More Fox Hunting Ban Petitions and Other Actions


Below are more actions you can take to prevent the reinstatement of fox hunting. Please sign a couple of Care 2 petitions and send a message – PETA have a template letter for you to send.

First a message from PETA

Send your MP a message –   The drop down “Country” field allows you to select a country other than the UK, however it is impossible for me to tell if this allows international visitors to send a message, but please do try. If not and you don’t live in the UK there are petitions further down that anyone may sign and David Cameron’s contact details to send a letter or e-mail)

“You’ve probably heard the bad news: the government is planning a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act. That means it could once again become legal to hunt wild animals with dogs in England and Wales.

All over the country, kind people are rallying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Will you join them by sending a quick message to your MP and asking him or her to vote to keep the Hunting Act?

The vote in Parliament could happen at any time, so there’s not a minute to lose. The next few days – before the Queen’s Speech on 27 May – are a key time to act. ( The Queens Speech of course has been read but there is no reason why you cannot send the message now)

This fight is about saving countless wild animals from terrifying and painful deaths – not just foxes, but deer and hares, too.

It’s also about what kind of country we want to live in – a modern, progressive Britain, where animals are treated with respect, or a backwards society, where watching as animals are torn apart is considered sport.

Please, don’t be silent on this issue. Write to your MP today and ask him or her to keep Britain humane by keeping the ban.”

Please send the message/ letter to your MP,  just fill in your details and sign a template letter which may be edited using your own words. Editing is more effective but if you are for some reason unable to do so please just send it as it is.

Read more and send the letter:

URGENT: Fight to Keep Fox Hunting, Hare Coursing and Stag Hunting With Dogs Illegal

You may want to use your own e-mail or send a postal letter – there is no reason you could not do both. You can find your MP’s contact details by clicking the following link and entering your post code: – contact details for David Cameron furtherdown.


As the first petition points out it is not only the foxes who suffer terribly as a result of this cruel “sport” but the dogs also.

Ask the European Parliament to outlaw Fox hunting with dogs in Europe!

Hunting with dogs is a cruel and barbaric sport which serves no purpose in today’s society. Dogs do not hunt foxes by natural instinct, but must be trained and encouraged to do so.

Foxes live mainly on earthworms, rodents, beetles and carrion, not livestock as some would have you believe. They are pack animals and regulatie their own populations as many studies have shown. Being a close relative of the domestic dog, Foxes can feel fear and pain in just the same way.

Hunts also slaughter over 10,000 hounds every year.

Please read more and sign the petition:


Ask your MP to vote against fox hunting

 Please Sign the Petition  – anyone worldwide can sign this petition to UK MPs:


“Fox hunting involves setting a pack of dogs on a fox and then chasing it on horseback. Once caught, the dogs will rip apart the fox until it dies a horrific death.

“Hunting wild mammals (foxes, hare, mink etc.) with dogs was banned in England and Wales by the Hunting Act in 2004.

The new Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, plans to have a free vote on repealing the act. If this happens, animal welfare in the UK will be set back years, and many innocent animals will die an unnecessary and violent death as a result.

Please sign now to email your MP to ask if they will vote to keep the ban on fox hunting”

Read More and sign the petition:

Anyone worldwide or the UK can raise their objections by writing to David Cameron –

I can’t find an e-mail address but here is an on-line form

Postal addresses

David Cameron


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 3475
Fax: 020 7219 0918


West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, Waterloo House, 58-60 High Street, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6HJ
Tel: 01993 702302


10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
Tel: 020 7270 3000

David Cameron’s websites, Twitter details may also be found by clicking the link below

For other petitions and details about writing to SNPs please check out the following previous blog entry if you have not already done so:

If I come across any other petitions or ongoing campaigns I will include them in a future blog entry. I have to say that it appears to me that there are few campaigns specifically targeted at this latest attempt of the Tories to reinstate this barbarity. Why? Maybe because a date for the debate has not yet been set. In my opinion however it is never too soon to make your protest known. I hope people are not getting complacent or think the battle is won, it most certainly has not and we should do our  utmost to ensure that we win the battle to stop the senseless killing of defenceless wild animals as a result of the reinstatement of hunting with hounds ( fox hunting)

If you are not familiar with fox hunting in the UK you may not know just how barbaric, cruel and frankly wicked it is. If you have any doubts, and that includes UK citizens, as to the horrific brutality and frankly sick “sport” of hunting  defenceless small animals with a pack of dogs while riding on horse back check out the link below including the video, which has very graphic images most normal people will find upsetting. The description is more than enough to get an idea of the cruelty involved. As you will see there is no place in any modern society for much barbarity – or at least there shouldn’t be.

Middleton Hunt: Pictures and video of horrific moment hounds savage fox during illegal hunt:

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12 thoughts on “More Fox Hunting Ban Petitions and Other Actions

  1. Oh I got the most amazing fox family two kits and two adults photos over the course of several days, right after I left Africa. Will post them soon. Cannot understand how anyone can enjoy killing animals.

    • I look forward to seeing your photos. Like you I cannot understand how anyone can get any pleasure from killing animals, there is something seriously wrong with such people. It is also shocking that governments should allow them to do so.

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