Please urge the ACSO to seize all animals from Willards Rodent Factory without further delay.

Please help bring an end to the cruel and neglectful treatment of animals at Willards Rodent Factory by signing a petition to Adams County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) urging them to seize all animals from Willards Rodent Factory without further delay. Action can be taken by anyone worldwide.

Please don’t be put off by the fact many of the animals are rodents. Rodents are sentient beings, mammals like you and I and deserve to be treated with compassion and consideration. Their lives are as important to them as ours are to us. You can read more about sentience and intelligence in Rodents further down.

Please continue reading for more details and a link to information about sentience in Rodents, but if you do not have time please at least sign the petition. This is a quick sign petition that needs only a few details.

Warning! You will need to scroll down to sign. There are some distressing graphics which many of you may find disturbing. If you scroll down quickly you will avoid seeing them.

Please sign the petition  urging the ACSO to seize all animals from Willards Rodent Factory without further delay

I have to say it can put many people off signing petitions if they are presented without warning to disturbing images. I know of one person who cannot click on such links. I try to warn people as much as possible and not simply present horrifying images. It is not easy to know where to draw the line, while shocking people into action may be effective in some instances it can have the opposite effect when people hesitate to click on a link.

More information – includes video

Eyewitness footage and photos expose extreme suffering of rats, mice, reptiles, hedgehogs, and other animals at Colorado animal dealers’ warehouse and pet store.

The Kubics breed rats and mice in a barn located on their Adams County property—just a few feet away from their family residence. Thousands of rodents—crowded shoulder to shoulder in filthy tubs on top of bedding saturated with weeks’ worth of waste—were kept in bins and metal troughs inside the barn during the course of PETA’s investigation. The Kubics did not employ a single full-time person to care for the animals. Lynn Kubic claimed that “you just don’t make enough money at this to … have a ton of employees or spend a ton of time out here.”  Hundreds of rodents were found dying, dead, and decomposing.

Tubs housing rodents frequently flooded, drowning rats and mice by the hundreds. Lynn Kubic—who admitted that she would not enter the barn after a flood because of the stench—lamented the loss of money but never the suffering of the drowned animals.

Cats were permitted to roam freely in and out of the “rodent factory,” terrifying rats and mice by opening tubs in which rodents were housed, defecating above them, and even tearing them apart. Rats and mice starved to death. Lynn Kubic admitted, “I probably lose more animals to starvation … than floods.”The Kubics fed rats and mice once per month, allowing the food to become moldy and covered with feces as the weeks passed.

The eyewitness video from PETA’s investigation: 

Warning extremely shocking particularly in the beginning I couldn’t watch. You can just listen and not watch for details but that is distressing enough.

For more details please read the following information from PETA which I recently received by e-mail

“PETA’s latest eyewitness investigation, at Willards Rodent Factory, a breeding warehouse, and Jurassic Pets LLC, a pet store in Colorado, revealed horrific conditions, systematic neglect, and the pervasive suffering of thousands of animals. Witnesses found animals languishing and dying in cramped, putrid enclosures filled with days’ or weeks’ worth of feces—often with the full knowledge of the owners and management. Based on PETA’s evidence, the Thornton, Colorado, Police Department executed a search warrant at Jurassic Pets that allowed them to rescue some of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians there.

Despite having extensive evidence of persistent, widespread cruelty to animals for more than two months, the Adams County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) has not helped the thousands of animals at Willards Rodent Factory, which is owned by Lynn and Kenneth Kubic.

The Kubics and their workers admitted to “whacking” rats and mice—swinging them by the tail and hitting them against surfaces in an effort to kill them. Hundreds of rats and mice drowned at Willards Rodent Factory when the tubs housing them flooded, while others—most frequently those who were ill or injured—were thrown outside to be torn apart by cats.

The Kubics failed to provide effective veterinary care or euthanasia to scores of ill and/or injured animals—including a rat whose face was apparently chewed off, a hedgehog whose infected eye was neglected for so long that it shrank and lost all vision, and reptiles with mucus oozing from their mouths. Thousands of fish and hundreds of other animals perished—with many left to rot alongside live animals—and ailing survivors were routinely thrown into the freezer to die.

Please take a moment today to urge the ACSO to end animal suffering at the Kubics’ hands by seizing all animals from Willards Rodent Factory without further delay.

The filthy, stressful conditions uncovered at these facilities are typical of what PETA’s investigations of the pet trade have documented again and again. The most important thing that you can do to help end this cruelty is to refuse to shop at stores that sell live animals.

Thank you for your compassion for animals and for your willingness to take action.”

Please take action if you have not already done so


In Defence of Rats and Mice:

Rats and mice are highly intelligent, as intelligent as your dog or cat. Like your dog or cat, rats and mice learn and respond to their names. They excel at learning and understand concepts, their memories are outstanding; once rats learn a navigation route, they never forget it. Both rats and mice are social creatures, they form strong bonds with one another and sleep curled up together. Rats are good mothers and like many animals they are playful creatures.

Read More:


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