Urgent Action to Help Elephants


Please read the following information from World Wildlife Fund WWF and sign an urgent petition to the Obama Administration. Please don’t hesitate this is a simple petition requiring only a few details. Please share the petition widely. If we do not stop the killing of elephants for their Ivory they may well be extinct in just twenty years time!  

From WWF

“We only have a few days left to gather support before we meet with the Obama Administration in person to hand over the names we collected. We’re trying to get 1million supporters to stand with us and are so close to hitting that goal.

Sign your name now and help us continue to be the voice for elephants!


The United States government just released its long-awaited proposed regulations to stop the commercial ivory trade within the US.

The release of these regulations sends a clear message that the US will not tolerate the senseless slaughter of elephants and other wildlife—or the global crime syndicates that wildlife trafficking supports.

Take action to ensure the regulations fully protect elephants.

Global wildlife crime, estimated at $10 billion annually, is increasingly controlled by the same criminal networks that smuggle arms, drugs and humans.

And it’s having grave consequences. Elephant populations are plummeting due to poaching—in fact, Tanzania recently announced a 60% decrease in its elephant population in the past five years.

We must act now to save elephants.

Sign the petition today and tell the US Fish & Wildlife Service that it is the right decision to save wild elephants.”

Please sign if you have not already done so:

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