Join a Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference


Graphic: Absolute Austerity by Flickr user Byantine_K

Take Action

Please join a week of protest organised by the Peoples Assembly.

“We’ll be hosting a week of National protests at the Tory party conference. More details will be coming soon, keep an eye on this page.”

Please attend if you can.

Lets make this protest count and make Cameron take notice.

During the recent protest by disabled people against the closure of the Independent living fund (ILF), David Cameron reiterated that he would not bow to pressure from the street and would go ahead with the new wave of social cuts. The reporting of this protest was censored by Commons officials who banned all broadcasters from filming:

This outrage towards seriously disabled people was reported worldwide, for example:

Disabled rage against Cameron in Parliament:  – you will need to use Google translator or similar. Be sure to watch the video which shows the outrageous treatment by the police of disabled people.

The closure of the ILF is but one of the many cuts to benefits and services by the Tory government aimed at sick and disabled people.

There are many many more ongoing and proposed outrages perpetrated against the most vulnerable in our society. If you are in any doubt please read the following which accurately describes the shocking treatment of people who are unfortunate to need to claim benefits as a result of illness, disability, low wages and unemployment:

Check out the unbelievable proposals for the mentally ill:

Of course it is not only people on benefits who have been effected by Tory cuts

The majority of the UK population has suffered from a fall in their living standards during the current government’s term of office concludes an analysis of the latest data of official government data released to the European Statistical office.

Do read carefully the information in the link above, it may shock you to release that almost half of people in the UK cannot afford an unexpected expense and 39 percent cannot afford one weeks holiday from home. This report does not mention the fact that many people in certain jobs cannot afford to take the full allocation of holiday entitlement or as a result of zero hour contracts are not entitled to holidays, this is often the case now for many people in poorly paid jobs who cannot depend on a regular income, a taxi driver for example. Indeed we have all been in it together except the very rich who have found that their income has increased.

There are just so many reasons why this government should not be in power and those of us who are affected – most everyone except the very rich – know only too well exactly what these reasons are. My objection to the Tories in addition to my opposition to right-wing politics in general is their treatment of sick and disabled people and other benefit claimants, low wages, zero hours and the privatisation of the NHS. In fact I am strongly opposed to privatisation in general which is a lot more widespread than people think. Concerning wages: please don’t be duped by the ” living wage” nonsense recently promised in the budget. Besides the fact that £ 7.20 is hardly a living wage – it is lower than the voluntary living wage of £7.50 which already exists – it is cancelled out by benefit cuts  and is in essence a rebrand of the minimum wage which is £6.50. Shadow chancellor, Chris Leslie, has said: “This minimum wage increase is just a rebrand of the minimum wage – trying to call it something different. It doesn’t actually compensate in any way for this massive take away from tax credits. The changes amount to a work penalty that he has introduced into the tax credit system. It hit very, very hard.”

“Charities said that for many families the impact of the national living wage would be swamped by the changes to tax credits and housing benefit, warning that there would be a rise in poverty and inequality over the coming years.”

Also consider:

“Young people will be the hardest hit by the changes as the under-25s will not benefit from the new National Living wage, will lose housing benefits and will see student grants scrapped.”

I have to question why the under twenty-fives do not get the right to a living wage. I know that in the past between the ages of 16 to 18 wages may have been slightly lower but twenty-five is ridiculous as by this age many people have the responsibilities of a family or the need to buy their own home, after eighteen you are an adult and should be paid the wage of an adult. Besides surely regardless of age if you are doing the same work as everyone else you should be paid the same wage, it is as simple as that!

Also it is important to note that by 2020 the £9 eventually promised will be worth one hell of a lot less and most certainly won’t be living wage. I would like to see these greedy MPs living on a wage of £7.20 an hour! Another huge rise of 10 percent is in the pipeline for MPs while for public sector workers wages are frozen at 1 percent for four years!

Note the reality as posted by on-line commentator:

£7.20 per hour in 2016, based on the Government’s 30 hour week example results in £216 per week, or £916 per calendar month, £11,232 per annum; stand up the MP who can live on that considering MPs are in line for a £7,000 pay rise taking their salaries to £74,000 with expenses of Conservative and Labour averaging between £30,000 and £40,000 per annum!

Even calculating the usual 40 hour week £7.20 provides a wage of only £288 per week, not really a living wage is it, not with energy bills of  £1,265 per year, council Tax of around or just over £1.000 per annum at the cheapest – council tax of course depends on where you live and the type of property you live in. Rent is another huge expenditure and again varies according to location. In London the average rent is £1,500 per annum.:

Whatever your grievance against the Tory’s in October there is an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard at this year’s Tory conference in Manchester. If you can attend please do so, the more of us who show our outrage the less Cameron can ignore us.

Keep in mind that only about 25 percent of the voting population voted Tory, they do not have a majority.

I will never understand why even that number of people voted Tory. Was it promises of a better future, did people really believe the economy was improving and that even if it did it would make a difference to their lives for the better. Was it about immigration, the EU vote. Here is why some people voted conservative as reported in the Independent:

According to the above the economy and how good their candidate was with local issues seems to be the main reasons why people voted the way they did. How short-sighted, how selfish, how misguided. What about all the people who desperately need the support of the welfare state, the sick and disabled, unemployed and the low paid who have been driven to poverty by vicious welfare reforms.The 3.5 million children now in poverty not only as a result of benefit reductions including punitive sanctions, but low wages and zero hours.

Here are sixteen reasons why you should not have voted Tory, a pre election article from the Daily Mirror:

Please make your protest by attending the demonstration in October and any other protests before than.

Related Links

Author of the Freedom of Information request into benefit deaths explains the horror of the ‘Work Capability Assessment’

While the video doesn’t really show the extent of the way the protesters were treated the comments show the level of feeling against the Tories treatment of disabled people.

Disability protesters storm into parliament

Tim Farron Slams Tories And Labour Over Welfare Cuts (Video)

“We are very clear: we cannot and will not support the Bill. If it did what it said on the tin, there might be much to commend it, but it does not. The Government pledge a living wage that even they know is not one, they want a welfare state that is anything but good for our country’s welfare, and they use the guise of economic necessity to cover up ideologically driven cuts. Tonight, we will vote against the Bill because we know that the depth and character of the proposals are unfair, unwise and inhuman, and anything but economically necessary.

“The truth is, the Government do not have to take £12 billion from the poorest families in the country, mostly working families. They are choosing to do so. – well worth reading though of course it has to be said that had the LibDems defended benefit claiments instead of voting for Tory welfare polices some of the more vicious and damaging reforms could not have been implemented


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