Thought provoking Quote: The Only War Worth Fighting is the Class War…

Thought provoking Quotes

the only war worth fighting is the class war...

“The only War which is worth fighting is the Class War. The Working Class of this Country have no quarrel with the Working Class of Germany or any other Country. Socialism stands for Internationalism. If the workers of all countries united and refused to fight, there would be no war.”
Richmond Castle, 1916

The above photograph shows Graffiti from the cells of Richmond Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire where conscientious objectors were incarcerated during WW1.

Conscript is one of the greatest of all social injustices. No one has the right to determine the course of your life or demand that you risk your life in the futility and barbarity of war fought for power, greed and sometime downright insanity. I admire the conscientious objectors who had the courage of their convictions. Those imprisoned in Richmond Castle referred to as the Richmond sixteen  were finally honoured in a ceremony at the Castle.

Silence in castle to honour First World War conscientious objectors

More information

“Those who refused to fight for England in WWI were garrisoned at Richmond Castle. Their thoughts and prayers are written on the castle walls. Here is a sampling of their graffiti, which we found very sad, interesting, and moving.”

Read more and view other graffiti:

Richmond Castle Conscientious Objection and the Richmond Sixteen.



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