Tax Credit Cuts: Please Sign Urgent Petition Today.

Please stand up for Britain’s working families by adding your name to the following 38 Degrees petition? Please sign today!

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It is vital that we stop cuts to tax credits. Tomorrow is a decisive day. Unless we stop them, cuts to tax credits will take money away from some of the UK’s poorest children and will plunge 200,000 children into poverty.

On Monday, the House of Lords will vote on the cuts. A growing group of Lords are worried about pushing families into poverty. But the government is pressuring them to vote in favour.

Please sign the following urgent petition which will be carried into parliament on Monday 26th, right before the votes. Please sign now without delay to make sure your signature adds to the pressure. Please share widely

Petition To Members of the House of Lords

House of Lords: Stop the tax credit cuts:

Please help protect families from a bullying government which gives tax concessions to the rich while taking much-needed money from poor families who work hard for low pay.

I am sorry this petition is last minute as I didn’t know about the 38 degrees campaign until this morning. Every signature counts so please sign and share. Three Million Families stand to loose £1,300 each year from April 2016.

This government is vile and self-serving, it supports the interests of the over privileged while taking money by means of this punitive welfare cut away from people who have so little to begin with. Despite a preelection promise not to cut tax credits Cameron has spoken of his “delight” at tax credit cuts while George Osborne has said he is ‘comfortable’ with his decision to take this vital money away from hardworking working families.

More than 3 million families will be hit by tax credit cuts – but George Osborne is ‘comfortable’ with that

“More than 3million families are to lose out from the tax credit cuts. But George Osborne tells MPs he’s ‘comfortable’ with that.
Sneering millionaire George Osborne has boasted he was “comfortable” with slashing tax credits for millions of hard-working families.
The Chancellor also claimed Tories “signalled” during the election campaign that they would attack the vital lifeline for the low-paid.The Conservatives told voters in the run-up to May’s crunch poll that they would cut £12billion of welfare, but repeatedly refuse to outline where the axe would fall.

In fact, David Cameron pledged that tax credits would not be targetted.”

Read More:

Also read how tax cuts for the rich have benefited Osborne’s own father

George Osborne’s dad could be £50,000 better off thanks to his son’s tax cuts

Tax Credits: Government Admits One-In-Five Will Be ‘Worse Off’ As A Result Of Welfare Reform

More information – Source 38 Degrees

The Independent: Tory tax credit cuts will put 200,000 children into poverty in 2016, study finds:

The House of Lords will be voting on a ‘statutory instrument’ to cut tax credits. This is a way for the government to change the law without a whole new law going through Parliament.
Parliamentary business for Monday 26 October 2015:!/calendar/Lords/MainChamber/2015/10/26/events.html

Earlier this week, some members of the House of Lords spoke out against the cuts. They announced plans to stop the cuts altogether, using a rare process called a ‘fatal motion’. But the government said they’d ‘suspend’ the House of Lords if they dared – forcing them to back down.
The Independent: David Cameron tells peers to back off on opposition to tax credit cuts:

Already, three Baronesses have come back to try and stop the cuts again: Baroness Manzoor, Baroness Meacher and Baroness Hollis. They’ve each tabled amendments which could stop the cuts if voted for:!/calendar/Lords/MainChamber/2015/10/26/events.html




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