Patagonia Sheep Cruelty Update


Anyone who has sent the PETA message to Patagonia has most likely received the following e-mail from PETA. Please read and take the suggested action.

“Last week, we showed you an eyewitness video of workers abusing, mutilating, and neglecting lambs and sheep exploited for wool. Thank you for taking action!

PETA is pleased to report that Patagonia has halted all wool purchases following the release of that highly disturbing video evidence of violent cruelty to animals on farms that are part of the Ovis 21 network in Argentina—the clothing company’s wool supplier. Patagonia’s CEO has announced that the company won’t buy wool again until it’s assured of “the humane treatment of animals.” PETA praises the new move, as all steps are good steps, but cautions that as Patagonia delves deeper into the wool supply chain, it will find that cruelty will always be a part of wool production—as we have found in Australia, the U.S., and now Argentina. If the company is honest, we doubt it could return to buying real wool again.

No matter where wool comes from, lambs and sheep will suffer when their tails are cut off and they’re painfully castrated. And all sheep used for their wool are eventually slaughtered when their usefulness wears out—including those who are punched, thrown, and cut up during shearing, something that PETA has found occurs at shearing sheds around the world.

Please take a moment to thank Patagonia for halting its wool purchases and urge the company to drop wool for good.

Please go to the this link and send the latest message thanking Patagonia for deciding to stop buying wool until it can ensure that animals are treated humanely but also reminding them that no matter where wool comes from, lambs and sheep will suffer having their tails cut off and painful castration and other abuses such as kicking and punching and rough shearing. There is a template letter but please try and use your own words if possible but please send and share.

This is good news indeed. Though as the letter explains there is always cruelty involved in the wool industry.  One way to stop this of course is to stop buying wool.

Never forget that sheep are sentient creatures who suffer terribly as a result of their exploitation for wool and meat.

Sheep learns how to open gates – Intelligent sheep

Lambs Playing King of the Castle

Click this link to watch a video of a jumping sheep who is clearly enjoying herself playing with a dog:

By clicking the following link you can read more accounts and view more videos and photos that show sheep are sentient animals

Affectionate sheep small

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