Fox Hunting Update: Urgent Petition to the SNP

135463-1436442722-wideThis is an urgent update to the previous post concerning Wednesday’s vote on an amendment to the fox-hunting act.

Please sign the following petition to Nicola Sturgeon leader of the Scottish National Party SNP. Their vote is crucial to help stop the Tories winning the vote. If the SNP do not vote there is a strong risk that hunting foxes will return to the UK after decades of campaigning to end this brutality.


URGENT: Ask SNP to vote against fox hunting next week!

“The UK Government has just announced that MPs will vote NEXT WEEK on whether to relax the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales – that is, whether to decriminalise fox hunting.

Fox hunting is a cruel bloodsport where poor foxes are chased down with dogs and often torn apart alive before being shot by huntsmen. Foxes control their own numbers and do not need culling.

Keeping fox hunting banned via the vote next week critically depends on whether the Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs vote. The SNP is against fox hunting, and would vote against repealing the Hunting Act. However, because this vote is about laws in England and Wales, and does not affect Scotland where fox hunting will remain banned, the SNP has not yet decided whether it will vote at all.”

Please read more and sign the petition:  – anyone from any country may sing so please everyone do sign.

You can also e-mail Nicola Sturgeon Email:

Other contact details for Nicola Sturgeon :

Also please take the suggested actions included in the previous post if you have not already done so:  – includes contact forms for sending messages to MP,s , MPs e-mail details so you can use or own e-mail – often the most effective way to send a message – and other contact details

You may also write to your MP by sending the following from the International Fund For Animal Welfare IFAW. Please click:  Stop the hunting act from being amended   – Please edit and add your own words if possible but send as it is if you cannot do this.

There are many ways to help and a lot of people who are concerned about animals are campigning with urgency to stop what amounts to bringing back fox hunting by the back door.

Please don’t delay this is urgent the vote takes place this coming Wednesday July 15th

There is no place in a compassionate ethical society for such shocking brutality to any creature. In a progressive society laws should be in place and strictly enforced to prevent such atrocities such as chasing a sentient creature who feels pain and simply wishes to live with a pack of dogs and watching has the poor animal is torn to pieces.

The majority of people in the UK support the hunting ban, 80% say they want the hunting ban to remain, and 85% want deer hunting to stay illegal.

If you are sitting on the fence concerning the above issue be sure to read the following:

Former fox hunter exposes full scale of bloodsport’s barbarity as David Cameron seeks its return.


11 thoughts on “Fox Hunting Update: Urgent Petition to the SNP

  1. I’m not defending Cameron or the Tories but there are a few problems with this. Firstly, the SNP has traditionally abstained on all legislation at Westminster that doesn’t affect Scotland. Secondly, Cameron wants to change the law in England and Wales so that it lines up with Scotland. Thirdly, as the SNP run the Scottish Government why haven’t they changed the law in Scotland to line with how it presently is in England and Wales?

    • You make good points and I understand the situation and have also wondered why the SNP has not changed the law in Scotland. I understand the SNP are in an awkward position and voting to stop the amendment could well put them in a difficult position and give Cameron the excuse to make it impossible for Scottish MPs to vote on English matters. Nonetheless it is right to try every means possible to stop this amendment which is undemocratic and will for all intents and purposes bring back fox hunting.

      The SNP should change their laws so they line up with the present ban in the rest of the UK not the other way round. It will be a sad day in our ethical progress concerning the way we treat animals if this amendment is passed.

      I have just now checked out the situation and apparently the SNP are to vote with Labour to stop the amendment to the fox hunting act:

      This is good news but we should not consider that the threat is over and until the vote on Wednesday we need to continue campaigning and writing to our MPs, particularly conservative MPs.

      We still need to convince the other MPs to keep the ban. This is of vital importance.

      • To justify voting on it, the SNP need to make a commitment to change the law in Scotland, otherwise they will lose credibility. Bear in mind that although they have a left-wing leadership, a lot of their supporters in the rural areas are conservative (with a small ‘c’) so it might not be as easy as it sounds. Similarly, precisely because they represent all but three of the Westminster seats north of the border, a lot of their Westminster MP’s might represent pro-hunting areas.

        As for the general issue of English votes for English laws, I support it because I believe that England needs it own national Parliament with equivalent powers to the Scottish one. The reason that Labour did so badly at the general election was because of their subservience to the EU, which is why they lost millions of working-class votes to UKIP.

        The best way to defeat this bill is to target Tory MP’s in marginal constituencies, to at the very least, abstain.

        • As far as I am concerned the SNP managed to at least delay the vote, however although the battle to save foxes has been won at least for now the war continues and we should not be complacent. Many consider Cameron backed down because he knew they would loose the vote which I assume would than have been the end of the matter. Frankly I find it is sickening that such attention should be placed by this county’s prime minister in reinstating a cruel, vile and barbaric pastime practiced by the few in our society who are in my opinion mentally unbalanced. To find pleasure in pursuing a defenceless animal and watch him torn apart by dogs is surely not normal and little different to any other form of animal torture or abuse that would otherwise be considered a criminal offence.

          According to my understanding the SNP intend to change the laws in Scotland to bring them in-line with the rest of the UK and I certainly hope they do so and if not that similar campaigns are successful in persuading them to do as they promise. I see no reason why they should not change the law regarding fox hunting as they say they intend to.

          Concerning English votes for English laws at the present time rather leaves many of us at the mercy of the Tories austerity measures which have disproportionately disadvantaged those who are already poor. Benefit reforms under the Tories have devastated lives for many sick and disabled people and the unemployed and plunged many children into poverty. The SNP intend to oppose the Tories latest benefit reforms and ask Labour to back them.

          I am not a great supporter of the EU but rather feel that life will be even more difficult if left yet again to the mercies of Troy policies which favour the rich over the poor. Yes you may well be right that people didn’t vote Labour as a result of their support of the EU and Cameron’s promise of a referendum. I cannot understand why people consider that they will be better off out of the EU. Leaving the EU will not change the life for the better for the average person, certainly those whom the Tories have driven to poverty and destitution. Though I have to say that to my mind there is little to choose between the Tories and Labour, the later can hardly be called left wing anymore.

          I agree that targeting Tory MPs in marginal constituences to at least abstain would be a good idea. There are many Tories who oppose the amendment and or the reinstatement of fox hunting. I have to wonder how the vote would have gone had it gone ahead. It’s far from over sadly. Shocking that so much effort is being made to overturn an ethically progressive law which is support by most people, hardly democratic. Fox hunting or indeed any other hunting has no place in any modern society and needs banning completely in all its forms.Hunting is just so wrong and why some people cannot accept this is frankly disturbing.

          • We’d all be considerably better off without the EU, as the Labour Party of old, ‘Old Labour’, pre-Blair, understood, but it is the subject for a separate discussion.

            • I at this point I am not sure I would agree we would be better off without the EU at least while the conservatives are in government, though I admit I feel in all honesty I don’t know enough at this time to make an informed and confident decision. I do though agree that this is a subject for a separate discussion.

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