Please Sign a Petition to Urge the Peruvian Government to Crack Down on People Blending Frogs for Health Drinks


Yesterday, few would have known. Today, the world is watching.
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Indeed the world is watching and the view is overwhelming concerning the assault on the other species with whom we share this world. There is no animal safe from the relentless exploitation by humans, even tiny frogs living in the jungle.

Please sign and share the following petition to the Peruvian government to urge them to protect frogs

Urge the Peruvian Government to Crack Down on People Blending Frogs for Health Drinks

“Please share this petition widely to being bring pressure on the Peruvian government to protect frogs from being blended to make health drinks.

In a disturbing report by BBC News Magazine, frogs in Peru – including species that are listed as endangered – are blended (live in some instances) to make a drink that is deemed as a treatment for various diseases.

In Peru it is illegal to profit from wildlife, however, the trade in frogs for ‘health’ drinks continues, threatening some species with extinction.”

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More information

The country that blends endangered frogs

“On a counter at the popular Mayorista market in Lima, stand two small, glass aquariums, containing dozens of toads and frogs. The frogs are from the Andes mountains, and some of the species are endangered. The stallholder works quickly, taking orders from a stream of customers who perch on stools or stand watching her work.

Making a “frog shake” takes a few minutes. First the stallholder grabs a frog from the tank. She cuts its neck with a knife and skins it as easily as if she is peeling a banana. Then she puts it into a pan on a small stove with some liquid. Next the bubbling concoction is poured into a liquidiser with the other ingredients – powderedmaca, a medicinal Peruvian root, vitamins, fruit and honey. The stallholder stops the blender and tastes the thick green mixture, her face a picture of concentration. She spoons in more honey, gives it a final whizz and pours it into a tin jug.”

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Whether endangered or not no creature should suffer in this way. And no wild animal should be brought and sold even if they have been breed for the purpose. Time to leave animals alone. Is there no creature safe from man’s barbarity or stupidity as in the case of these gullible people who think a ground up dead frog is going to make them well Even if it did there is no excuse or justification,  animals are not for us to do with as we please and until we learn this , this world will never be a safe place for other species to live life as nature intended.

Lets try and stop this cruelty

Please sign the petition if you have not already done so


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