Please Share Video: 8 Horrors inside the animal industry 8 horrors you’ll wish you’d never heard about

…for the sake of a little flesh we deprive them of sun, of light, of the duration of life to which they are entitled by birth and being.

If you declare that you are naturally designed for such a diet, then first kill for yourself what you want to eat. Do it, however, only through your own resources, unaided by cleaver or cudgel or any kind of ax

The following video from Animal Equality well shows the price animals pay for those who consume meat and other animal products such as dairy and eggs. Animals suffer unimaginable cruelty and torment so people can eat foods that are not natural.

Published on Aug 14, 2015

“Please watch and share. This is what life looks like inside the animal industry.”


“Right this minute animals are being subjected to all sorts of horrors and abuse. They need you to bring the truth to light.

Many people are still not aware of how much misery animals suffer in our society. Let’s change this together

Warning disturbing images

This one-and-a-half-minute video needs to be seen by everybody! Animals’ lives depends on it.”

Please stop the cruelty

These defenceless and suffering animals need you to reach as many people as possible.

Please share the video widely, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites.

Please consider a vegan ( plant based) diet

Choose Veganism

Also check out the vegan society’s website for more advice and recipes

Go vegan in 30 days with the 30 Day Vegan Pledge

Animal Equality:

Animal Equality Facebook:

…to kill animals for the purpose of feeding on their flesh is one of the most deplorable and shameful infirmities of the human state”
Alphonse de Lamartine, 1865, Les Confidences, New York: Appleton & Co W&P p.78

7 thoughts on “Please Share Video: 8 Horrors inside the animal industry 8 horrors you’ll wish you’d never heard about

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  2. This is terrible, yet people continue on eating and using animals for their own enjoyment. All of these practices have been publicized widely, yet people want what they want with no regard to anything else. I find humans much worse than simply disappointing. I only hope that Karma will help. Is that terrible? I don’t know, and I don’t really care.

    • I agree it is terrible and yes it does seem that many people do not care despite knowing the facts. Sadly there will always be such people though I like to hope that things are changing albeit slowly. The law needs to change so that people do not have the choice to eat the flesh of dead animals, or use and abuse them in any way, as they do not have the choice to commit immoral crimes against humans. I understand how you feel, it is heartbreaking that today in the modern world we allow other sentient beings to be abused and killed for a food that is not necessary simply because people enjoy the taste or are ignorant thinking it is natural. Frankly I think most people do not give the matter much thought at all.

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