Please Take Urgent Action to Stop the Tories Amending the Fox Hunting Act.


This attempt to reintroduce this brutal practice … would be a disaster for British wildlife and society as a whole
David Bowles,

If you do not have the time to read further please at least sign the petition but please try and take as much action as you can:    More Urgent actions you can take further down. 

While everyone is preoccupied with the budget the Tories intend to sneak in a quick vote in an attempt to amend the fox hunting Act. This is the government’s attempt to relax  fox hunting legislation by the back door. It is an underhanded attempt by this vile government to wreak the hunting act because they don’t have the majority to repeal the Act itself.

Take Urgent Action – there are many ways you can voice your opinion from signing a simple petition to emailing, tweeting and phoning your MP. Please take as much action as you can. The petition can be signed by anyone world-wide and anyone can e-mail David Cameron.

“The Government has announced that it is planning a vote on watering down the Hunting Act which would result in the widespread return of barbaric cruel sports such as fox hunting.

What does watering down the Hunting Act mean?

By amending the Hunting Act, the government would be deliberately and cynically making it easier for hunts to chase and kill foxes, and harder for them to be convicted when they break the law. This is not about hunting foxes for pest control. It’s about hunting foxes for fun.

Hunting with hounds, whether the victims are foxes, deer or hares, is nothing but a cruel pastime carried out by a minority who like to see animals ripped apart.”

It is vital that you contact your MP so that they know voting to water down the Hunting Act is a vote for animal cruelty pure and simple.”

Please please contact your MP now and share this widely

Please click the following link to read more and take action:  We only have until Wednesday 15th July!  So please act now and take as much of the suggested action as possible.

If you prefer to use your own e-mail you can also contact your MP by clicking the following link:  – Also fax,  telephone and or send a tweet.

You could also contact your MP by using PETA’s on-line form which has a template which will give you some idea what to write. Please do try and use your own words for more impact, but if this is not possible for any reason do send it as it is.

Personally I think using your own e-mail is more likely to get noticed.

Please also write to Nicola Sturgeon and ask that Scottish MPs be allowed to vote against the changes, even though they only apply to England.

Contact Nicola Sturgeon :


Scottish National Party MPs Twitter and Email contacts list: – please e-mail and Tweet Scottish National Party MPs.


No Amendment to The Hunting Act

“The Prime Minister promised a repeal on The Hunting Act 2004 in his manifesto but now realises that he cannot risk a free vote on repeal as it is likely he would lose.

Instead of respecting the democratic view of the majority of the population (Over 80% in the most recent poll)  who are against hunting with dogs Mr Cameron has found a way to force through unwarranted changes that will once again allow animals to be ripped apart by packs of dogs in the name of sport. Animal abuse is not sport!”

If you do not live in the UK please make your views known concerning the barbarity and cruelty of hunting a helpless animal with a pack of dogs by signing the above petition. Please Also write to David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon

Please send an e-mail:

More contact details for Cameron including Twitter, please send him a tweet, fax or telephone.

This shames our country, is not democratic – 80% of the population are opposed to fox-hunting for any reason – it is animal abuse pure and simply to please those who find pleasure in killing a defenceless animal. Hunting with dogs, any kind of hunting of the other creatures with whom we share this earth is wrong, plain and simply wrong, most of us know this, yet this cruelty continues here and elsewhere in the world. The ban on Fox hunting should remain in place not amended or reinstated. We cannot allow these over privileged psychopaths to take us back to this barbarity.

It sickens me that with all the misery and suffering in this world, a good deal of it here in the UK as a result of warped Tory policy, that this government should spend so much time and attention on reinstating a cruel pastime for the minority of sick individuals.

More Information

Government publishes amendment to fox hunting act ahead of free vote

Animal charities appalled at proposals that could see a return to the hunts of old, with packs of dogs chasing live prey



4 thoughts on “Please Take Urgent Action to Stop the Tories Amending the Fox Hunting Act.

    • I hope so too. I cannot understand the mentality of hunting helpless animals. Such behaviour should not be encouraged and certainly shouldn’t be condoned by law.

  1. Under no circumstances should this disgusting , brutal, barbaric slaughter of these beautiful animals be allowed. Fox hunters are vile people with no conscience. The fox stands no chance and when exhausted and not able to run anymore,the hounds rip the animal to pieces bit by bit, the fox screaming in pain and terror. While the hunters sit by laughing then celebrate. These people should be shot or have the same pain inflicted upon themselves. Foxes have the right to be free and left alone to live the little short life they have. They were there before the people and it is us who are taking their countryside from them. Whatever government party that decides to bring fox hunting back to Scotland no person should vote for them ever. No fox hunting anywhere . Tories are scum disgusting unfeeling people if this is what they want to reintroduce. Scotland speak up and stand up against these people

    • I totally agree with you. Fox hunting is vile, cruel and barbaric, it has no place in any modern society and should remain banned permanently. In fact all forms of hunting and also shooting should be banned throughout the UK. Foxes have as much right to their lives as we do, it is their world also. I certainly hope the Tories do not get re-elected. You are right in so many ways, the Tories are uncaring people, interested only in money and care nothing about people (except the rich) animals or the environment. I hope this election people come to their senses and do not put them in power again.Thanks for your comment.

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