Help End Foie-gras Hell in the UK

Please read the following investigation from Vegetarian’s International Voice for Animals (VIVA ) and take the suggested actions.

Apologies for the cramped formatting further down the page which makes some of this post difficult to read, try as I might I cannot improve it. The important thing is please take the suggested actions,  highlighted in purple, to help bring an end to this vile form of cruelty.


“A representation of hell” is how vet, Amir Kashiv, described footage secured inside the French foie-gras farm that supplied celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. It is the worst foie-gras footage we have ever seen.

After being seriously threatened by lawsuits from the farm who we presume were desperate for the footage to not reach the public, they were finally shamed in the Daily Mirror newspaper recently. Heston publically declared he was dropping that producer and has since gone on to drop foie-gras from the menu at his flagship restaurant The Fat Duck.

This is a victory but we need your help to stop Heston selling any foie-gras, as he still has it on the menu at his other eateries. Tell him all production is the same – torture.

We are determined that this celebrity chef will not simply swap one supplier for another – and we are asking for your help in achieving this.

Read More and take action

This hideous cruelty has no part in any modern ethically progressive society and it must stop now!

Take Action – please click the links below if you have not done so already

“We are determined that this celebrity chef will not simply swap one supplier for another – and we are asking for your help in achieving this.”

There is a template letter for each action, please edit if you are able to do so but if this is not possible for any reason please just send the template letter.


Please email Heston and ask him to stop selling foie-gras full stop.


Email Waitrose and ask them to dump Heston if he doesn’t dumpfoie-gras!


You can also order FREE materials to protest against foie-grasin your area or spread awareness about this disgusting product.

More information
If you doubt the shocking depth of cruelty in the production of foi gras watch the following video and read the articles below which also contain the videos.
Warning! Some viewers may find the videos disturbing – frankly as I often say it you are not disturbed there has to be something wrong with you. Surely any compassionate person must be profoundly shocked by such extreme and barbaric cruelty to a sentient being who like you or I feels pain, experiences suffering and misery.
Just heart breaking, look at the pitiful state of these birds trapped unable to move from this hideous cruelty day after day. How the hell can these people go to work day in and day out and see and indeed contribute to such extreme suffering and not be moved is beyond my comprehension. The fact that we share this world with such vile heartless people is disturbing. I often wonder what a psychiatric assessment of such emotionally dead and callous people would reveal.
Shame on France and the EU that allows this evil to persist.
VIDEO: Cruelty of chef Gordon Ramsay’s foie gras supplier exposed in shocking footage

Crammed into tiny cages, caked in filth, riddled with sores and in agony from broken beaks and wings, these are the ducks used to make foie gras at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.

Campaigners last night branded the horrific conditions the “worst ever seen” after being shown the pictures of shocking cruelty at plants that supply the celebrity chef with the posh dish.

Ducks lie dead and dying, many have painful eye injuries and abscesses and all are force-fed grain through a tube to make their livers 10 times the normal size during a two-week ordeal in a ­windowless shed before they are slaughtered.

In one pitiful scene, an exhausted and clearly distressed bird can be seen on its side with its tongue hanging from its beak.

Barbaric footage of foie gras duck ‘torture’ sees TV chef Heston Blumenthal dump supplier
The videos show ducks caked in filth and vomit from overfeeding. Some of the birds were writhing in agony from damaged throats and bloodied feet.

Campaigners described the conditions and treatment of the ducks as “torture”.

Experienced vet Amir Kashiv called the film footage a “representation of hell”.


Don’t allow this celebrity chef to simply swap one supplier for another. Please take the actions above. 

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