Please Sign a Petition: Do Not Cut off Water and Power Supplies to Aboriginal Communities


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More people it seems are under threat of loosing their water supply as the Australian government consider  cutting off water and power to 200 communities because the government says it can no longer afford to deliver these essential utilities.  Power and water are surely basic requirements in the modern world and should be readily available, particularly in a rich country where there is no excuse whatsoever. Water of course is a vital life-sustaining resource and should never be to denied anyone.


Please sign a petition to the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, to ask him not to cut off water and power supplies to Aboriginal Communities.

Do not cut off water and power supplies to Aboriginal Communities

The Australian Federal Government is considering cutting off the supplies of water and power of up to 200 indigenous communities, claiming they cannot afford these basic human rights for their indigenous peoples. In 2014, the government announced that they may cease paying for the utilities, making the individual states responsible for supplying their communities with their basic needs. However, the Western Australia government has already stated that they cannot afford to cover these costs, one of the states where many Aboriginal communities live, as well as the Northern Territory.

Rodney Dillon gave the following statement: “It would be a complete culture shock, a complete mental shock,” Dillon said. “This is their homeland. It’s where they belong it’s where they are proud. They are the keepers of the land. Some might stay and die on the land. The older individuals won’t manage it — it might kill them.”

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As with Baltimore and Detroit it is once again the disadvantaged who suffer, in this case it is Australia’s Aboriginal Communities, 150 of which are threatened with closure. Another financial decision that seriously destroys people’s lives. Australia like the USA and the UK is a rich nation, it is in fact one of the richest countries in the world, the funds are there it is just that they are not allocated where they are needed but left in the hands of the rich.

Australia  has 4 per cent of the world’s US dollar millionaires, with 1,252,000 people falling into this category.

Why Australia is the richest country in the world (for the fifth year in a row)

Why should people go without water and power while others have way way more than they need or will ever need.

If you don’t live in Australia this may all sound very complicated and that’s the problem people suffer as a consequence of complex, idiotic and unfair legislation particularly the poor and indigenous populations of countries such as Australia.

It is a grave social injustice to deliberately cut of water and power supplies to anyone for any reason, there can never be any justification for doing so.

More information

Up to 200 indigenous communities in Australia could lose access to power and water because the government says it can no longer afford to deliver the basic services.

“The remote communities are mainly located across the northern tip of Australia and the Kimberley in the country’s northwest. The federal government announced late last year that it would stop paying for the utilities, making states responsible for the communities. The Western Australia (WA) state government says it can’t afford to cover the costs.”

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Australia May Stop Providing Water and Power to Remote Aboriginal Communities

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