Please Support National Switch off Day and Other Actions


May 27th is the state opening of parliament and the first national switch off day.

This is something almost everyone can do, which could be highly effective if enough of us take part.

We need to show this government that enough is enough.

Between 4 pm on Tuesday 26th to 4 pm on Wednesday 27th use as little gas and electricity as possible. Some people have said they will turn off their freezers and fridges. Personally I have ethical considerations about deliberately wasting food – frozen food would of course need to be thrown away as would perishables in the fridge. Considering this I personally think that you should leave freezers and fridges turned on. It is proposed that a switch off day should happen each month, it simply would not be practical  to throw food away each time. And most certainly please do not put your health at risk, don’t turn off your fridge or freezer if you need to keep medicine refrigerated or you need electricity or gas as a medical necessity.  Also our gas boiler cannot be turned off without the risk of damage but if you don’t use hot water or your central heating very little electricity is used. Just do what you can but try to use as little energy as possible.

Please share this and other protests far and wide.

If this isn’t for you for some reason there are many other ways of protesting such as boycotting Warburtons who fund the Tories, more information about this and for more ideas including details of protest March’s and demonstrations please scroll down further. 

Join the first National Switch off day

Although not essential you can begin your switch off by adding your name to the following:

Please read the following from the National Switch Off Day Events page of Facebook

Switch Off begins: 26 May at 16:00 to 27 May at 16:00

“NATIONAL SWITCH OFF DAY. No 1 The day MPs are officially sworn in.

The only language government understands is money. If we come together and switch off our gas and electric and not give a penny to any large corporation (please support local shops), it would cost them millions of pounds.

Nothing wrong with traditional protests on the streets but the government wants it that way so they can fight back with their water cannons etc. They won’t know what’s hit them if we all stayed at home or visited a local park for the day. Nothing whatsoever they could do about it. Whatever your reasons for wanting to protest. Be it fox hunting. The NHS. Austerity. Benefit cuts. Fracking. The continued child abuse cover-up. Whatever. Let’s unite under one banner for one day. And hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. Love to you all.


Read more, there are lots of ideas from people who have commented:


Not mentioned in the description but is part of the action and that is you should also avoid buying anything, except from a local independent shop. You should boycott supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda Sainsburys, Morrisons or other large national retailers.

Other Actions you can take.

Join a protest on the 27th –  I urge you to please demonstrate peacefully.

May 27th Fight Austerity, Fight the Tories – March on the State Opening of Parliament:

27th May
at 17:00
Trafalgar Square, WC2 London, United Kingdom

More Details

More information

List of demonstrations, actions and meetings currently being organised:

30th of May, Saturday

National Day of action called by UK Uncut on the 30th of May

– Nottingham: Saturday, 30th of May, 1pm: Fight the cuts – Fight our Future (organiser Nots Uncut Part-of UK Uncut) 

– London: 1 pm, Parliament square: The Great British Right Off! – Protest for the Human Rights Act

– Newcastle: 1 pm, city centre: Newcastle protest: End Austerity now  – “=IMPORTANT NOTICE – CHANGE OF DATE=
The date of this march and rally has had to be changed due to Grey’s monument being unavailable on 30th May. We hope everyone will be able to make arrangements to join us on the following Saturday 6th June. Apologies for any inconvenience”

Don’t overlook this:

The cuts of the last five years have devastated people’s lives and are destroying our society. And they’re about to get much, much worse. The ruthless millionaires in charge are planning to cut another £12 billion, on top of the £25 billion they’ve already cut. We need to fight back with all of our energy, creativity and courage, to defend our public services and bring down the architects of austerity.

Boycott Tory Supporters and write and tell them why you are doing so

tory-donors-main (1)

“Just how much of your money goes on funding a political party you would rather not support? We looked into the donors to the Conservative Party, and pulled out the well-known brands and products where shareholders of the company – or the company itself – has donated to the Tories.

They aren’t the biggest donors by any means (in fact, THESE are), but you might be surprised at one or two brands in the list.”


“The well-known bakery gave the Tories a £25,000 donation in the run up to the 2010 election, after David Cameron held a press conference at the firm’s Bolton HQ and was pictured in front of a wall of Warburtons loaves.”

Read More about the Twelve things you should try to avoid buying:

Here are the contact details of Warburtons:

Warburtons Customer Care

Hereford House
Hereford Street

T: 0800 243 684

I can’t locate an e-mail address but there is a contact form which you can access  by clicking the link below:

Please write an e-mail (contact form) or letter and tell them why you are boycotting their product.

Please do likewise with the others mentioned on the Mirror’s list by simply entering their name in the search engine using the above as an example : Warbartons contact details.

Also check out the following:

The Activist’s Calendar

Community Organisation

A calendar of protests, rallys, sit-ins, strikes, petitions, occupations, meetings, talks, film screenings & all other forms of non-violent direct actions.



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