Fantastic News!!!! Monsanto is to Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature


“How could intelligent beings seek to control a few unwanted species by a method that contaminated the entire environment and brought the threat of disease and death even to their own kind?”

“It is also an era dominated by industry, in which the right to make a dollar at whatever cost is seldom challenged.”
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Monsanto on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature

“In an announcement made at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, Monsanto will stand trial for ecocide and crimes against humanity and nature.  The trial will take place next year at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands on October 16, 2016 (incidentally and aptly, on World Food Day).  Dozens of international food, agriculture and environmental justice groups, including: Millions against Monsanto, the Organic Consumers Association, Regeneration International and IFOAM Organics International—an umbrella organization of over 800 affiliated organizations in 100 countries, are involved in the legal action

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Finally this evil corrupt greedy corporation may be brought to justice for developing and selling deadly chemicals that poison the earth, wild life and of course ourselves and future generations. I hope that finally justice will prevail and this pernicious corporation will be made to pay for its vile crimes against nature. Why has Monsanto been allowed to indiscriminately spread its toxins, its time they were made accountable? Since 1960s with the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring we have known about the damage to health and the environment by toxic chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides, yet not only does this contamination of our environment continue more and more toxins are added to the list. Colony Callapse Disorder a condition in which honeybees die, disoriented, far from their hives, a  threat to much of our food supply which must be pollinated by bees, has been linked to the use of pesticides. All in the name of profit for the few at the expense of the many. When will it ever end. When will we make a stand against these greedy self-severing corporations who care nothing for our world or its inhabitants including other species –  including you and I and future generations.

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“Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Monsanto has developed a steady stream of highly toxic products which have permanently damaged the environment and caused illness or death for thousands of people. These products include:

 • PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl), one of the 12 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) that affect human and animal fertility;

 • 2,4,5 T (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid), a dioxin-containing component of the defoliant, Agent Orange, which was used by the US Army during the Vietnam War and continues to cause birth defects and cancer;

• Lasso, an herbicide that is now banned in Europe;

 • and RoundUp, the most widely used herbicide in the world, and the source of the greatest health and environmental scandal in modern history. This toxic herbicide, designated a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization, is used in combination with genetically modified (GM) RoundUp Ready seeds in large-scale monocultures, primarily to produce soybeans, maize and rapeseed for animal feed and biofuels.

Relying on the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” adopted by the UN in 2011, an international court of lawyers and judges will assess the potential criminal liability of Monsanto for damages inflicted on human health and the environment. The court will also rely on the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court in The Hague in 2002, and it will consider whether to reform international criminal law to include crimes against the environment, or ecocide, as a prosecutable criminal offense. The International Criminal Court, established in 2002 in The Hague, has determined that prosecuting ecocide as a criminal offense is the only way to guarantee the rights of humans to a healthy environment and the right of nature to be protected.”

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More quotes from Rachel Carson

“All this has come about because of the sudden rise and prodigious growth of an industry for the production of man-made or synthetic chemicals with insecticidal properties. This industry is a child of the Second World War. In the course of developing agents of chemical warfare, some of the chemicals created in the laboratory were found to be lethal to insects. The discovery did not come by chance: insects were widely used to test chemicals as agents of death for man.”
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

“It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life first arose should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life. But the sea, though changed in a sinister way, will continue to exist; the threat is rather to life itself.”
Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us

“But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”
Rachel Carson




8 thoughts on “Fantastic News!!!! Monsanto is to Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature

    • Thank you for your comment. Indeed you are right, significant change will not come about if society’s values do not change and wealth for the few is more important than morals. I would like to think things are changing albeit slowly, far too slowly. At least more of us are aware of the root cause of the problem, the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

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