Please Sign a Petition to Stop the UK Grey Squirrel Cull


More squirrel photos further down.

What right has anyone to kill another species or rather systematically massacre other animals? If this happened to human beings it would be called genocide. I don’t like the word cull it has a tendency to mitigate the atrocity for what it is, the organised murder of another species.

The Forestry Commission have drawn up new plans obliging UK land owners to cull tens of thousands of grey squirrels each year, using methods which include poisoning them or trapping and shooting them. Landowners will be paid millions of pounds (£100 per hectare per year for five years) of taxpayers’ money to carry out the cull. “

Please read more and sign the petition:  – There are other actions you can take further down

As with the Badger cull due to commence once again in the spring such action has no basis in morality. What right has the human race to consider itself Lord of all the earth with the right to kill and manipulate other species as we see fit.

Furthermore it is an outrage that millions of pounds of tax payers money will be handed over to already wealthy landowners to massacre these defenceless animals while other members of our society reply on food banks, spend winter in cold homes as a result of huge heating bills, struggle on low wages or much reduced benefits,… well I could go on, social injustice here in the UK seems to get worse and worse. Most Tax payers would not want their money to be spent on the killing of these much loved animals.

Though not indigenous, brought here from America in the 19th century by the British banker Thomas Brocklehurst who released a pair of grey squirrels on his land, they are now part of our countryside and 5 million of them are here in the UK. It has happened and it cannot be undone.  Most importantly this tiny mammal is a living being with as much right to life as you or I.

Other Action

Animal Aid Cull Watch – (not just grey squirrels)

“The following culls are either planned or underway. Please write letters and emails of complaint to the addresses given, and if you know of wildlife culls in your area, let us know.”

Read More and please take suggested actions to help save the lives of squirrels and other animals :

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He says he has the red squirrels at heart, but Charles may have more personal and political motivations for his bloodlust by Oscar Rickett

The old cliche applies here: two wrongs don’t make a right… The anti-grey squirrel campaign is deeply rooted conservatism masquerading as environmentalism, in which cruelty to animals is justified on the basis that it will provide some sort of as yet unseen benefit to another, smaller group of animals.

Read More:

A selection of squirrel photos.

I have to ask what kind of person can kill such a beautiful animal, I find the cold callous calculation to wantonly kill any creature beyond my comprehension.




Grey squirrel Sciurus carolinensis UK. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.


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