Urgent Petition to Stop Yulin Festival This Sunday


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It’s not to late to save thousands of dogs and cats from a slow painful death.

Please sign the following petition – scroll down for other actions. I have included this petition on my blog previously, if you have not yet signed please do so now and share as widely as possible.


There’s still time to stop this festival, or at least generate so much negative attention that attendance drops, some of the dogs are saved, and future festivals are cancelled. Please share now, we can do this!

Read more and please sign the petition:

URGENT! The Yulin dog-eating festival is Sunday! Please share this petition as widely as you can to save these 10,000 dogs and puppies.

You may also want to sign the following petition if you have not already done so:

Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China:

Don’t overlook the additional suggested action on the above petition page the link to which I will include below:

More things you can do to help stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Please email the following offices regarding why the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China must end.


Update June 20th

I have just come across the following petition which is well worth signing, the more we sign petitions, send messages, make phone calls and e-mail, the more chance there is of stopping this barbarity.



Please send a message to the ambassador of the Chinese embassy in the USA.

From Last Chance for Animals (LCA

Help Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Tell the Chinese embassy that dog slaughter must end.
http://www.stopdogmeat.com/  – you can sign this even if you do not live in the USA. I have just signed and sent the message which was counted. So please everyone sign. This is a simple message that requires no editing. 

More action you can take. 

E-mail or telephone the Chinese Embassy in your country.

It’s not too late to send an e-mail or telephone the Chinese embassy of your country

Click this link to locate the contact details of your country’s the Chinese embassy:

Most of the links lead directly to one e-mail address.

However in the case of the UK and maybe others you may need to click on the embassy’s website link for e-mail details. This is the case for the UK but not the USA and many others I checked which have a direct e-mail address. You may also be presented with more than one e-mail choice as is the case of the UK’s Chinese embassy’s website, In the case of the UK I would think that the cultural e-mail address below would be the most likely, though I cannot say for sure.
Email: chinaculturaloffice@googlemail.com

China is a modern progressive country, there is no place in any modern society for the barbaric cruelty that is about to take place in Yulin to celebrate the summer solstice. Dogs, and cats also, are included in this blood bath of inhumanity. These animals are sentient beings who feel pain and suffer as would you or I or any other living being. They have a right to their lives as do we and indeed all creatures. I cannot understand the mentality of people who indulge in such behaviour, what joy, pleasure or even satisfaction can they derive from such cruelty.

Surely there is a far better way to celebrate the summer solstice and it is celebrated the world over in a more appropriate manner.

Here is how it is celebrated at Stonehenge in the UK:

Summer solstice 2014: Everything you need to know about the longest, and sunniest, day of the year

Mystic Britain and the Summer Solstice

More information about the Yulin Festival:

Previous entry concerning the Yulin Festival


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