Children Free Turtles To The Sea

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.

While Danish children are exposed to dissections of defenseless and innocent animals in zoos of DENMARK after they were found “surplus”, and consequently, are taught to despise the right to life of animals, in URUGUAY, five-year-old children from the school Santa Elena are taught to respect that right.

Scientific Director of the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, Bengt Holst, after they slaughtered the giraffe Marius, said they teach Danish children the “real world”. What is the “real world”? The world of children watching the dissection of “surplus” animals in zoos or the world of children returning turtles to the sea?

Information about the video 

Published on Nov 7, 2015

“Montevideo, 7 nov (EFE).- (Imagen: Rubén Figueroa) Decenas de niños de educación inicial de Uruguay devolvieron hoy al mar en una playa de Montevideo cuatro tortugas marinas que llegaron lastimadas a las costas del país y que durante un año fueron rehabilitadas como parte de un proyecto educativo y solidario. Palabras clave: efe,uruguay,tortugas,rehabilitacion”

English translation for those who do not speak Spanish

“Montevideo, November 7 (EFE) .- (Image: Ruben Figueroa) Dozens of children from preschool of Uruguay returned today to the sea on a beach in Montevideo four marine turtles that arrived hurt to the coast of the country and for a year were rehabilitated as part of an educational and charity project.”


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