Help Save an Elephant From Loneliness by Signing a Petition

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel



You can help Mali by signing the petition for her release at

This is Mali’s life

The world’s loneliest elephant has been kept all alone in a concrete ‘jungle’ since 1977

All by herself and hemmed in by bleak walls, the world’s ­loneliest elephant is a pitiful sight.

Mali has not felt grass under her feet or had contact with another ­elephant for nearly 40 years. The trees around her walls are out of reach.

She was snatched away from her ­mother in Sri Lanka aged three and sent to the Philippines as a gift to then ­president Ferdinand Marcos in 1977.

Now 40 years old, Mali spends most of her waking hours leaning against the concrete walls in an attempt to ease her excruciatingly painful foot problems.

Her only respite from the monotony of her confinement is picking up peanuts thrown into her small enclosure by visitors.

Campaigners say her stark surroundings in Manila Zoo have left her chronically ­depressed and suffering from a host of potentially ­life-threatening ailments.

A Brit-run elephant sanctuary in Thailand has offered Mali a home and the funding to transport her there, but Filipino officials have refused to let her go.

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You can help Mali by signing the petition for her release at


12 thoughts on “Help Save an Elephant From Loneliness by Signing a Petition

    • Thank you for commenting. The company of another elephant would be better than isolation for this poor creature, but better still would be for her to be transferred to a sanctuary, zoos are no place for any animal. There has been recommended a sanctuary in Thailand which is willing to accept her.

      • My pleasure…Thank You for bringing to light again, this is the fourth petition I signed. Hopefully the more people learn about Mali, the sooner she is released from her prison. I feel so bad for her living a life as sad as that just so people could stare at her for 5 minutes then go on with our lives and forget all about her!!!

        • Yes indeed it is just awful this poor sad creature so alone. There is a place for her in a sanctuary where she can live a more normal existence with other elephants, yet this zoo refuses to let her go. I cannot understand what pleasure people get from going to zoos and seeing these sad lonely animals pacing up and down. Time for an end to zoos and the remaining animals placed in sanctuaries. I hope Mali is freed from this misery soon.

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