Reasons Not to Vote Conservative in the 2015 General Election: Privatisation of the NHS

During the lead up to the general election here in the UK I am going to include a series of entries under the heading: Reasons Not to Vote Conservative in the 2015 General Election . These periodic postings will as the title suggests concern the many reasons why we should not vote Tory. Each post will centre on one issue, today’s post concerns the privatisation of the NHS and its disastrous consequences.

What should be the glory of the profession is that a doctor should be able to meet his patients with no financial anxiety.
Aneurin Bevan – Labour Party politician best known for his part in the creation of the National Health Service after World War II.

Aneurin Bevan’s stated ambition was to build a health service based on four principles: it was to be free at the point of use, available to everyone who needed it, paid for out of general taxation, and used responsibly.

Sixty-six years on our NHS is under threat from the Conservatives who originally strongly opposed its inception.

If you value our NHS don’t vote Tory in the forthcoming 2015 general election.

Despite pre-election promises and against the wishes of the overwhelming majority the conservatives have steadily and systematically privatised our NHS with disastrous consequences.


Taking the NHS Along the Road to Ruin

Every pre-election promise David Cameron and the Tories made on the NHS, they broke (no surprise). Damaging cuts, unnecessary and disruptive re-organisations and £ BILLIONS of NHS services contracted out to the private sector even when they cost far more to do the same job (but they’ll still do it worse even then).

Byzantine_K – larger sizes available of this and other posters with a creative commons license, ideal to spread the word about the coalition’s privatisation of the NHS

The above graphic is a parody of the Tory election campaign poster “Road to Recovery”. You can see the original poster here along with an article about the Tories disastrous policies concerning the NHS:
Labour Slam Tory NHS Plans in Poster Parody

If you don’t believe the Tories are privatising our NHS, read the following:

Next time a Tory tells you that what they are doing to your NHS is not “Privatisation”, show them this:B5S09_OIQAAjBzA

Source and more information:

Here is an example of a hospital run by the self-serving profit motivated private sector, in this case health care company Circle.

Hinchingbrooke patients told to soil themselves, Care Quality Commission hears, as Circle hospital branded ‘inadequate’

The country’s first privately-run NHS hospital has been branded “inadequate” in an inspection report, which includes claims from patients that they were instructed to soil themselves.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital, which was taken over by healthcare company Circle in 2012, was given the worst rating possible by the Care Quality Commission in the report published today.

It said they found “significant areas of concern” during their visit in September.

Read more:

Here are the facts about the disastrous consequences of privatisation



NHS – Share the Real Facts

Share the real facts on 5 years of this ruinous, profit obsessed Tory coalition government. They have taken the best healthcare system in the world – the “envy of the world” – which has saved countless lives… and trashed it. For profit.


More Facts

Below is comprehensive well researched information by Eoin Clarke concerning the impact of Tory polices on the health service:

Here are a few highlights:

“518 GPs surgeries have closed or merged under the Tories. The rate is accelerating with 90 closing in the first 5 months of 2014

Performance at England’s A&Es has fallen to its worst levels since January 2004

3.2million patients are currently languishing on NHS Waiting Lists for treatment. This year’s figures are the highest in at least 6 years

The Tories broke their promise not to have another top-down reorganisation of the NHS. They did so by introducing the Health & Social Care Act that abolished SHAs & PCTS and replaced them with CCGs

Jeremy Hunt has subjected the majority of NHS Nurses to a real terms pay cut over 4 years. Nurses’ pay has declined £2,000 in real terms. It is unacceptable that bankers’ pay now grows six times faster than nurses

1,876 Mental Illness Beds have been axed in little since Q1 2010. At least 7 mental health patients have taken their own lives as a result …”

Now please read the full report including supporting evidence and share widely:

Report: 100 ways the Tories have failed the NHS (evidence based with links to data),

By Eoin Clarke

Furthermore Cameron has failed to include the NHS is his list of six election priorities.

Action you can take

Click the link below for more information and for actions you can take to save our NHS

Please sign 38 degrees petition:


Use Byzantine_K’s posters t0 spread the word about the coalition’s privatisation of the NHS

The most decisive action may be taken at the general election by not voting Tory

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The Birth of The NHS

12 things you should know about the Tory NHS “reforms”

“The NHS reforms introduced by the Tory party are designed to make the NHS much more like the US system by bringing in ever more private health corporations to take over NHS services. The Tory mantra about bringing in the private sector to “make the NHS more efficient” is just a smokescreen. The real reason for bringing in the private sector is to soak as much profit out of the system as possible, with no regards for the quality or efficiency of the service. ”

Read More

Proposed NHS hospital funding changes may lead to ‘avoidable deaths’

This emergency is no accident!

“Four weeks ago the figures for A&E waiting times were the worst since records began. Then three weeks ago they were even worse, until two weeks ago when they were worse still, and finally last week when they became the worst ever recorded… again!”

Read More:



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