Read About Shocking Treatment of cows at Milk Supplier Daisy Farms and Sign Petition

“Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures.”
Thomas de Quincey

calf-close-up-daisy-farm (2)
“A spiked ring was fastened to this calf’s nostrils to prevent nursing. Rings were sometimes screwed on so tightly and left on for so long that they pierced the tissue between the nostrils.”

Please read the following from PETA. I cannot tell you how shocked I am. That poor calf in the above photo, how cruel, how inhumane to treat a living thinking sentient creature in such an appalling way. And that is not the worse of the treatment these helpless animals suffer at the hands of this milk supplier and no doubt many others. The treatment of these animals is heartbreaking.

Warning Images that some people will find upsetting both further down and also the video and graphics on the link to the petition which is a pledge to go Vegan:

PETA exposé

“The “best-cared for cows on the planet.” That’s the claim made by Daisy Farms, a milk supplier to Daisy Brand sour cream and cottage cheese—products that can be found in supermarkets all over the country (USA). Do conditions on the farm really live up to that claim?

Not according to two eyewitnesses who worked at the farm.

A PETA exposé reveals the hell on Earth experienced by cows in the dairy industry.

Cows were forced to stand and lie in their own waste. They were kicked, whipped, and jabbed with pens and a knife—even while they were in labor. Two cows with severe lacerations on their tails were not treated by a veterinarian, to the knowledge of PETA’s observer, including one cow whose wound was seen bleeding more than three weeks after her tail had been torn in two.

Some sick cows were finally shot, while others were killed by injections to induce a heart attack while they were fully conscious.

As you can see in the video footage, workers pulled calves out of their mothers’ wombs, causing the cows to cry out and defecate. Several newborn calves drowned when workers shoved tubes down their throats and forced milk into their lungs instead of their stomachs. The survivors had their heads smeared with a caustic paste to destroy their sensitive horn tissue—without any anesthetics.

The only way to ensure that no animals suffer for your sour cream, cheese, milk, ice cream, coffee creamer, and yogurt is to go vegan. We can help you every step of the way with free recipes and tips to make the transition an easy one. Won’t you make this simple choice for animals?


Sign our petition and pledge to avoid all animal-derived foods—no matter what feel-good language and photographs a company may use to try to entice you. Wherever profits are the bottom line, corners are cut. And animals pay the price every time.

Together, we can make a difference for cows suffering in the dairy industry. All you have to do is take a moment to take action today.

Please sign the petition and make the pledge to go vegan.

Here is some advice to help you to do so:

How to go vegan:…

Read More About Cows

Sentience in Cattle

Like sheep, pigs and poultry cattle are sentient beings.

Cows are sentient beings, they have feelings, their apparent appearance of docility may simply be an acceptance of their lot in life, docility is often a mark of depression, acceptance or resignation. Cows are not milk making machines spontaneously producing milk at our behest. Like humans, cows in their natural environment and circumstances without our interference lactate only to produce milk for their new born. Cows are very much like ourselves when it comes to their offspring, like us the gestation period is nine months, in their natural environment a calf will suckle for nine to twelve months. Before giving birth in the wild cows will separate themselves from the rest of the herd and hide their calves for several days after giving birth. This is done to prevent intrusion from other females which may interfere with bonding. After only five minutes cows develop a strong bond with their calf so you can understand the trauma of separation, a trauma much like or the same as that experienced by a human mother. Such emotion of this intensity shows that these creatures are sentient, the lament of a cow denied her newborn is one of the most unmistakeable indications of sentience.

Here are two stories of the great bond between mother cows and their offspring.

To complete research for an academic project Valerie Macys needed to examine documents in the study of a charming white farm house next to a cattle farm. A colleague had described it as a place of pastoral serenity with cows peacefully grazing nearby. Prepared for a relaxing visit the reality was to prove quite different

‘I arrived at the house on a late October afternoon. The fall leaves were in full blazing glory, and I noticed that the cows were even closer to the house than I had expected. I could actually hear them before I got out of my car. When I turned off the engine, I knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. I witnessed a scene of chaos. Cows bellowed and stomped, staggering around the fields. They banged into each other and pushed against the fence, located approximately 20 feet from my car. Dozens of them stood wild-eyed, snuffing the air, shrieking horribly. Unfortunately, I knew all too well what their confusion and turmoil was about.”

“They’ve taken your babies,” I said sadly, looking directly into one cow’s mournful eyes. They rolled back in her head as she bellowed anew. Feeling sick to the pit of my stomach, I entered the house and spoke to the curator, who also lives there. Her name is Mary. “Those cows are frantic,” I said. The wailing penetrated even inside. I had never heard anything like it. “How long will this go on?” I asked. “Until tomorrow,” she replied. “Then more slaughter trucks will come for them, and it will all be over.” I thought my heart would hit the floor. I recalled the intense moment when I had stared at the woeful mother cow, practically eyeball to eyeball.”

Nothing really moves me to action like bearing witness, as I did those days in West Virginia. Nothing is more traumatic for me either.

After this experience Valerie Macys stopped eating meat

Please read the rest of this moving story :

Appointment at the End of the World: Valerie Macys

The following two examples describe the incredible resourcefulness and determination on the part of cows to escape death and in one case save her unborn calf.

“A cow named Suzie was about to be loaded on a freighter bound for Venezuela when she turned around, ran back down the gangplank, and leaped into the river. Even though she was pregnant, or perhaps because she was pregnant, she managed to swim all the way across the river, eluding capture for several days. (Believe it or not, cows actually love swimming!) She was rescued by PETA and sent to a sanctuary for farmed animals.

When workers at a slaughterhouse in Massachusetts went on break, Emily the cow made a break of her own. She took a tremendous leap over a five-foot gate and escaped into the woods, surviving for several weeks in New England’s snowiest winter in a decade, cleverly refusing to touch the hay put out to lure her back to the slaughterhouse. When she was eventually caught by the owners of a nearby sanctuary, public outcry demanded that the slaughterhouse allow the sanctuary to buy her for one dollar. Today, Emily is living happily in Massachusetts, a testimony to the fact that eating meat means eating animals who don’t want to die.”

The Hidden Lives of Cows

Cattle experience positive emotions such as of Joy and pleasure as do many other animals, and those of us who have a dog or a cat are familiar with this aspect of an animal’s life. Rather like the spring lamb who gambols with sheer joy, cows it seems greet spring with similar exuberance. Jonathan Balcombe in his book pleasurable Kingdom says:

“Cattle when first let out into fields following a long winter confinement, tear about the field, kicking their legs into the air. They seem literally to be full of the joys of spring and look for all the world like excited toddlers released into the playground after hours sat behind their desks.”

What a delightful account but do bear in mind that the vast majority of cows are never released into fields, rather they spend their days instead tethered in sheds. Animal Rights: Factory Farming Cattle 

There are many amazing stories that can lead us to the conclusion that cows are intelligent creatures, with emotions, feelings and needs similar to our own. Here is I quote Jeffery Massom.

After he and his family pass by cattle confined in a feed lot staring out at them – not grazing or doing what cows normally do, approaching the fence and staring out at the author and his family. He speculates:

“What I imagined was that the cows where wondering why they where there singled out for death. What kind of a world was it that allowed my family and me, cosy and safe in our new car to simply drive by, where as they and their families where destined to be driven away in a large truck and murdered for their meat?

One day far into the future people will marvel that we took the lives of these gentle and beautiful animals to satisfy our greed and gluttony. And one day a family much like mine will drive by and cows much like these will be grazing on a hillside, and those cows will be admired rather than eaten by humans.”

The above stories and information are included on my website Think Differently About Sheep where you can read more stories which show that cattle are sentient creatures

Sentience in Farm Animals: Cattle

Factory Farming

Read the shocking facts about factory farming. There are no graphics but the facts are horrifying nonetheless.
“Don’t be fooled by the dairy industry’s advertising of dairy products with cattle grazing peacefully in fields of buttercups, with the sun warming their backs and their calves by their sides, in most cases nothing could be further from the truth. Here is the grim reality behind your beef burger, glass of milk and pat of butter”

Read More:
Animal Rights: Factory Farming Cattle

“From the meat industry’s rampant abuse of animals and environmental devastation to the tremendous health benefits of a vegan diet to helping end world hunger and deplorable working conditions in slaughterhouses, there are countless reasons why more and more people are leaving meat off their plates for good and embracing a healthy and humane vegan diet.”

Read More:
Animals Used For Food





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  1. I will keep fighting for these innocent animals until the day I die. PLEASE HELP STOP THIS INHUMAN TREATMENT. GO VEGAN!

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