Please Sign a Petition to Help Rabbits

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel

“I can still hear their screams ringing in my ear; sometimes I hear them when I close my eyes at night. For the rabbits who weren’t “lucky enough” to lose consciousness during the stunning process, their last moments were ones of complete horror and suffering. Some would let out a short, sad noise as their head was severed from their body. More still would let out an absolutely horrifying scream as their leg was broken in the shackle, pieces of bone protruding from the skin as they hung there crying out in pain. Upon hearing their screams, some of the women workers on my crew would turn quickly to their place at the front of the line in order to catch the suffering rabbits blood and ensure quickness, the only acknowledgement of the horrors these rabbits suffered. ..”
Diary of the Investigator LCA


LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS went undercover at PEL-FREEZ, the largest rabbit slaughterhouse in the UNITED STATES, and documented horrific abuse.

The Findings of LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS’ Undercover Investigation at Pel-Freez Rabbit Slaughterhouse are: INEFFECTIVE STUNNING, HANGING AND BREAKING BONES AND DECAPITATION.

Please sign the petition demanding charges to be filed.

“Rabbits are intelligent, highly sensitive creatures who thrive as companion animals in loving homes. At Pel-Freez, the largest rabbit meat processor in the country, torture is being inflicted on rabbits on a massive scale.”
From Last Chance for animals : More About Rabbit – Slaughter Scroll down after signing the petition to read more and see other actions you can take. Warning images that many people may find distressing


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