Good news: The Gadhimai Festival Has Come to an End


The Gadhimai festival of 2014 was the last ever!

Ram Chandra Shah, chairman of the Gadhimai Temple Trust announced:

“The Gadhimai Temple Trust hereby declares our formal decision to end animal sacrifice. With your help, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is free from bloodshed. Moreover, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is a momentous celebration of life … For every life taken, our heart is heavy. The time has come to transform an old tradition.”

Nepal chooses kindness — ENDING the world’s largest animal sacrifice event

“In a glorious tribute to the power of compassion, the Gadhimai slaughter festival will now be a ‘momentous celebration of life.’

“For centuries the Gadhimai festival in Nepal has seen temple grounds awash with the blood of animals slaughtered in the name of ‘tradition’.

This sacrifice has occurred every five years for the last 300 years.

And it stopped — today.”

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This is absolutely fantastic news which I must share though by now I image that most of you are already familiar with the amazing and compassionate decision by the temple trust to end the Gadhimai festival. This is the result of the efforts of many animal rights organisations and individuals including but not limited to:

Animal Welfare Network Nepal

“Today, the world’s biggest ritual slaughter of animals officially got confined to the history books. At a press conference in New Delhi, organized by AWNN, Humane Society International and People for Animals, the Gadhimai Temple Trust announced its decision to end animal sacrifice. It’s been a long, hard fought campaign full of twists and turns and some major setbacks over the last 5 years. But we have made a lot of friends along the journey and want to thank every one of YOU for your support. We have a lot of work still to do to work together with the Gadhimai Temple Trust to educate the public and make Gadhimai 2019 a great celebration of peace and nonviolence.”

Read More includes a download of timeline review

Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal’s facebook page where they announce the end of the Gadhimai Festival:

“The hardest the battle, the sweetest the victory! We are overjoyed to announce the end of Gadhimai Slaughter as the temple trust agrees to cancel all future animal sacrifice and urges devotees not to bring animals to the festival. Tune into Nepal FM 91.8 MHz tomorrow 7-7:30 am where President of the Temple Trust, Ramchandra Shah goes on-air with an official announcement on the end of world’s biggest mass sacrifice!


Victory! Animal Sacrifice Banned at Nepal’s Gadhimai Festival:
“Many organisations worked to help end this atrocity, among them PETA and our international affiliates. Almost 90,000 supporters from all over the world sent messages to Nepal officials urging them to stop the bloodshed. Our friends over at PETA India also took to the streets of India to protest in a joint demo outside the Embassy of Nepal with the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations.”

Humane Society International 

“Victory! Animal Sacrifice Banned at Nepal’s Gadhimai Festival, Half a Million Animals Saved

Gadhimai Temple Trust agrees to cancel all future animal sacrifice, urges devotees not to bring animals to the festival”

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Joanna Lumley

And everyone else who did their bit to try and bring this festival to a close by signing petitions, sending messages, writing letters and even going to Nepal to protest. 

It is not often that we get positive news and we can get so despairing that anything any of us do actually makes a difference.  So this is just so refreshing and positive.

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From now on, no more animal sacrifice at Nepal’s Gadhimai festival

“We have decided to completely stop the practice of animal sacrifice,” said Motilal Prasad, secretary of the Gadhimai Temple Trust, which organises the celebrations.

“I realised that animals are so much like us — they have the same organs as us… and feel the same pain we do,” Prasad told AFP.

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Gadhimai Festival Slaughter Is Banned In Nepal, Saving Millions Of Animals

Manoj Gautam, founding member of AWNN and campaigner against the Gadhimai festival, said: “We applaud the temple committee’s decision to end this mass slaughter of innocent animals and hope that they will continue to support us in our future endeavors for protecting animals in the country.

“AWNN’s progressive move to work directly with the temple committee, with Humane Society International/India’s support has been the key that changed the whole face of the campaign and is the reason for the achievement we have now.”

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Graphic Martyn Stewart

The above graphic was shared in the following facebook pages and probably many others;

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