Tory Voters: Is This Really What You Voted For?

Tory Voters this is what you voted for.


This DWP voucher has just been posted on twitter by a foodbank volunteer in Glasgow. 

“John has not eaten since Friday of last week, recently found fit on ESA…” which is ‘Employment Support Allowance’ – which means he has some form of sickness or disability. 

Despite what ‘fit’ (as in fit to work) implies, usually nothing can be further from the truth. 100,000s of ‘fit to work’ decisions have been challenged because of the corrupt, incompetent system which handles claims (they have for example found severely disabled people, terminally ill people and even people in comas as ‘fit’. 

And being found fit means that financial support is cut off immediately!

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It is shocking enough that anyone should go hungry anywhere in this world of plenty, yes that right a world of plenty.

But in the sixth richest nation the fact that someone has gone without food for five days is an absolute disgrace, a grave social injustice.

This is not an isolated incident, the need for food banks escalated under the coalition government as a result of welfare reforms, low wages, zero hours contracts and benefit sanctions.

Do you know that the majority of food bank users are people in work!

According to Trussell Trust the largest food bank charity over 1 million people received three days’ food from Trussell Trust foodbanks, compared to 900,000 the previous year. Including almost 400,000 children:

Don’t forget there are other food backs organised by churches and other local charities so the number of people forced to use this means of feeding themselves and their families is likely considerably more.

No one should ever be in the position that he or she has nothing to eat when supermarkets are jammed packed with food in abundance, the fact that they do and people go hungry is appalling.

Thanks to misguided Tory Voters this situation is likely to get worse. The article below written before the election concerns the predicted drastic rise in food banks should the Tories win.

If the Tories win on Thursday TWO million hungry people will need food banks, research reveals

“Labour analysis of Oxford University research shows that Tory plans to cut £12billion from welfare will drive an extra million people to food banks by 2017”

Please read more:

Well as we all know the Tories did win as a result of manipulation by the biased press and distortion by polls that made people apathetic and quite simply down right ignorance.

I would hate to think that if people really understood the situation here in the UK that they would knowingly condone its continuance by voting Tory.

A related issue – Fuel Banks

If it is not shameful enough in this rich country of ours that people do not have the money for food it is becoming increasingly common for people to turn to fuel banks because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

Of course if you cannot afford to eat you cannot afford fuel and it goes without saying that food and fuel poverty go hand in hand.  The number of people who died last winter as a result of cold weather is the highest in fifteen years and expected to be around 40,000

Poverty forced people to turn to food banks and now it’s forcing them into FUEL banks

“A fuel bank has opened in a church in London to help those who cannot afford to pay for their energy bills

In a church hall in one of South West London’s most affluent neighbourhoods, Peter Ward-Miller talks about his fuel bill.

He hasn’t used any hot water at his council home for two years. He washes in cold water, keeps the heating switched off and uses only the bare minimum of electricity.

He has a tiny hotel room kettle, and doesn’t turn the lights on.

“I’m always cold,” says the 53-year-old former garage worker. “Sometimes my hands and feet are so painful.

“I’m getting older and I’m not the biggest bloke you’ll meet.”

His neighbour lent him a fan heater for dire emergencies, but he doesn’t touch his gas at all. He tops the ­electricity up when he can. And when he can’t, he lives in darkness.”

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Is this the life anyone should be forced to live in 21st century UK?

Tory voters is this what you really voted for?  If so shame on you. If not wake up and take notice of what is happening to your fellow citizens under this despicable government who not only favours the rich but creates more and more poverty, destitution, misery and despair.

Here in the UK I rather think that the intent is to enslave people to low wages, destroy our welfare system and the NHS and consolidate the wealth and power into the hands of the few.

Frankly I think we are headed for a fascist/totalitarian state if people continue to be complacent, ignorant and apathetic. In Particular I am shocked how in general people have ignored the great injustice concerning the treatment of sick and disabled people and others claiming benefits and have fallen for the “scrounger” propaganda and the misinformation about immigration and other scapegoat tactics to deflect the blame of the so called financial crisis. I never thought people here in the UK would tolerate such treatment of vulnerable people.

2 thoughts on “Tory Voters: Is This Really What You Voted For?

  1. Decades of propaganda and indoctrination re individualism, meritocracy, racism, demonizing the poor, exploiting the Earth…all of the memes of western European “civilization” are in full power now. The lessons learned and remediations put in place from the worldwide depression of the 1930s have been weakened or abolished. It’s time for capitalism to show its ugliness in full daylight…and the results aren’t going to be pretty. There’s no visible/viable counter narrative to all this horror (the liberal/left is addicted to capitalism too) …and the poor and less powerful are going to pay a fearful price for buying into the crap story of wealth concentration. It will get much much worse before the addiction to capitalism is overcome….if there’s a viable planet left for the overcoming. The next 50 years aren’t going to be pretty for most of humankind…or most living beings for that matter.

    • Thank you for your interesting comment, which well describes the situation. I agree it will get much worse as it seems to be doing with frightening rapidity. I fear that as you say there will most likely not be a viable world left for future generations and the other species with which we share this planet. What is frightening is the apathy and ignorance that abounds and the way people fall for the capitalist rhetoric and the nonsense of the trickle down effect. There is I agree no one to counteract the capitalist take over, the left are ineffectual and really there is no left with any power anymore. People minds have been poisoned against socialism if in fact people really understand what left wing politics are. Unless people make a stand we are heading for a totalitarian government with the majority living in poverty enslaved to low wages or no wages as in the case of workfare schemes already in place here in the UK. I think people feel powerless, the divide and conquer strategy has tuned people against one another here in the UK with benefit claimants and immigrants being used as scapegoats. Unless people wake up to reality nothing much is going to improve. I dread to think what our world will be like in fifty years time.

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