Petition: Demand a Cruelty Free Life for Geese and Ducks


Please sign the following petition:

Demand a Cruelty Free Life for Geese and Ducks!

Many outdoor brands use down feathers from geese or ducks in their products. Each company claims that the feathers they use are byproducts of the meat industry, implying products are cruelty free. However, down travels through many systems, farms and hands before it is made into a final product to be sold to the consumer.

This makes tracing it back to the actual farm or individual flock of geese and ducks a challenge. Without traceability, it will be impossible to ascertain that live plucking and force feeding did not take place.

While most of the outdoor brands state that they do not accept down from live-plucked or force-fed animals, evidence to back these claims is often missing.

Please Note There is nothing Cruelty free about the meat industry, this is an animal welfare issue rather than an animal rights issue. There is no way that any animal derived product is cruelty free at any level. Live plucking is of course hideously cruel and needs to be stopped now and signing the petition may help in bringing this about and end this particular cruelty but this is not the end of the matter.

All animal farming is cruel, factory farming being the worse. There is nothing cruelty free about the exploitation of any living being for any reason whatsoever. There is nothing humane about killing animals for their meat, their feathers, down, fur or any other animal derived product. No animal product is cruelty free

Here is what happens to geese and ducks and other poultry in the farming industry.

Animal Rights: Factory Farming Poultry


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