Stop the NHS Sell Off of £1.2 billion Cancer Care In Staffordshire


Please read the following from 38Degrees and take action by signing the petition. If we don’t take action to stop this we will loose the NHS as we know it. Don’t allow profiteering greedy businesses to put profit before people’s lives.

I have included the petition below as part of a previous article but feel that this petition is of such vital importance that it needs to be the sole focus of a blog posting.

Please read Gail’s message and sign and share the petition widely on social media.

“My name’s Gail. I’m a 38 Degrees member from Staffordshire, and I’m trying to stop the biggest-ever sell-off of NHS services.

Cancer treatment and end-of-life care in Staffs are being sold off to the tune of £1.2 billion. These services saved my husband’s life and cared for my mother – we can’t let profit-hungry companies take over. [1]

Patients who are suffering need to know that the staff caring for them are there to save lives, not help turn a profit. People in Staffs are up in arms about this sell-off – but we can’t stop it alone. If 38 Degrees members across the country pile in against this privatisation, we might be able to stop the deal in its tracks.

This government has sold off more and more of our NHS. [2] Bosses in Staffordshire are under pressure from high up – sowe need to make this embarrassing nationally. This close to an election, the last thing the government wants is a national scandal. Will you stand with me? Click here to sign my petition against the sell-off:

Twenty years ago, I lost my mother to a rare form of bone cancer. Throughout her treatment and in the last few months of her life, the care she got from the NHS here in Staffordshire was incredible.

Eight years ago, my husband was diagnosed with the same condition – and he’s still here. He had two stem cell transplants and quick treatment from the NHS. Now I want to fight to save the doctors, nurses and hospitals who saved him.

This isn’t just about Staffordshire. This is about the future of the NHS. The bigger the petition, the stronger the message: our NHS isn’t for sale. Click here to sign:

This sell-off was agreed by stealth, with a sham consultation. [3] If it goes through, we’ll be locked in for 10 years – with no way out, even if care gets worse. [4] The money in the pot is capped, so if more people need cancer treatment it will just have to stretch. The whole thing is ludicrous.

Even if we can’t stop this sell-off, a national outcry could cause a political nightmare for pro-privatisation politicians in the run-up to an election. And it could make NHS bosses in other areas think twice before giving privatisation the nod.

Click here to add your name to the petition:

Thanks for joining me,

Gail Gregory
A 38 Degrees member in Staffordshire

PS: Privatisation isn’t working in the NHS. The list of horror stories goes on and on:

  • Private healthcare company Spire denied liability for a consultant’s errors because they weren’t his direct employer. [5]
  • ATOS healthcare pulled out of a contract in Tower Hamlets because it wasn’t making money. [6]
  • Hinchingbrooke Hospital has been handed back to the NHS because Circle, a private healthcare company, isn’t turning a profit. [7]

Staffordshire will fight the privatisation of our cancer treatment and end-of-life care all the way – are you with us? Click here to sign: “

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