More Action to Help Nosey the Elephant: Please Sign Petitions and Send Messages.


You may well be familiar with the story of Nosey the 32 year old performing elephant; concerned people the world over continue to campaign for her release from the abusive life she has endured and continues to endure. For many years now animal rights and welfare campaigners have fought to convince the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) that Nosey should be allowed to retire from performing at numerous events right across the country (USA) and that she should be sent to a sanctuary.

Please take the following actions concerning Nosey the elephant, including contacting the USDA on behalf of Nosey to voice your concern about her treatment and ask that she be removed and taken to a sanctuary.

Please take as many of the actions below as you can, this poor elephant has suffered enough.


Retire Nosey the Elephant from the Circus Industry

“Nosey is a 30-year-old elephant born in Zimbabwe who has endured a life of hardship and abuse. She has been forced to travel and perform with Hugo Liebel and the Florida State Family Circus since 1988. This summer, she was dragged around from festival to festival, from state to state, and forced to give rides.

Despite the fact that elephants are highly social and require the company of other elephants, Nosey has been held alone for 24 years.

The US Department of Agriculture has documented nearly two decades worth of Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations concerning this elephant, yet no action has been taken to remove Nosey from an abusive and utterly unacceptable situation. This includes repeated failures to provide veterinary care, and safe handling violations.

Confiscate Nosey now and send her to a sanctuary where, after a life of solitude and torment in the circus industry, she can get the specialized care she needs.”

Please send an e-mail to

Chester Gipson
Deputy Administrator, Animal Care
U.S. Department of Agriculture, APHIS

You can send the USDA a message by signing and editing the template letter included in the link below. Please personalise if you can but for some reason if this is not possible please send as it is.

“USDA Remains Unresponsive, Uninformed About Nosey! Demand Accountability

“Nosey needs you now. Please join PETA today and let the USDA’s inspector general know that the agency is abdicating its responsibilities. Demand that the agency confiscate Nosey, send her to a reputable sanctuary, and revoke Hugo Liebel’s exhibitor’s license.”

Please read more and send the message.

The above actions may be taken by anyone world wide.

If you live in the USA please consider also sending a message to

Urge Congress to Take Action for Nosey the Elephant!

Arthritis is agonizing, and for captive elephants, it can be a death sentence. Video footage shows that for months now, animal exhibitor Hugo Liebel has been forcing an elephant named Nosey to give rides, even though she appears to be hobbled by pain. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to take Nosey off the road, even after reviewing this footage and hearing from an elephant veterinarian who concluded that Nosey is undoubtedly suffering from arthritis and “is unnecessarily suffering, permanently disabled, crippled, and is knowingly being maimed.”

Continue reading and please send the message

We must keep up the pressure. I cannot understand why this poor animal has not been taken away from her owners when it is blatantly obvious that she has been neglected and abused with overwhelming evidence to support this.

It is astounding that despite protest worldwide this unfortunate elephant remains with Hugo Liebel and the Florida State Family Circus living a solitary life, in pain from arthritis without the proper treatment and care. Nosey needs to go to a sanctuary to live out the rest of her life with other elephants and with proper veterinary treatment.

More about Nosey the Elephant

The Agonizing Story of Nosey the Circus Elephant

It seems like a never-ending saga for the circus elephant Nosey, who has endured insurmountable pain and suffering for at least a decade. Her story has come into the spotlight after she was found limping and faltering in her gait this summer, as humans enjoyed joyrides on her back. A veterinarian who watched a video in which Nosey was seen balancing the burden on just three legs believes, she’s suffering from severe arthritis. Just one wrong move could prove disastrous for the riders and fatal for the poor elephant.


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