Please Take Action to Help Refugees


Aylan Kurdi (left) and his brother Galip (right), who died fleeing war and persecution.

This made me want to cry. If this does not break your heart you haven’t got one. Imagine if these children were your son or daughter. Young lives lost forever, so tragic, so sad. The UK needs to take action now! All these people want is somewhere for their children and themselves to be safe, to have the opportunity for a peaceful and fulfilled life just as we all do. I don’t fully understand what is happening in the middle east but know we cannot take everything at face value, the only thing any of us can be sure of is that innocent people are suffering and need help, a sanctuary, a safe haven from the turmoil of war.

If you are not familiar with this awful tragedy, though I rather think there are few who aren’t, please read the information from the Huffington Post. Most importantly please take action by signing as many of the following petitions as you can, contacting your MP and David Cameron (contact details further down). Please everyone, including non UK residents, take as much action as you can.  Cameron is rather reluctant to do his part, at least compared to Germany which has taken in over 800,00 , Turkey over 1.8 million, Jordan 600,000 and 1 million to Lebanon – a country whose population is just 4 million.

Please sign the following petitions. These are simple quick sign petitions pleases sign as many as you can.

Britain must accept its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe

No more drownings. Immediate sanctuary for those fleeing from war

80 Syrian war refugees are waiting in Calais for their rightful and legal asylum in the UK! Please open the border for them!

We are willing to house Syrian refugees; please rescue more of those fleeing the conflict.

Tell the UK Government to accept a fair share of refugees and migrants

Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

Create a compassionate Euro-wide policy to deal with refugee migrants in Calais

Please share petitions widely

Scroll down for Cameron’s and MPs contact details including twitter and e-mail and other ways you can help.

From the Huffington Post

Haunting Image Of Drowned Boy Sums Up Consequences Of ‘The Syrian War In One Photo’


A Turkish gendarmerie soldier moves the body of the Syrian boy who was one of 11 people to die after a boat sunk while trying to reach Greece

“Lying facedown on the shore of a Bodrum beach this haunting image of a drowned Syrian toddler illustrates the perilous risks, and heartbreaking consequences, of the journey tens of thousands of migrant families have undertaken, chasing a better life in countries shuffling responsibility for taking them in.

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, who made a desperate plea on Tuesday for towns and cities up and down the country to each take in ten migrant families, said: “When mothers are desperately trying to stop their babies from drowning when their boat has capsized, when people are being left to suffocate in the backs of lorries by evil gangs of traffickers and when children’s bodies are being washed to shore, Britain needs to act.

“It is heartbreaking what is happening on our continent. We cannot keep turning our backs on this. We can – and must – do more. If every area in the UK took just ten families, we could offer sanctuary to 10,000 refugees. Let’s not look back with shame at our inaction.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron told The Independent “enough is enough”.

He said: “These pictures are beyond horrific. They are the wake-up call David Cameron needs.””

Give Cameron a wake up call

Take Action

Write to your MP and David Cameron

David Cameron – e-mail, telephone, letter or send a tweet

E-mail form

Other contact details


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 3475
Fax: 020 7219 0918
West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, Waterloo House, 58-60 High Street, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6HJ
Tel: 01993 702302
10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
Tel: 020 7270 3000
Web & Social media
Website Website:…

Website Website:…

Twitter Twitter: @david_cameron

Contact your MP

Other ways to help

Five practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe

Related Link
So David Cameron, is this dead Syrian child one of the ‘swarm’ of migrants you fear so much?

Those who have decided not to care will not be moved – but this should be moment when Britain finally finds its compassion

“He looks asleep, far away in dreamland, as if he dropped off after a long day of play and fun, of tricks and naughtiness. His trainers are still on his feet. Did he pester mum and dad until they bought them? His red T-shirt and trousers have rolled up to reveal his tummy. I want to touch his soft, plump tummy, to hold him, wake him gently and dry him off.

But the boy is dead. He drowned in the foaming, blue sea, just off Bodrum in Turkey, a tourist destination for Europeans seeking sun and fun. The waves delivered him to the beach, gently it seems, so intact is the little body.”

“Look at the picture of the washed up toddler if you can bear to. He is a little person, an innocent, who died before he could grow.  Think of the chances his parents took and why they felt they had no other choice. How frightened they must have been when they got on to the packed, unsafe boat. Did they drown too? They might have seen their child sink. Imagine that. If they survived, they must wish they hadn’t.  We don’t know their names. Maybe we never will. But this is our child now, whoever we are. Even those who support hardline anti-immigration policies, must, I think, feel pity and some urge to help.”

Read More of this moving article:



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