Please Help Send Lonely Bear to a Sanctuary

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist Luis Leonel

Eva, a 17-year-old bear, is condemned to suffer a cruel and slow death in a prison of the Uruguayan zoo of Salto, in Salto city.


Call Liberty for Eva bear Zoo Salto

A group of Salta citizens, supported by people from different parts of the country fighting for the same cause, has started a movement that aims to relieve a local municipal zoo bear living alone after the death of his mother.

Eva, as she is called, was born in captivity 17 years ago and lately she looks very sad and deteriorated …

Spends most of the day resting his head against a fence no matter what happens around him..

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The above is a Google translation from the following:  In Spanish, but can be translated if you use Google or other translator.

The translation is not too good, basically this poor bear is all lone after his mother died, he is depressed and lonely and needs to be with other bears in a sanctuary.

Please write to Salto’s mayor, German Coutinho, and ask him to be compassionate with Eva by sending her to a sanctuary.

German Coutinho’s contact details:

Postal Address:

Uruguay 202,

Phone: (++ 598) 4732 9898 int 107 y 167

Fax: (++ 598) 4733 2769

German Coutinho’s Official Facebook page.

German Coutinho’s Official Twitter page – Please send him a tweet.

You may also wish to contact the zoo and ask them to please allow Eva to be moved to a sanctuary

Zoológico Municipal de Salt0

Address: Avenue Harriague, Salto,

Uruguay Phone:+598 4733 8677

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