Petition: Ban The Use Of Orangutans In The Boxing Ring


Please sign and share the following petition to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand

Ban The Use Of Orangutans In The Boxing Ring

“Orangutans are interesting and amazing animals that should be living happily in their own natural habitat, climbing from tree to tree in fun and to forage for food.  They do not belong in a boxing ring as a form of entertainment for humans.  If people want to fight each other in an effort to entertain those watching for whatever reason, that is a choice. However, these animals do not choose to be boxing stars and it is cruel!

Such an activity seems to be a popular form of entertainment at Safari World, Bangkok…”

“We are attempting to stop such an activity through the actions and please presented in this petition.  You can help us in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition.”

Please read more and sign the petition.

Is there any animal we humans do not exploit? Animals are not here for our entertainment. Like us they evolved to live their own lives according to their natures, in their natural environment.

Orangutans are extraordinary creatures of high intellect, they are very like us in so many ways. This great ape is one of our closest relative with a huge 97 percent of DNA in common.

Watch the following orangutan videos for an insight into these highly intelligent creatures

In this film with David Attenborough you can watch orangutans enjoying wood work, rowing canoes and washing socks.

Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans – BBC Earth


See orangutans in the wild

Orangutans feeding in the trees – Wild Indonesia – BBC


The  next video shows a moving scene when a mother and her baby bond.

Injured Orangutan Mother and Baby Bonding in Borneo! Video

“These are endangered, wild Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve in Malaysia (Borneo). A mother and her small baby descend from high in the forest canopy to collect and feed on items provided as part of their rehabilitation. It turns out to be a rather endearing bonding session as the mother watches over, cradles, and feeds her playful baby, ultimately feeding him with her mouth. Lots of interesting behavior in this film!”
To read more click the link below:

We share this world with myriad other species none of whom are here for us to exploit in any way. Enslaving these highly intelligent animals for the purposes of entertaining silly fickle people is unethical, inhumane and should be stopped. Please sign the petition if you have not already done so. And don’t forget to share widely.

More orangutan information

The World According to Orangutans: Photos


“In recent months, man-caused fires in Indonesia have destroyed an enormous amount of land. Orangutans have suffered greatly, having been driven from their homes in desperate escapes – if they’re able to escape at all.

This week we learned of the story behind the photo above. For animal lovers, it’s hard to look at, but at least there’s a happy ending.”

Read more and see the photos:

Do take the time to view these amazing photos:

More information about orangutangs from the World Wild life Fund



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