Lies Lies and More Lies: Demand that Ian Duncan Smith Resign


Welfare Culture?  Byzantine_K

Please read and sign the following petition

Demand Iain Duncan Smith resign over lying to public in DWP sanctions leaflets

The Department of Work and Pensions has admitted that ‘case studies’ showing the benefits of sanctions on peoples’ lives were ‘illustrative’ only. That is – they were pure lies. The people described did not exist, the photos were stock images, and the stories were fantasy.

The Government has lied to the British public.

Stopping people’s benefits such as job seeker’s allowance, known as sanctioning, is driving people to suicide. People are resorting to stealing food in order to not starve. Sanctions do not encourage people to get jobs. Sanctions are known to be given to people for extremely minor reasons such as being five minutes late for an appointment. If someone has a heart-attack or has to attend a family members’ funeral and misses an appointment – they could be sanctioned and lose their benefits.

Please read more, sign the petition and share widely:

Even if you doubt this vile man will resign adding you name and a comment to a petition voices your opinion and is well worth signing. Maybe if more of us were outspoken this nightmare of injustice would have ended long ago before it even began. Led astray by right-wing biased media propaganda those in our society who do not think for themselves but sadly think only of themselves have swallowed hook line and sinker the rhetoric of scroungers and skivvers. Time to wake up to the shocking reality of what is happening here in the UK before unemployment or disablity and sickness come knocking on your door and there is no state provision in your hour of need.

More about the injustice of benefit sanctions

As part of the unremitting pressure or should I say bullying tactics of the government to reduce welfare payments and force people to work who are unable to do so is the introduction of benefit sanctions. For anyone not familiar with this latest injustice, benefit sanctions are the reduction and sometimes a complete suspension of a benefit claimant’s welfare payments. The rules vary according to which benefit you are claiming such as ESA and JSA. 

Extracts From Disability Rights UK Factsheet F70

Sanctions are used most often to enforce the work-related conditions that can be applied to benefits such as jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) and employment and support allowance (ESA). It is these sanctions that we will look at in this factsheet.


In each case, your JSA will normally be stopped for a fixed period of time. This can last from four weeks to up to three years. In the case of intermediate level sanctions, your JSA claim may also be disallowed.

Sanctions (also called ‘reductions’) can be applied to your employment and support allowance (ESA) if you fail to meet a ‘compliance condition’ for the benefit…

… your ESA will be reduced by £73.10 (equal to the personal allowance of ESA for a single person) for a period of time. This period comes in two parts: one open ended, one fixed.

This is very complex you will need to consult the following link for more details:

In some cases your benefit can be removed entirely for three years! Hard to believe that this can happen here in the UK. I just couldn’t believe it partly because it was so difficult to find any verification that said this in so many words, but its true you can have your income stopped entirely.

If a claimant breaks any part of their Commitment, they will be subject to sanctions, which will mean a deduction, penalty or suspension of all their benefits. A claimant receiving three sanctions can see their benefit stopped entirely for up to three years.

Maybe it was difficult to comprehend this was a fact because it is not easy to accept that this is allowed to happen here in the UK and that few people protest.

Basically if a Job centre representative decides you should be sanctioned you can lose some or all of your benefits from between four weeks to three years! That’s right three years!!!! Reasons for withdrawing benefits can and are for the most part trivial, ridiculous ,unjust, callous and downright stupid and can result from such petty things as being late for a meeting – sometimes as little a three minutes – and or even attending a job interview instead of your appointment with your supervisor. Indeed sanctions can be imposed for all manner of callous and senseless reasons such as

“A man with heart problems who was on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) had a heart attack during a work capability assessment. He was then sanctioned for failing to complete the assessment”

Army veteran Stephen Taylor, 60, whose Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) was stopped after he sold poppies in memory of fallen soldiers.

Here a really ridiculous reason:
Sean Halkyward, 24, said his benefits were sanctioned because he looked for too many jobs in one week.

Read more of the idiotic and unreasonable sanctions imposed often on sick and vulnerable people – consider the fact that in some way or another everyone who on benefits whether sick, disabled or unemployed is vulnerable, struggling to cope, worried, afraid and insecure.

The 11 most senseless benefit sanction decisions known to man–x1dmkd2_Me

Never forget that benefit sanctions apply not only to people who are able-bodied who are on Job Seekers Allowance but also to sick and disabled people on Employment and Support Allowance ESA. People who are too sick to work have their already difficult lives made more miserable and indeed more traumatic by the constant harassment to find jobs that do not exist or which are not suitable or which they are not well enough to do. It is important to consider that even with a person who is well and able all jobs that are available may not be suitable. Depending on level of intelligence, education, skills and other abilities or lack thereof not all people are capable of doing every job, there is no one job fits all. It’s so obvious right? Yet this is rarely pointed out.

The insidious evil of benefit sanctions that leave people with little or no many at all destroys people’s lives. In many cases the reasons for someone getting sanctioned are an outrageous injustice of the most extreme nature. Sanctions are never justified in any circumstances, you cannot leave anyone with no means to feed themselves.

Things are about to get worse and more lives will be destroyed as Duncan Smith  prepares to announce a radical reform of sickness benefits that the government expect will force up to 1 million more disabled people into work.

Sanctions are a violation of human rights that have driven people to despair destitution and suicide and have forced people to break the law. Read this shocking story of a hungry women whose benefits had been sanctioned being fined £330 for stealing a pack of Mars Bars, the cheapest item she could find in the shop.

Famished woman fined £330 for stealing a 75p pack of Mars Bars after benefits stopped

“Just for being Hungry”, what better justification could there be. This woman is not a criminal, the real criminal is Duncan Smith and the rest of the callous Tories hell bent on turning the clock back to times we thought were consigned to history.

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4 thoughts on “Lies Lies and More Lies: Demand that Ian Duncan Smith Resign

    • I agree he is not fit for the job, though I rather think he is doing what the conservatives want him to do and all the decisions he has made have been deliberate. The conservatives intend to dismantle our welfare system and little by little he is paving the way for this to happen. I think he knows full well what he is doing and the harm he is causing and he does not care. Yes he is a monster and must be stopped before more people suffer. I think more and more people are beginning to realise and oppose what is happening to benefit claimants, but more needs to be done.

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