Please Take URGENT Action: Bulls Being Chased, Beaten With Bats, and Stabbed!

“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

I have said this before and will no doubt say it again but what the hell is wrong with people who deliberately harm animals , people who participate in cruelty for pleasure or entertainment?

Please read the following information from PETA and take the suggested action.

“Liquor forced down bulls’ throats, animals made to run while being chased, lassoed, beaten with bats, and stabbed

NO animal should ever endure such horrific cruelty, yet on February 1, this is exactly what will reportedly happen to the bulls used in the annual Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria in Tlacotalpan, a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

And the torture doesn’t end there: After the terrified bulls are chased down, drunken festival attendees allegedly proceed to hurl bricks and garbage at them, kick and punch them, and even cut their ears off. Their ordeal reportedly continues for HOURS.

Surviving bulls are then reportedly turned out to pasture and left to suffer from their injuries.

Even though the governor of Veracruz banned this event in 2006, it’s still taking place—and unless we do something NOW, more bulls will once again be horrifically tortured on February 1.

What You Can Do
Contact city and state officials and ask that the ban be enforced, and urge the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to revoke Tlacotalpan’s World Heritage Site status until it is!”

To send the message you will need to scroll down to the bottom. You can edit the message using your own words but if this is not possible please send it as it is. But please send it.

Please watch the following video and take the above action – I have included the video here as unless you have an account with You Tube you cannot sign in to view the video: signing in is required for age verification.

I don’t know why the words reportedly and allegedly are used in the above information from PETA as it is clear from the video that this barbaric festival takes place and these animals are tortured in this way.

Warning disturbing images. This has been classified by You Tube as an age-restricted Video

Bulls abuse in Tlacotalpan Mexico during Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria

Published on Oct 26, 2014
During the second day of Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria in a Mexican town called Tlacotalpan, 6 roped bulls who were previously liquored, are forced to cross the Papaloapan river by hundreds of people in canoes and kayaks. The bulls’ horns are tied to the canoe and they are pulled by the tail to “help them float”.
On shore thousands of fueled with alcohol ruffians await the already exhausted victims who are set loose in the streets to be lynched. The humans chase them, beat the terrified bulls one by one with bats, stab them with knives, kick and punch them, stone them, aggressively pull their tails, throw bricks and trash at them, and even cut off their ears. It goes on for hours.

To watch the whole article please go to:


Please send the message if you have not already done so:

I grieve to think I share this world with such vile people. It sickens me that governments allow this to happen. What right have these loathsome people to torment and mistreat animals so shamefully.Why does no one stand against these psychopathic misfits… what normal person would do such a thing, drunkenness is not excuse or a reason, being drunk does not turn the average person into a cruel animal abuser.

It is of little use implementing laws to protect animals if such laws are not enforced as is the case concerning the above festival. Here in the UK it is similar and although fox hunting has been banned little is done to enforce violations of this law. Concerning fox hunting even if actions were taken against those responsible puny fines would be imposed upon people well able to pay them as fox hunting is mainly the prerogative of the well off.

Time to bring an end to the barbarity of this cruel festival and ensure that the law is applied. International pressure may help to bring this about so please sign the petition.

A selection of quotations associating a person’s character with his or her treatment of animals.

“If man is not to stifle his human feelings, he must practise kindness towards animals, for he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher

“He who harms animals has not understood or renounced deeds of sin. Those whose minds are at peace and who are free from passions do not desire to live at the expense of others.”
Acharanga Sutra – Jainism

“Cruelty to dumb animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; a mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendour, and nobility, cannot obliterate. It is consistent neither with learning nor true civility.” William Jones


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18 thoughts on “Please Take URGENT Action: Bulls Being Chased, Beaten With Bats, and Stabbed!

  1. If we screw around and do ourselves in by wiping out our planet…it will really be hard to make a case that we didn’t deserve it. The problem is the other Earthlings are truly innocent and…I’ve come to believe…that’s one of the most at risk statuses to have if you’re going to be within the reach of human animals. Shame on us.

    • Indeed we deserve it, at least some of us do, though even in small ways a good majority of humans have contributed to wiping out the planet, most particularly concerning climate change. Although many of us feel helpless against the onslaught of power and greed driven corporations which are the biggest contributors to both global destruction and the exploitation of the other animals with whom we share this world. Most certainly when animals are in contact with human beings they are at risk. I feel sad whenever a new species has been discovered as of course they will be added to the list of exploited and abuse animals.

  2. Signing petitions for animal causes hurts MORE animals:

    If you really want to help animals, this is the only morally justifiable way:

    Do not reply to this if you have not viewed at least 3 item links in the links I posted. I will not respond to typical Welfarist arguments.

    • I think I know enough about the issue to respond thank you without reading your links though I will do so but not right now as I have a sick rabbit to attend to and do not have the time. A rabbit that would by now have died in agony if the welfarist organisation the RSPCA had not intervened and my family and I had not adopted him.

      I have read part of the second link you provided.

      How do you know I will make typical welfarist arguments, that is very judgmental of you ? Perhaps you should have read my response before making such assumptions. Also why do you think I care whether or not you respond to my arguments, frankly I don’t.

      I do what I feel is the right thing to do at the present time, it is as simple as that.

      Besides I am not a welfarist and consider abolition as the ideal.

      However while we are waiting about for the 6 billion or even 3 billion people on the planet – reference to your estimate in point 1 of the second link you provided that there is a potential 50 percent who are not psychotic and therefore amenable to becoming vegan – animals suffer in laboratories, factory farms, zoos and… well you know the list of atrocities committed towards animals the world over. You say yourself that veganism is the “absolute minimum we must do if you care morally about animals AT ALL” well than all welfarism is doing is going the extra mile to bring about change in the present. Its all very well actively encouraging people to go vegan and all the ideas in point 4 are good of course but is it enough? Why can’t we do both, promote veganism while improving conditions for animals? Which is what many people do.

      I understand the point that many people make that wefarism might make people more comfortable with the exploitation of animals and could therefore prolong their suffering in the long term. However we cannot simply sit by and do nothing while animals suffer in appalling conditions and are mistreated. As you so rightly point out animals are sentient beings and have a right to their lives. Each animal’s individual life is important and if we save only one life that life is important to that particular animal.

      I don’t know who wrote the following but this story I hope illustrates my point:

      “An old man walking on the beach at dawn noticed a boy picking up a starfish and throwing it into the sea. When asked why, the boy explained that the stranded starfish would die if left to lie in the morning sun. ‘But there are millions of starfish on this beach,’ said the old man. ‘How can your efforts make a difference? ’The boy picked up another starfish and placed it in the waves. ‘It makes a difference to this one,’ he said.”

      Surely if we can stop one atrocity such as the one in this post some animals will be saved from unnecessary suffering. Realistically, though vegan myself, I don’t see the whole planet or even 50 percent being vegan any time soon, in fact things are set to get worse as the demand for meat and animal products increases along with the rapidly increasing population and the changes of eating habits in Asia for example. Surely you cannot sit by and allow rabbits to have their fur pulled out of their bodies while alive or for a rabbit to have a substance squirted into his eyes to test cosmetics or for chickens to be cramped six into a tiny cage or dogs to be cooked alive in China during that hideous festival in Yulin where 15,000 dogs are slaughtered every year, without trying to stop such cruelty? I assume your vegan ethics like mine include the human animal? If so are you prepared to take no action to bring an end to social injustice and inequality, to try to for example prevent the death from starvation of one child every second in so called developing countries? Imagine what the world would be like if we stood by and did nothing until the ideal could be achieved such as the equal distribution of the world’s resources. Aren’t you prepared to campaign to save the rain forest for the sake not only of the Orangutan but also for all of us? Yes eventually this would be achieved if a significant number of people went vegan but this is not likely to happen any time soon, not soon enough to save the rain forest and its inhabitants. You say in point 1 “Not everyone isn’t a psychopath“, and I agree with you but sadly this greed ridden world is ruled to a great degree by psychopaths/ sociopaths and therefore nothing is going to change unless we are prepared to force change and make it happen. A vegan world would fix all these problems but honestly in the cold light of day do you really expect a significant percent of the world’s population to go vegan any time soon.

      I don’t come here to debate or argue as such is pointless, I don’t expect to change your mind neither do I want to as you are doing a great service to animals and your blog is outstanding and if you persuade someone to go vegan than all the better for animals, other humans and the planet. I do not have the time to exhaust myself in pointless debate. I did question the point you make a long time ago and agree the vegan route is the ideal but not the only way to help suffering nonhuman animals, other humans and the planet.

      I often hesitate when including petitions from obvious welfarists such as Compassion in World Farming but sometimes if they are the only ones doing anything about a shocking situation such as the Gadhimai festival than I will do so. We cannot allow such brutality to animals to continue in this dreadful festival, we have in such cases to take decisive action now. I dread to think what this world would be like if no one campaigned to bring about improvements in the way animals are treated.

      For the record I repeat I do not favour the welfarist approach over the abolitionist by any means but for now we have to do what we can in this world of appalling suffering to alleviate the misery and cruelty that man inflicts on the myriad species with whom we share this planet including other humans and the planet itself. Far too many people stand by and let it happen. While all progress is slow – it took a long time to abolish slavery which in fact has not been entirely abolished even today – waiting for the world to become vegan or even a reasonable percent of the population to go vegan is too slow and in the meantime animals continue to suffer.

      Thank you for your thought provoking comment

      Whether you respond or not is your prerogative of course. I am in any case not in a position to engage in a long debate anyway and have spent far more time than intended with this response. I may in time read all your articles including the links and indeed your blog as I intend to follow.

        • You have a most unpleasant attitude. This is my blog and I will reply whenever I care to. You really are arrogant. I hope you do not approach people in a similar manner when you are trying to persuade them to become vegan.

          I told you I do not have time to read your links at the present. If you can’t be bothered to address the issues I raised well that is your problem. There is no need for unpleasantness. Who do you think you are to demand I read your links? I don’t care whether you reply or not. Frankly I would prefer that you didn’t. Unless you can be more civil do not contact me again. Consider changing your attitude such a manner is not conducive to the promotion of veganism. I will not waste my valuable time on people such as yourself who cannot even manage a bit of common courtesy.I am shocked that a vegan could be so unpleasant, such an attitude alienates people, surely you can see that.

          Had you been more accommodating and took the time to include concisely your basic arguments without the unpleasant demand I may well have read your links despite pressure of time. But frankly your demanding attitude wasn’t encouraging to say the least.

          Why approach me in such a manner, reading again your About Page you address people in a pleasant manner so why approach me in the way you have, the insertion of the word please before “Do not reply ” makes all the difference though your overall manner is unpleasant.

          Again rethink your approach to people, nothing puts people off more than someone making demands and ultimatums.

          I amend the above concerning your About Page, looking at the comments on the aforementioned page after posting this reply you adopt the same unpleasant attitude ” I just get damn tired of hearing the same Welfarist garbage. really is this the way to encourage people to adopt your ideas! I rather think not.

            • You really are a rude and disagreeable person. You know nothing about me. Did you bother reading my introduction (link in about page) or anything else and have simply decided to vent your pent up aggression on me for reasons which frankly are beyond my comprehension.

              I don’t have the time because I am ill, besides a stream of links, dozens of them, is I imagine difficult for anyone to read. I don’t have time because I have medical issues to cope with and right now a very sick rabbit? Can’t you be bothered to lay out your main points concisely? Perhaps people would be more inclined to read them. You are an arrogant person who needs to learn how to communicate with people. Such an attitude will not win you any support, it certainly is not conducive to winning friends and influencing people. One thing the welfarists state when asking people to sign petitions and send messages is that they are always polite in their communication because communications written in a rude and an abusive manner are unlikely to be taken into consideration

              I asked you not to reply if you could not be more civil. I may have in time read some of your links but your attitude is not helpful and puts people off. You are a waste of my time. I now have to attend to my sick rabbit and really don’t have the time for your garbage. I suggest that you take some tuition on how to communicate with people or some counselling because there is clearly something wrong.

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