Stop the Privatisation of the NHS – Please Sign Urgent Petition

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Planet of the One Percenters

The Tories opposed the creation of the NHS back in 1947 and have been looking for ways to destroy the service ever since.

Now, as the Party of the 1%, they seem set to do just that unless they are stopped.


With no regard for democracy, knowing that the majority of us are opposed to the privatisation of the NHS, Cameron and the coalition government are hell bent on systematically allowing private corporations motivated by profit over patient care to take over NHS hospitals and other services. I firmly believe that in time if allowed to continue this will eventually lead to an American style system of health care.

Take Action

Please take the following actions to stop the privatisation of our NHS by signing the following petitions.

Urgent please sign!

38degress petition 


Cancer patients in Staffordshire should know that the people caring for them are in the business of saving lives, not making money. There’s no justification for privatisation on this scale, ordinary people in Staffordshire haven’t been properly asked what they think, and if this deal goes through, we’ll be stuck with it for 10 years – and it could open the door for sweeping privatisation of our NHS across the country

Read More:

Sumofus petition

The first private corporation to take over an NHS hospital is pulling out. The reason? It’s no longer making a profit.

This is a glimpse into the future of a fully privatised NHS — one we can’t afford to meet. Tell the government to stop privatisation and defend the NHS!

Read more and please sign the petition, its time Cameron was left in no doubt as to the extent of public feeling on the matter.

Here is lots more action from 38 degress you can take to save our NHS.


The best way we can stop this happening is not to vote Tory in the forth coming elections.


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