when you retire.

        In addition to what you call “Luxuries” it is the unexpected expense such as a house repair or the breakdown of a fridge or cooker, all are I am sure you agree essentials that must surely make £226 difficult to live on

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