Urgent! Please Sign Petitons to Stop The Closure of The Independent Living Fund and Reform PIP Guidlines


While MPs are set to receive a huge hike in wages of £7,000; while the number of millionaires and billionaires in the UK increases along with an increase in their finances at a time when everyone else suffers the effects of  austerity; while bankers continue to receive obscenely huge bonuses; while there are tax cuts for high earners and corporations dodge taxes Cameron and his vile government are preparing to inflict a 12 billion pound benefit cut on the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.

Here are just two of the more immediate benefit cuts: the abolition of the Independent living fund ILF and changes to the qualifying criteria for a mobility car which will leave many disabled people less independent and more isolated from society.

Please sign the following petitions regarding these issues.

Reform the PIP guidelines

One of Scotland’s most promising athletes, 16 year old Kayleigh Haggo may have to give up her Paralympic and university ambitions because of a change in rules of the motability car scheme.

Despite being largely wheelchair bound, Kayleigh no longer qualifies for the scheme, and now faces multiple bus and train trips every day, to and from, her home in Maybole, Ayrshire,  to attend training and lectures in Glasgow and beyond.

Please read more and sign the petition

Defend Disabled People’s Right to Independent Living.

The closure of the ILF means that the 17,500 disabled people who are currently able to employ assistants to help with everyday tasks from getting out of bed to going to work, will instead be forced into care homes or effectively imprisoned in their own homes.

Please read more and sign the petition:

I have to say one can get discouraged signing petitions which are often ignored and more decisive action needs to take place. However whether successful or otherwise petitions are a way of voicing our disapproval and are in my opinion worth signing. You can also write in the strongest terms to your MP concerning these benefits,  yes even if your MP is Labour or any other party. Labour as we all know have not come out in support of disabled people or opposed the vicious benefit cuts or the disgraceful scrounger propaganda that has turned people against benefit claimants and which has set those who are able to work against those unfortunate to be sick , disabled or unemployed. In addition to your MP please write directly to the MPs mentioned in the above petitions including David Cameron.

Contact MPs

More information about the ILF AND PIP –

Paralympic teen with cerebral palsy to lose mobility car because she’s not disabled enough

“Changes to benefits rules mean Kayleigh Haggo, 16, no longer qualifies for her car – because she can walk 20metres unaided.

A teenage Paralympic record-breaker is to lose her precious mobility car – because benefits officials say she’s not disabled enough.”

Read More:

Severely disabled people face disaster if the Independent Living Fund ends

Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself this question: “If you were to have a serious accident that left you with a severe disability, would you want to be shut away, out of sight and out of mind?” This is a scenario no one wants to imagine, but for Linda Burnip, a spokeswoman for the campaign groupDisabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), it illustrates what is at stake for people with severe disabilities if last-ditch efforts to save a vital benefit fail in the run-up to the election.

Short of a late surge of widespread public outrage and an inconceivable volte-face on the part of the government, one of the most important protections for disabled people, the Independent Living Fund (ILF), will soon cease to exist in England.

Read More:

Where is that public surge of outrage I would like to know. Who cares about sick and disabled people in this world so obsessed with acquisition, status and power, easily led by the Tory scrounger,and the skivers V strivers rhetoric intended to set ordinary people against one another and turn them against the most vulnerable in our society.

“We are challenging the stigma of poverty, confronting the dangerous rhetoric that blames the poor for their poverty dismissing them as strivers and skivers, enjoying a benefits lifestyle. Rubbish!

“These unfair definitions divide and diminish us all and pit us one against the other. We become suspicious rather than supportive. We need justice, not judgment.”
Rev Sally Foster-Fulton Quoted in Damaging Strivers Vs Skivers Benefits Rhetoric Is ‘Rubbish’:

I am still reeling at the result of the election. If you voted Tory you should be ashamed, you have voted for the eventual demise of our welfare system that once offered support to those who needed it through no fault of their own. I sincerely hope you will never have to face the fear of insecurity or feel the despair experienced by sick and disabled people as a result of unjust benefit reforms or people who are unemployed or those facing sanctions to the miserly much reduced benefits that the government will whittle away to nothing. Sadly know one knows what may befall them, therefore the attitude of people towards welfare is astounding. While it is good to have a positive attitude to life and not dwell on possible misfortune it is stupid in the extreme to think that you won’t need help if a times comes that you are unable to support yourself. Moreover the lack of compassion and support for those who cannot work and must struggle with difficult lives as a consequence of ill health or disability is disturbing in the extreme.




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