The Proposed New Law Banning the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in UK will Not Now be Passed in Parliament

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and free software supporter Luis Leonel.

They ( Andre , Philip, Christipher,) love British cirus


Bobby Roberts with Anne the elephant

The proposed new law banning the use of wild animals in circuses in the UK will not now be passed in Parliament after being repeatedly blocked by Tory backbenchers Andrew Rosindell, Tory MP for Romford, Philip Davies, MP for Shipley and Christoher Chope, MP for Christchruch.

They claimed that the circus is a “Great British institution… (that) deserves to be defended against the propaganda and exaggerations”


Please write and state your objections

Andrew Rosindell


House of Commons Office: 0207 219 8475 or 8499

Write to :
Andrew Rosindell M.P.
House of Commons

Website Andrew Rosindell, Tory MP for Romford

Twitter Page Andrew Rosindell


Philip Davies MP


Constituency Office – 01274 582 272
Westminster Office – 020 7219 8264

Write to:
Philip Davies MP
House of Commons

Website of Philip Davies, Tory MP For Shipley


Christopher Chope MP

Email :

Constituency office – 01202 474949
Fax : 01202 475548
Parliamentary – 020 7219 5808
Fax : 020 7219 6938

Write to:
Christopher Chope MP
House of Commons

Website of Christoher Chope, Tory MP for Chope

Warning!  The video contains animal cruelty which many of you will I am sure find upsetting.
Shameful UK Circus Industry


4 thoughts on “The Proposed New Law Banning the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in UK will Not Now be Passed in Parliament

  1. I’ve been tweeting Phillip Davies for over a month about this, and about 5 others are following and retweeting. We’ve been saying, “Why do you keep blocking the bill to ban wild animals in circuses?”
    Up until this evening, the one reply was “What answer do you expect in 140 characters? Email me and I’ll reply.”

    Yesterday I sat down and put the question again but in a way not easily ignored, with links to newspaper headlines about it, the video, etc.
    So that he could not moderate what I’d written, and prevent it showing on his page, I put my comments as answers to other people’s messages on his page. This way it got re-circulated. (I’m unfamiliar with Twitter, but slowly learning the way round it.)

    This evening he has said this-
    “The debate hasn’t been blocked. It has not been debated because it was so far down the list of Bills to be considered.”

    I pointed out that it was HIM who stopped it being debated, by constantly objecting to it and getting it shut down. (He uses fillibustering on other matters, too, and has said he shuts down debates in these two way for fun).
    Then he said,-
    “It has never come forward for debate. You wanted it approved without even a debate taking place.”

    I repeated myself and linked to another article explaining how he stopped it.
    Then he said-
    “I am afraid you have no idea what you are talking about, but don’t let that get in the way of your rant.”

    I went over it all again and told him to at least admit it, but that’s it so far.
    I was completely polite. I didn’t think his last comment -above- was very respectful though! I was polite yet because I disagree with him I’m ranting, apparently. He was only replying at all because it was all being retweeted.

    • Thank you for sharing this exchange between yourself and Phillip Davies. You are correct that it is he, Andrew Rosindell and Christoher Chope who have blocked this bill, though I couldn’t really understand how they could do this, I was not familiar until today with fillibustering. I am shocked he said he shuts down debates in this way for fun. I agree with you that he is not very polite or respectful. Lets hope that this bill will get past when it is debated in the next parliament. This is a serious issue and a bill banning the use of animals in circuses should not be prevented by three people, hardly democratic and certainly not right.

      Here is a petition you might like to sign:

  2. Thanks for the link to the petition link! Latest tweets, btw, call me a liar! One said, “You are either a liar or don’t know what you’re talking about. You choose.”
    Good grief!

    • That’s shocking! What an attitude I am glad I am not his constituent. The fact that just three people can stop this bill or any other needs to be changed, it is undemocratic. I can’t understand the outdated mentality of people like him and the other two MPs who think it is okay to exploit and abuse wild animals in circuses. Animals aren’t here for our entertainment. Due to the election it will be a long time before the bill is reintroduced lets hope by than more people will have written with their objections. It’s time we followed the lead of the many countries which have banned circus animals, about 30 in all.
      Here is a list :

      On the same website, more information about the campaign to get a UK circus animal ban: – also includes suggested actions for supporters of the ban to take, such as writing to their MP and ask them to ensure their party is committed to a ban on wild animals in circuses in their manifestos.

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